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July 14 1973

The company has in addition announced the signing of Abraham's Children and the Ugly Ducklings to exclusive booking contracts. General manager of Music Shoppe International is Ron Scribner, who returns to agency work after threes years as a personal manager of Westbound's Funkadelics. He was the principal of Canada's two early rock agencies, Bigland and the Ron Scribner agency. 



Hot juicy loosey latin feel with sugar pop overtones. This is the theme for the Italian Walk Of Fame that Jimi wrote and was produced by hip hop and dip dudes The Rezza Brothers with some fine PLAYING. ( listen to Esperanza now )   

 Are we reading the sign right...voted best wings.

"Mrs. Norton once referred to children as Fragile beginnings of mighty end." Avenue of America's Gary Salter is now preparing his Abraham's Children for a mighty beginning rather than "mighty end." Their release on the G.A.S. label, "Goodbye Farewell", was slow to start but with the combined efforts of manager Jack Morrow and A&R man Paul Gross, they have now had the single listed on almost seventy stations across Canada - a rarity, so early on release. (more) 

Juliana Bertucci 
Juliana was born into an entertainment family. Her father is pop rocker Jimi Bertucci who splashed onto the music scene...(more) 
My favorite song of theirs was "Gypsy". I also like "Goodbye farewell". It was played a lot growing up in Montreal in the 70s. Another CDN classic song from a time far away. Todays music TOTALLY SUCKS compared to back then.
So many of these songs are so hard to find on CD, stuff from Abraham's Children, Edward Bear, Fludd, Bearfoot, Copperpenny, Ken Tobias and others.
 Your music is fine very good lots of chords i trie to learn 1965 very many changes i just learn to play guitar and like your music.
 Hello, I saw the band years ago when I was a teen and I can't believe I'm saying this. I was crazy in love with Jimmy. My bedroom was filled with pictures of him and the band. He signed my album which I still have and the t-shirt I wore to the concert. It was an all around great time and an event any teenager would have been proud to say they attended. The band was so nice at their meet and greet they talked with fans for hours. Thank You is still one of my all time favorites. Thanks for the wonderful memories and great songs. Catherine H. Vancouver Wa
 Happy birthday Jimi B you are a special rock n roller and many of us still love you. Hurray back and perform sorry to hear abour Kelvin. Take care Olivia Anderson - Newport Beach, CA
 Hi I never know what to say when I leave a message. Ok here goes. I met you in Detroit when you were performing with your band Abraham.s Children you had these wild outfits on. You signed my t-shirt and gave me a kiss on the cheek. Thanks for being so nice. Whitney D. Detroit M
Gord Ritchie - What a great sharp colour photo. This is looking like the bandshell. I missed that show for sure. I was at Nathan Phillips Square on a summer day.. And I'm pretty sure the good old Knob Hill Hotel. Did AC play at the Eagles out by Military Trail on the edge of Scarborough and West Hill? Gary & Dave played there too. 
 Patricia Kaki Ulan- So many great moments!! Red, White and Blue has always been a favourite.Saskatoon Saskatchewan.
 Paul Sanders For Canada, Abraham's Children was a household name, forever in our musical hearts and
yes we keep alive for others to hear & enjoy although you guys went on for other musical journeys as well. Toronto Canada
 Sharon MacDougall Can almost taste the desire to go back in time and listen to this stuff! This is real talent and real music. So proud they are Canadian!
 Congratulations on 50 years of giving us music. I remember your concert so well in Moncton. You guys were so loud and those outfits were pretty wild, I could see why the girls were going nuts. Anyway thanks Abraham's Children. Raymond F. Moncton NB




























































































































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Jimi Bertucci Is the kind of wonderful you experience when music takes you to another place and time in life’s journeys. Laura Tonelli Torronto Canada 2020 Jim thank you for sending good sounds. Rosie Leuterio - Bansud Mindaro Pillippines 2020 Bouquet is amazing " It must be love" is fantastic - Reza Moosavi Hollywood Ca 2020

Clark Graff You know what else I remember and I have thought about over the years? Morgan Jones (remember him?) and I were sitting in a little Pizza place in Fredericton, I think. We were having lunch when this tall elderly white man with a blazer on and a hat and cane came into the restaurant. He must have been 80 years old. He sat down in I suppose could be described as a familiar and comfortable manner. He looked at the waiter and said "I would like a glass of beer please." That's it. That's all that happened and I have never forgotten that moment, so I owe you for that. Funny life isn't it? Ventura, California
Hi jimi, I got the package yesterday, thank you so very much, wonderful memories from years gone by! I just took pics of it and sent it to one of my dear friends in Nfld who was only 13 when we went to the concert to see you guys.. she’s like, Awesome! After that concert, I went to Toronto to visit my family, my brother brought me to Sam the Record man, I bought two Albums , one for me and the other for my friend in Nfld! Gypsy was a huge hit back home in Nfld! Myself and my brother still sing it today! Debbie Dwyer - Belle Ewart Ont

Her beauty reveals soft sacred magnet pink Brushing the fabric silk curves eyes shut The tower his jewels the rapid mind nervous rush  

