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Sept. 30 1972

There are plenty of local rock musicians who boister the rosters of independent labels. Above a member of Abraham's Children. 

Peter Foldy had a big hit in the 70's called "Bondi Junction" that can still be heard on many radio stations across Canada. Mr. Foldy lives in Los Angeles and has directed several movies including "Silver Man" "Widows Kiss" with Beverly D'Angelo "Tryst" with Barbara Carrera and many others. 
Emmylou Harris performed a couple of her classic hits as well as some new material. The Sadies from Toronto also performed. (story on the right)
 (Below) Dave Foley and Jimi chatting about Canadian stuff at the Canada Day event in Los Angeles...Always nice to know that you can catch up with friends no matter where you are on this globe.


 AC perform at CNE. 


Toronto Centre for the Arts

 Jimi performs at the famous Whisky to a sold out show.



















































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The band that would never perform live...Featuring Steve Webster, Gary Breit, Asher Horowitz, Shawn Eisenberg.
nice plate...

Surviving Janis Joplin (cont'd from bubblegum) - Jimi Hendrix walked in looking to get a gig and ended up with his infamous image, the vest and adfro now accented by bellbottoms, which could only be bought exclusively at the little Haight Street boutique.She even sold Levi-Strauss on the idea of changing their production lines to manufacture the new design, but unfortunately didn't reap any royalties or licensingf ees or she'd be a billionaire. Living across the street from Janis Joplin (before she made a nme for herself) she would open the window and bellow her famous phrase. "Hi-ya Honey". as seen in commercials of Southern Comfort. Peggy recollected not paying her much attention until after she heard the girl's wailing and powerful voice. After complimenting her raw talent, Janis claimed emphatically. "you're my first fan." They eventually became lovers whose romantic moments were interspersed over the years, but held strong during Woodstock when Peggy was the only non-musician to experience flying into the massive, dirty event on a helicopter, first class. It was the only way she would attend, and Janis just had to have her moral supporter by her side for one of the largest exposures for musical artists in history. Sometime after Joplin left her back-up-band, Big Brother and The Holding Company. urged by her manger Albert Grossman to pursue a solo career, she hooked up with Kris Kristofferson, who wrote one of her most memorable hits, "Me and Bobby McGee," featured on her final album, Pearl. The tragic day, when she was found dead in her cheap hotel room, left a gigantic hole in not only Peggy's heart, but that of the nation. Our first ever, female rock n roll superstar bit the dust, way to young. It took an extended period of time to recover from such a heavy blow, but over the years Peggy has been pursued by many interviewers to be a consultant on the details of Janis Joplin's life. She remains involved in several types of businesses, and persists in spite of the wreckage, surviving an era we could all forget, if it weren't for the drastic social changes spurred by people opening their minds. By Kelly Book for Ciao Magazine  Photo( internet)    


Vincent Spano - I was ready for some serious surfing as I held the T.V. clicker in one hand, while
I sipped on a Cinzano and ice from a glass held in the other. Moving from one channel to the next I eventually came across a program with a very familiar sounding tune. You know which one I mean. PaPaPaPaPa. Law and Order SVU. Yes, this Jurassic celluloid monster remains proven and still maintains a true following. I mean, really, how many times can you swallow the theme of a sexually molested and murdered transvestite with her ear cut off? I managed to catch a few minutes when I noticed that one of the actors was someone I had met and chatted with years ago at the 2003 Lake Arrowhead Film Festival. He was the final guest speaker...(


Connie Stevens is perhaps one of the most beautiful women on and off screen. Born Concetta Rosalie Ann Ingoglia This multi-talented dynamic performer has captured the hearts of millions via Broadway, TV, or as a Recording Artist. She began singing as a teen and was the first artist to be signed to the newly formed Warner Brothers Records. "Sixteen Reasons" exploded on every chart across America and reached number one.

Growing up as teenagers we were consumed by two very important things, girls and listening to the radio, not necessarily in that order. I recall the first time I heard "Fortune Teller" it jumped off the radio and right into my head. It only took one listen to remember that incredible strong hook, as they called it back then. The dj was so excited he couldn't find the words to express himself. He finally calmed down and said, "that was our very own Bobby Curtola a young Canadian boy that we will be hearing a lot more from."
Connie Stevens, Jimi Bertucci, Bobby Curtola and Marisa Lang Beaco. Photo by Mike Bellissimo.

