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 May 25th 1974 - Abraham's Children's new single is "Rockin in the City" on the Rampage label distributed in Canada by United Artists.

Songs are very much like postcards. You attempt to say a lot within a small space. Order your copy now. store
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Hi,I just recently came across the website of Abraham's Children, oh the memories came flooding back to 1974 when they played at our school Queen Elizabeth Composite High in Edmonton, my girlfriends and I had the opportunity to meet and spend sometime with them. It was a wonderful day nd one that won't be forgotten. I received at the time their drum cover signed by all four.(Jimi, Brian, Ron, Bob) One of them had the nickname SquirrIey, I think it was Brian. I kept the drum cover around for years until my parents decided that it neeed to go once I left home. After touring the website, I was sadden to hear about Brian, I still remember his sense of humor and how the four of them could be the best of friends one minute and angry the next and it was Brian who always turned things around. When we the girls get together and reminisce about old times, this is alway brought up, I wonder what happened to Abraham's Children and now I can share the website with them. This has been a great afternoon touring the website and catching up on Abraham's Children. Carol Fort McMurray, AB (READ MORE FEEDBACK )   

If No ONe Is Listening - Words and Music by: Jimi Bertucci. - We had a very strict rule in our house, be a good listener. The communication airwaves have taken on a multitude of directions so that we can get the message across. The days of ho hum, not getting through to people, has become a Jurassic excuse catering to the lazy, complacent, I don't need to get hip with the times, gringos. Music has always been a strong force in pounding a message to even those refusing to hear it. Billboards are the large, subliminal, postcards that have you thirsting for one of those bigger than life, erotic, bossomy blondes with bright white teeth. If no one is listening then it tells me you are not being verbal enough, metaphorically speaking of course. Songs have a way of meandering and taking on a life of their own. The idea can begin with a simple thought and before you know it the concept reaches new heights. Determination has to breathe, allowing moments of freedom to pass through the dark tunnels of obscurity. Recognition of one's self-limitations is just that. The listening uncovers the doubts that cling to unresolved matters. Whether you shout or whisper and no one is listening the echo of your words will linger through time and space and eventually be heard.   
Shake: Words and Music by: Jimi Bertucci and B.B. Gabor. - It was another one of those uncertain autumn Toronto nights The rain was falling lightly as I looked out from my basement window, in perfect time as it spilled into an old rusty tin can. I heard a faint knock on the door and slowly and hesitantly attempted to energize myself from my comfortable seat. The knock got louder. Perhaps it was their way of saying "Are you deaf?" I opened the door and was confronted by  a piercing look and a drenched body from head to toe. He entered moving to the kitchen with its pale green walls and shook his wetness all over the linoleum floor. The last embers flickered in the old fireplace. I glanced at the black and white "Felix the Cat" clock and noticed it was almost 11:00 pm. I turned to my Hungarian friend, "What the **** are you doing here?" He laughed in his usual Béla Lugosi way and threw himself on my dry bed. We were never short on schmultzy intellectual conversation and fine herb. Late at night we would sometimes retreat with herbal tea and maybe a shot of whatever was available. BB and I had an interesting co-writing relationship, as most partners do I assume. At times it was almost abstract, a musical self-indulgence if you will. I began to tell him about a new song I was composing, in a weird time signature. This perked his ears. He picked up my vintage black Harmony acoustic and started jamming along with me. At first it seemed a bit contrived. After all, how many songs are in a 7/8 feel...not many. The more we jammed, the more it grooved, building to a syncopation that was almost tribal. We took a short break to entertain our lost senses only to notice it was now 6:00 am. The topic or the lyrical aspect of the song was obvious. We were writing the moments and trying to capture the realism in a dark room under the influence of our surroundings and other things. The lyrics began to flow like red lava. They were real, edgy, revealing, scary and at times moving. Shake was the evil tempter, the hidden coward, an imaginary friend convincing you to reach for heights of grandeur, only to fall hard. We both experienced life through our writing, whether it was fictional or telling. listen to Shake

 James and Cynthia Bertucci

 Children are the poetry of life.

