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 May 25th 1974 - Abraham's Children's new single is "Rockin in the City" on the Rampage label distributed in Canada by United Artists.
 Hi Jimmy I saw you perform with Abraham's Children in Summerside P.E.I. years ago. I was just surfing and thought I would look you up and here you are. It was great to see so much written about you. I tried to explain to my kids how exciting of a band you were but they don't seem to understand music ,of the 70s. I hope this post finds its way to you. Take care and thanks for those wonderful songs. Jane L. P.E.I. (more)
 Saw you guys in Hull, Quebec back around 76 77 you guys were so tight those double guitar licks were super. I still have the pick Mark gave me. Reg T. Smith Falls, ON

 CKLW, Detroit, MI
Survey previewed Tuesday January 16, 1973


Dueling Banjos - Eric Weissberg (Deliverance)
Hello Hurray - Alice Cooper
Cover of the Rolling Stone - Dr Hook & The Medicine Show
2001 (Also Sprach Zarathustra) - Deodato
Gyspy - Abe's Children

tw 28. Gyspy Abraham's Children lw 29
 tw 26. Gyspy Abraham's Children lw 28

CKLW, Detroit, MI


Playground in my Mind - Clint Holmes
Give It To Me - J Giles Band
Whit a Childs Heart - Michael Jackson
Thank You - Abraham's Children
Once Love Women - Marty Butler 

 Bubbling Under The HOT 100

122 - Gypsy Abraham's Children Buddha 340

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BNOrecordingUSA our own label since 1996. Because we wanted to keep our integrity.(order now)
Darrell Ashley Engineer, Studio 9 Los Angeles  Prakash John bassist, BB Gabor and Jimi snoozing

 Vasi - Engineer, Kensington Sound, Toronto Canada
My stroll along Kensington Market made me reflect on an area where you once could be entertained on a Friday or Saturday night with an erray of talent, taste worldly menus, and have your palm read by Grezelda the Great. The Patty King still serves up some great heartburn patties but the nickel bags are long gone. Unlike the snooty and expensive concrete towers in Yorkville the Market has maintained its shanty appearance. Spending many hours recording and connecting with some of the locals put a different spin for me on this unconforming landmark. It wasn't unsual to forget about time until we were met in the morning with aromas announcing the day. Anything from fresh fish to sweet pastries and rye breads fill the pallets of one's nostrils. Kensington is the type of place that songs are written about and that commercial television swallows up like expensive cognac. Yes...change is all that is consistant and yet time has remained still for this small occupied space in the middle of a Metropolis that has moved far into the future. 
   HEY LET'S PUT A BAND TOGETHER...WHY? This question had never really come up or, if it had, I'm sure the answers would not astound many of the lurking lizards. Having experienced 20 minutes of fame, I volunteered to extract a few top notch reasons why the curiosity of band bros exist. Let's talk about the women and how they relate to musicians. Automatic attraction, especially if the individual player has some charm. She feels superior strutting her stuff to the band's personal dressing room catered with champagne and head treats. Doesn't mind being a trophy for a few hours. The rock n roll sex is guaranteed and of course she can always count on a seat in the limo. Friends like the idea of having a rock star as an extension of their own egos by living vicariously through their global engagements, dropping their names at parties, telling people they have your cell phone number, and just simply enjoying the attention. Business opportunists are the best. Their mini cooper brains continuously scan the possibilities of capitalizing on the available talented beefcakes. Promises are like free orders of poutine and the smell of their supposedly imported cigars lingers for days. They usually become managers. Then there is the true dedicated fan who understands the lyrical offer and painstaking message that comes from the artist's heart and supports his habits by downloading his music, remaining true to the cause for years to come by reminding the public of his hero's achievements. She displays the utmost loyalty and helps induct the artist into the music hall of fame. Want to start a band?

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PEACHY KEEN. The continuous search for perfection is like an addiction that sucks you dry. Over the years I have found that musicians love their craft and, at times, are consumed so deeply that their reality is challenged by clouds of fester. Those succour gigs that keep the machine convincing to the dedicated ears are, in part, the drug. Those who manage to avoid the snakepits and find normality in their everyday lives exist with unresolved commitments that weigh down their truths, believing that the resolution is victory within the heart and soul. One million miles of travel, touching the colors of the world and breathing in the cultures that teach us to share, all of this remains a figment. The stages, the accolades, the rush, are merely passing moments of time on which we reflect at times when a boost of self esteem is needed. I asked Alan how we sounded during those days. He replied on FB, "I do remember and we sounded Awesome!" This to me is Peachy Keen. 