RETRO MAN journalist 
San Diego - A San Diego Electronics company is trying to stop a competing Escondido company from developing a new printed-circuit board because it alleges the local firm " pirated" the designs. The Escondido company, Graham Electronics Manufacturing Inc., is dismissing the claim as " ridiculous." San Diego-based Electronics Solutions has petitioned San Diego Superior Court Judge Philip Sharp for an injunction... (more) 
BANJOS AND GUTTER PUNKS - SAN FRANCISCO, CA When one decides to give back, as the saying goes, you often wonder what are the motives behind these grand gestures. Warren Hellman is a good soldier. For the past seven years this banjo loving 72-year old billionaire has provided the lost generation of tye-dye aficionados weekends of colorful entertainment. It's a time when the not so fortunate and curious seekers bask in Golden Gate Park and pretend that life doesn't get any better. I personally have never been a big fan of hillbilly picking corn eating music, but by the day's end I was so impressed with the multitude of talent that my appreciation level rose to unexpected heights. Hardly Strictly Bluegrass 7 as it was billed, attracted a couple of hundred thousand people over the blue-sky weekend. The eclectic collection of music that was provided on five different stages was enough to appeal to a spectrum of ear candy lovers. Of course there were the many that just wanted to catch a peek of nostalgia, but for the most part they were dedicated to the sounds that filled the warm air. Hellman, our master investment banker, knows a good thing. The city loves him for all the revenue and the people appreciate the mogul that shares his wealth.....I arrived on Sunday due to unarranged plans, that's another read. Ok ok let's talk about the performers.....There was sound everywhere. The stages pumped out music continuously for three days. The list of artists reads like an hors d'oeuvres tray of some of the finest pickers and crooners; Earl Scruggs, Del McCoury, Doc Watson, T-Bone Burnett, Nick Lowe, yes I said Nick Lowe, John Prine and Toronto's own, the Sadies. Now, I have to admit I missed their performance but a friend of mine who happened to be there all three days said the psychedelic foursome were awesome. And what would an outdoor event like this be without a few Gutter Punks. This is the latest export from San Francisco's concrete dwellers. Their presence did not go unnoticed. I was approached by what some would say was just a dirty faced Dickens character and asked if I would like to take a photograph of some original San Francisco Gutter Punks...how could I refuse. He held his hand out and said, "it will cost you". I reached into my pockets and all I could come up with were Canadian coins. He said that would work. They posed in a proud manner for their portrait. One of them asked where this would end up and I told him the name of the website. He said, "I'll check it out".....Wait a minute, this gutterman looked like he slept at the county dump and smelled even worse...a computer? Who am I to question. One of the main attractions for me was Emmylou Harris, looking quite informal and sporting that signature hair. As a veteran performer of HSB her set provided a little southern comfort that the crowd drank up. Emmy has touched on everything from folk to country and a bit of pop. She wooed her audience with familiar songs and then some. When Earl Scruggs broke into the theme from The Beverly Hillbillies that was it, my childhood flashed before my eyes. I would recommend to all that next year you find your way to SF and yes wear flowers in your hair, and enjoy this contribution that Warren provides for us. JB( Photos by Jimi Bertucci) Read more about the concert at http://www.hardlystrictlybluegrass. 

When A&M records released the Jimi B album, the company recommended that Jimi embark on a promotional tour. He put together an awesome band that included Steve Webster on bass (who would later play with Billy Idol), Gary Breit on keys (who would end up with Brian Adams), Asher Horowitz on guitars and Shaun Eisenberg on drums and percussions. Sadly this incredible line up would never see a live gig. The budget that A&M proposed for the tour was sorely lacking and Jimi refused to go on the road. Although touring was out of the question, he did agree to doing some radio interviews and TV appearances across Canada. After a few months, A&M Records once again approached Jimi to do some live dates. It was during this time, at one of A&M's regular promo meetings, that Jimi walked into their office and informed them that he was moving to California and wanted nothing more to do with them...Ok we left out the part about cocaine.  (the store  
DYK -Contemporary Notables of the name Bertucci...check it out
Ughetto Bertucci (1907-1966), Italian film actor
Lodovico Bertucci, Italian painter of the Baroque period
Jacopo Bertucci, Italian painter of the Renaissance period
Antonia Bertucci (b. 1640), Italian woman painter of the Baroque period
Bruno Bertucci (b. 1990), Brazilian left back
Yves Bertucci (b. 1962), French football manager and former football player
Jimi Bertucci (b. 1951), Italian Canadian singer, songwriter, musician and composer
Lucas Bertucci (b. 1989), Brazilian football midfielder
...(House Of Names)