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Subway 9 1997: BNOS-4031 Words & Music by Jimi Bertucci Recorded at Eis Cafe Studios in Long Beach, California. I love this song. When we asked Jimi what the song was about he explained. " My uncle Nazarano worked for the (TTC) Toronto Transit. He would tell me all these stories about the characters that would ride the trains late at night. At times he would be aware of some of those people that were indecisive about life and new that some of them would try and jump. Although his English was not that great he managed to talk many of them out of jumping." One of the lyrical lines in the song says. "Fellini would be proud of this circus underground." Jimi was very familiar with riding the tube. If you missed the last train number 9 you were screwed. Features Mike Cherney on guitars, (the late) Dave Valdez on Drums, Robert Hoelting on keys and backing vocals, Jimi Bertucci bass, acoustic guitar and vocals.

Radio Tree - Words & Music by Jimi Bertucci - I sat underneath the Joshua tree, wiping the desert sweat from my face. The evening sun was settling and the orange layered skies enjoyed the whispering of the wind. The Mojave Desert has a certain spiritual atmosphere about it; the giant rocks marvel at the moon, calling and challenging to be explored. My guitar resonated with such clarity that I found myself walking in different areas to capture the ever-changing sounds. I began a pulsing groove that became embedded in my subconscious. I imagined these beautiful Yucca brevifolia with branches that were different types of radios, all having a purpose and playing music that was shared by the widespread canvas of nature. The preservation of space and time reflected within my inner soul while I stared hypnotically at the blanket stars and as the lyrics came to fruition. “I have been to the desert, slept in the sand.” How true this was as I listened to the sounds of the untamed wilderness. “Play it loud play it Lennon under the Radio Tree.”
Passion and Innocence: Words and Music by: Jimi Bertucci - 12606 Vista Panorama was the ideal creative cave. On a clear day you could see the arrogant Hollywood sign while at the same time listen to the delayed booms of the Disney fireworks. The OC was the alternative to Los Angeles, only designed to be more functional. My days in the corporate world were coming to an end. I had decided that to follow my heart, as corny as it sounded, was the best medicine for my ever-changing direction. My friend Robert suggested a bass player and a drummer who he knew worked well together. I asked him to set up a jam and prepared about six songs that I thought would be a good start and would allow me to evaluate their playing experience. I was facing some difficult choices in my life. I had become unbearable to live with often spending hours in my studio filled with musical toys overlooking Catalina Island. I managed to continue my writing as if it were my only salvation. This song is one of those that is honest within itself. The rawness of the story hits you in the face from the beginning. It's straight and to the point and reveals the growth of an innocent young man discovering all the passion the streets have to offer. Some familiar names invite themselves to this garden party such as Saint Francis, the gray stone almost Goth in appearance cathedral that housed the infallabe Father George.Il Gato Nero was a cool place for the big boys to hang out, play pool and share their over-inflated stories. Every once in awhile one of the pretty babes from the Italo hood would innocently blow us a kiss...It's easier to write a song when you have lived it. While I sat in my monster mansion of Utopia I could reflect, knowing that passion and innocence were still a big part of my life.

Sempre Felici - A few years ago I met a very influential gentleman in the construction and home building business who, knowing I was a songwriter and musician, asked if I would look at some poetry he had written. He hoped I could perhaps turn some of his poems into songs. I said I would look at them and let him know my thoughts. For some reason our plans to get together never materialized. A couple of years later I attended a black tie event where I, once again, met up with the tycoon. He waved me over to his table and the regular greetings were exchanged with those seated there whose net worth, by the way, totalled about 4 and half billion dollars. Chuckling, he reminded me that he had not forgotten I said I would look at his poetry. We arranged to meet the next day at his office to discuss his intent. He was particularly interested in having me look at a poem he had written about a girl who, he explained, was his first love. As I read the words I could feel that this had been someone very special to him. I absorbed as much as I could of the five pages filled with the romantic despair of a man recollecting love that had somehow slipped away over the years. After some sincere soul searching I was able to come up with a melody line that I was comfortable with. I managed to incorporate the first line of the song with this new found melody " Con lui che d'altronte un giorno passa" The familiarity was not quite there. My pursuit for creative ideas are like a journey of discovery, the more I let myself be raptured in this collage of emotional verbiage the more I felt his love and pain towards this mystical persona. I decided to bring in a couple of heavy hitters, Vito Rezza on drums, Ermanno Censorio on guitar and master engineer Michael Sarracini. Within a few hours the song began to take shape and I could see that everyone was happy with their contribution. We finished the session enthusiastically and played back the final mix. We were good. Now all I needed was my client's confirmation and approval.