Ron Bartley, Jimi B, Mark Bajona and Alan Blenkinsopp 

George Semkiw - After leaving RCA George designed a very impressive studio in Toronto and once again saw many names record at Amber Studio 
RCA was one of most popular recording studios in Toronto. The list of artists that laid down tracks in that Mutual Street wonder space could impress even the trendy music houses of LA and New York. What made RCA special was a team of individuals who knew their business and the art of recording. The first time I stepped into this hit plantation I felt like a professional, ready to storm the world. Head engineer, George Semkiw, has seen and worked with more musicians than he can count and the numerous gold and platinium albums that adorned the wall confirmed the studio's success. Today, only memories remain of a stepping stone that helped shape the careers of many bands and artists. ABRAHAM'S CHILDREN at RCA Recording Studios in Toronto, Canada
 Read about Beverly D'Angelo and Jimi B talk about their recording session at RCA. Engineer, George Semkiw, Bob McPherson, Ron Bartley, manager Jack Morrow, producer Paul Gross, Brian Cotterill and Jimi Bertucci.


I think there should be some kind of recognition hoopla for Cottingham Sound. There was a throbbing need for a studio that did not run with the status quo. Tom Atom head engineer fellow friend and artist stood around 9 feet tall with flowing blond hair down to his ass. His ears were golden, always allowing the musician to find what he/she was searching for never stressing about time. Queen Street had become the new old Yorkville catering to Indie thinking characters that struggle to maintain an acoustic guitar and street preaching vendors that would sell you the sky. The tattered designer shops were aimed at Forest Hill goo goo dolls and Bayview brats, thirsty for a little concrete jungle and thirteen dollar burgers. Cottingham became the mystical quintessential hangout, whether you were doing a session or just dropping by to see what was up. The loose décor was a humble reminder that it was all about the music. Forty years later I find myself FBing and listening to the relic recordings, reminiscing with digital toys in hand. The passing clunky trolleys reveal an aging city and the colorful characters that reside at 999 are never without conversation. Their world is uncalculated, unlisted, and without desperation of need. I can't recall how many times I shared a cigarette with the local stranger never knowing if he was a visitor from across the street. The music that flowed from this dark cave was big and unrefined, almost raw with precise results. Ye Ole Cottingham embedded a significant page of Canadiana pop culture for all that were fortunate enough to lounge and be creative in the living room on Queen Street across 999. JB

 Photo by Christopher Blythe - on the roof at Cottingham Sound

 Engineer Michael Sarracini
Sempre Felici - A few years ago I met a very influential gentleman in the construction and home building business who, knowing I was a songwriter and musician, asked if I would look at some poetry he had written. He hoped I could perhaps turn some of his poems into songs. I said I would look at them and let him know my thoughts. For some reason our plans to get together never materialized. A couple ... (read the full story)

 Vito Rezza



---------- RETROIKI2----------


Listen to the New Country from BNOrecordingUSA newest artist Juliana Bertucci.   
Corremio Certosa 2005 Premiato - Elton John Saves The Day -- My Dinner With Liberace - Trippy Dippy Manna - Police Busted - Saywhat - The Silence That Roared - New Country - Variations on Gould - The Pig and The Artists - Photos - Jewellery - The Killing Road - Scoop - King of Soul & The Death - Retroiki - Poetry - Scott Carpenter - retroiki2 - Jennifer Dale - Motown Music Arranger, David Van De Pitte, dies at 67 - John Saxon Man At Peace - Peachy Keen -

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Blogger: BILL, PLEASE READ THIS. My grandfather is in hospice and is still talking about going to see Religulous. He is very weak, can not go to the theater, and the doctors do not expect him to live more than another week or two. Is there ANY way we can get him a private screening? He lives in Kansas City, MO. Our whole family would enjoy the experience, most of us are atheists or the like... PLEASE let me know!
 VDB: It appears to me that you have bought into the mythological creation of a man named Bill Maher. As far as having a historical reality, individuals like you and Maher are figments of your own imaginations. I can understand why someone like Bill having no direction in his youth, his mother being what she was and a father he never knew would result as a character of distasteful views. You, I don't know, so I will limit my opinion about you.




 SYSTEM 2000



 Ebb and Flow Yoga
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