 GO GREEN... www.ecomistsoultions.com For our children's children we must pave the way.
HEAD HEART & BALLS - This is Peter Foldy's contribution to the memories of the the.... the the sixties. Written and the directed by Mr. Foldy, this is a nice small film filled with familiar rants that teens were subjected to in that colorful era. Lots of pot smoking and silly conversations of magnified proportions. When the group of teens decide to travel to Woodstock to see the concert event of a lifetime. their parents don't think it's such a great idea....go figure. I really enjoyed this flick, good writing and lots of relatetive humor. HH&B, starring Adam Carolla, was a favorite pick at The Raindance Film Festival in London England. Look for Head Heart & Balls or Why I Gave Up Smoking Pot, featuring the song "Workin For The Man" by Abraham's Children...good choice.   It was an honor to be a part of the day and part of the walk of fame. I couldnt be happier or more blessed. Thanks for the support. All the best. Bobby Curtola, Las Vegas, NV (more)
 Passion and Innocence: Words and Music by: Jimi Bertucci.- 12606 Vista Panorama was the ideal creative cave. On a clear day you could see the arrogant Hollywood sign while at the same time listen to the delayed booms of the Disney fireworks. The OC was the alternative to Los Angeles, only designed to be more functional. My days in the corporate world were coming to an end. I had decided that to follow my heart, as corny as it sounded, was the best medicine for my ever-changing direction. My friend Robert suggested a bass player and a drummer who he knew worked well together. I asked him to set up a jam and prepared about six songs that I thought would be a good start and would allow me to evaluate their playing experience. I was facing some difficult choices in my life. I had become unbearable to live with often spending hours in my studio filled with musical toys overlooking Catalina Island. I managed to continue my writing as if it were my only salvation. This song is one of those that is honest within itself. The rawness of the story hits you in the face from the beginning. It's straight and to the point and reveals the growth of an innocent young man discovering all the passion the streets have to offer. Some familiar names invite themselves to this garden party such as Saint Francis, the gray stone almost Goth in appearance cathedral that housed the infallabe Father George.Il Gato Nero was a cool place for the big boys to hang out, play pool and share their over-inflated stories. Every once in awhile one of the pretty babes from the Italo hood would innocently blow us a kiss...It's easier to write a song when you have lived it. While I sat in my monster mansion of Utopia I could reflect, knowing that passion and innocence were still a big part of my life. (if no one is listening) 
CANADA D' EH - HOLLYWOOD CA - There's something magical, without getting too ethereal, when a group of people can get together for a common goal and enjoy the spirits of a traditional patriotic celebration. The host was funny and charming, innocently jabbing his American cronies and praising the humbleness of Canada. I think. Dave Foley, the unassuming actor that has been on a few television series including Kids In The Hall and Talk Radio, was comfortable and proud as he displayed his loyalty of the Great White North to several hundred transplanted Canucks in the audience. There were cameras there to interview the celebrities, and I guess many of them were... only I was unfamiliar with any of the dozen camera huggers. Our Bondi Junction man Peter Foldy was there smiling and sending nods across the room to old buddies that marathoned on the free Labatts Beer. The red carpet which was inside only to be overwhelmed by an over-lit Canadian flag made the point. It was an interesting event. The Troubadour is a Hollywood landmark. The list of artists that have performed there is endless....... John Rowlands, photographer to the rock of all ages, was clicking like a lens junkie waiting for another hit of windex. My eyes feasted on a smooth stomach and a bellybutton you would introduce yourself to, only to find out later it belonged to Kelly Slatterey, a sultry young woman from Ontario now living in California strutting the stage, holding her hair back and throwing her vibrating hips in our faces. If sex appeal could help sell more cds in pop these days Kelly was definitely sharpening her tool. Nice tummy. The evening provided some music with Tal Bachman, the son of legendary musician Randy Bachman. His solo performance at times was overpowered by the the noise of the over-zealous crowd but there were many that gave him some dedicated attention when he played his hit " She's So High". My surprise of the night was the group Soul Decision. I'm not sure from where these talented young men hail, but their commercial r&b pop roots were a welcome to the room. Excuse me.... I spot Jimi Bertucci on the red carpet eating up the camera. He's talking about the upcoming tour with his band Abraham's Children that starts in September and focuses mainly in the Ontario area. Toronto, Burlington, Kitchener, Huntsville and others will be included on the tour known as Written In Stone AC2005. Have a good one Jimi.The hip-hugging crowd began to groove more as the evening progressed .......it's funny, I could never decide if I liked going to these ladeedaddi affairs. I suppose the perpetual smiling and toe-tapping to the music wasn't all bad, free imported beer, ok you're right, you would have loved to have been there...So in conclusion, I say....when a room is filled with uplifting kaos does it really matter what we choose to celebrate or where.....There are many Canadians in L.A. cheers...JB (Photos by John R. Rowlands)  



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Corremio Certosa 2005 Premiato - Elton John Saves The Day -- My Dinner With Liberace - Trippy Dippy Manna - Police Busted - Saywhat - The Silence That Roared - New Country - Variations on Gould - The Pig and The Artists - Photos - Jewellery - The Killing Road - Scoop - King of Soul & The Death - Retroiki - Poetry - Scott Carpenter - retroiki2 - Jennifer Dale - Motown Music Arranger, David Van De Pitte, dies at 67 - John Saxon Man At Peace -
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DYK that Jimi owned an Italian restaurant in Fountain Valley California. Guess what it was called.  

SURVIVING JANIS JOPLIN - A woman like no other, Peggy's fast-paced stories burn a hole through the fabric of time, allowing me a quick vision of the whirlwind of changes occurring in San Francisco...(more)  

Blogs suck you in deep. They are the one-armed confident slots flashing triple sevens, verbal swashbuckling bravados, the lion-filled font forums disguising the confused poets frightened by the transition. Unsure if the hate was real, I found myself becoming a hyper-critic piranha on the springboard of opportunity. I not only wanted to bite my opponents, I wanted to watch them bleed. ..(order the book)  


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