 Ermanno Herman Censorio

 Vito Rezza

Through The Eyes Of Vincenzo - Words and Music by Jimi Bertucci - I don't suppose the title gave it away. My youth was unique, in many ways it was an actor's dream. I was able to manipulate the hand-me-down system and, at times, my parents. Being thrown into a culture where it was the norm to be bullied by territorial mangia cakes, my reactions to certain comments or gestures had to be quick. At first a smile was sufficient to diffuse the situation, but that eventually wore thin with the leaders of recess control. Sooner or later I knew my swords would have to be drawn and my stand made clear. That day had come. It was lunchtime, my favorite period in what was usually a long tedious school day. I was sitting on the steps with a couple of new friends when suddenly my capicollo and pepper sandwich on a panino went flying into the air, landing on the dirty grounds of the schoolyard. As I stood up to confront my assailant, he attempted to throw a punch my way, I ducked and landed a right on his nose making it bleed profusely. His English profanity was difficult to make out as he cupped his nose trying to get the bleeding to stop. At that moment the huge wooden doors flung open. "Both of you in my office!", boomed the commanding voice. It was an awkward moment for me as I tried to explain to the principal that this rude, freckled-faced, red-haired boy deliberately knocked my sandwich out of my hands. There were many great times as well. I found that my most impressionable years were in elementary school. By the time I went to junior high discovering new things became more like serious work, thus my musical wants began to kick in more and more. I started to understand the new ways of my social surroundings and took in what the scene had to offer. My ideals, some of which have remained with me, developed through my observations. Life is a continous journey revealing, at times, the hidden mysteries locked deep within our souls, only to discover we hold the key. JB  

Viewing lyrics for Radio Tree - From the CD Through The Eyes Of Vincenzo - words and music by Jimi Bertucci.


This is my perspective under the umbrella 
The clock tics on minds grow weak 
Some will live forever
The spirits walk among the living 
The oceans crash without forgiveness 
I received open ears when I was hard in my green days 
Now that I’ve learned who I am 
No one cares to hear my plan
The future is yesterday gone tomorrow 
Kill the killers abolish the sadness
When I die bury me under the radio tree 
Bring me flowers bring me highs 
Under the radio tree 
Play it loud play it louder 
Under the radio tree radio tree
I have been to the desert 
Slept in the sand 
Looked up at the stars 
Held the world in my hand
In time we all reach out for the power hand 
To touch it is the gift of love and trust
When I die bury me under the radio tree 
Bring me flowers bring me highs 
Under the radio tree 
Play it loud play it Hendrix 
Under the radio tree radio tree
In time we all reach out for the power hand 
To touch it is the gift of love and trust
When I die bury me under the radio tree 
Bring me flowers bring me highs 
Under the radio tree 
Play it loud play it louder 
Under the radio tree radio tree
©2016 James Bert Publishing/Socan /Ascap

 GO GREEN... www.ecomistsoultions.com For our children's children we must pave the way.
 Enough! I sometimes get angry with myself for allowing temptation to provoke and encircle my conventional attributes. With age comes wisdom. With wisdom comes the serious contemplation of one's moral contribution to the growth of humanity. As an artist I look within the soul to gain perspective. If I am misguided by the embodiment of loose provisional reasoning, it causes a disruption to the outcome of my creation. I question my compositions repeatedly, searching for confirmation of the acceptability and validity of their messages. My ego surrounds itself with mental thorns, irritating the vellum that protects the imaginative source that I challenge. Who am I? What do I stand for? Do I hate, without the awareness of the end results? Do I love, to comply with the standards of devotion? I have slept with my own demons and celebrated with the Angels.

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