 Hi Marisa, I just wanted to drop you a quick line to convey a message to Jimmy
Bertucci. Jimmy and I went to Central High School of Commerce on Shaw Street in
Toronto's west end. We both grew up in the same neighbourhood. I grew up on Montrose
Avenue. I wanted to extend my sincerest congratulations to Jimi for his tenacious
approach to his career after all these decades I am so proud of his success. We grew up in an area where there was amazing musical talent. Pete Cardinali president of Alma Records also grew up on Montrose Avenue. Please extend my best wishes to Jimi and to your management company. Best regards from an old friend from the neighbourhood, Vic Pellicori Toronto, Canada
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Hi Jimi, "In grade 8 I went to a high school concert to see a band called
Abraham's Children. I stayed behind and had the band sign the back of my new
shearling jacket. I was only 13 or 12 not sure, and my Father was waiting. When
everyone had left, and I was was still inside...he came in for me.*eeks*I guess the
bands truck that said 'Lock up your daughters The Children are coming' tipped him
off. Many many years later...40 ish...I found the lead singer here! Love ya Jimi
Bertucci :) So nice to keep up with the past, where things had brought you musical
joy." Brenda M

Thank you so much Brenda...it was people and fans like you that made us
feel we were doing the right thing. Jimi Bertucci

Goddess of Nature was fairytale song. It was about the groove. and the storybook lyrics. Love AC"s songs! There best song might be 'Goddess of Nature tmr626
Jimi you are very gifted with words, I love reading the chapters of your interesting life!.  Carol Bursey Hindy Alberta Canada  
 Giuseppe Joe Currenti COMPLIMENTI Jimi Bertucci AI DETTO BENE QUESTO È QUELLO CHE SIAMO NOI ITALIANI UN FORTE ABBRACCIO ????????  Incredible concert. I couldn't get over the outfits these guys had I mean purple sequence suit...hey dude are you a bit funny. Andy R. AH Michigan.
This is one of the funkiest Canadian pop hit songs from the 1970s I've ever heard in my lifetime!? I also heard another song by Abraham's Children on the radio many years ago...it was called "Thank You".? Shane Spencer - G.D.G. G
hey there Shane I have all their music?

 Yup.I had pure white streaks up front as well.Blame it on Jimi Bertucci.I met him just prior to high school.He had white streaks.I thought he looked so cool. Brenda M. Kitcher Ontario Canada

 Tanja Knez to Jimi Bertucci ·
Jimi, greetings from Slovenia.

 Cosmo Mannella Poetry is like wine it solicits memories, mood and nostalgia with an overwhelming desire for calm in the still of your thoughts! Toronto Canada

Chris White
Actually they had an album called on the radio . Just bought it from iTunes found it by accident.?

heard this song as a really really young kid, finally about 40 years later i finally found it, just an amazing song,thanks for posting?
  I always loved this song. Good memories from the summer of 1973. Thanks for posting.?Robert Thomas (Goddess of Nature) 
   I remember seeing Abraham's Children when I was quite young with my older Aunts and Uncles. I often wish I'd been born 10 years earlier. I'm 54 now lol.
James. d-moos.com THE BEST
   I've been fascinated by "Radio Tree" for a while now. Very unique and engaging. What's the backstory behind this song? Todd J. San Bernardino - CA
  Very nice. Quite a departure toward the stratosphere..liked the subliminal " CAPTAIN MIDNIGHTS DIRTY FEET " part. Keep on groovin'... Glen W. Ajax, Canada
  Well see, your mom knows because she gave birth to one of tbe most handsome Italians I've ever seen and met... I remember where I was when I told you that!! JimiB's.  Roxanne A California USA
Hey Jim ... I just YOU TUBE'D the song GYPSY ... wow ... I was 20 years old in 1973 and did that song ever give me goose bumps today ... I remember definitely seeing Abraham's Children in all of those festivals all those years ago but I had forgotten which song you guys did ... fantastic memories ... great song!  Fernando C. Canada
Hi Jimi, I am proud to have been a part of that recording with such a talented bunch of Toronto musicians. Laurie D. Toronto Canada.
   Jimi, I must say a very *KOOL* video....Great job in putting it together.Larry R. W. - Oshawa, Canada
   So good... I'm still singing the hook.. It's really good. Thanks for sharing. Roxanne A. - Fountain Valley, California
Jimi that was a beautiful song....thank you for sharing it with me Virginia Novak - Toronto Canada

very cool! nice work jimi! Richard Hernandez - Redlands California

Oh yeah.. "Roll Over Rover... It's All Over.. Your Face". HA HA HA HA!!! That song made me laff every night. Clark G. Toronto, Canada

Hi Jimi !Alfie&Rick here Love all the music it brings us all back to a great time. Hope to see you again. The Grace Boys!? Alfie Loreti

 Hi Jimi saw you in Yucaipa at the Crossroads great show never expected that tight of a band.Thanks for the cd love it. Heather Yuciapa Ca..
Claire Cascone Mille grazie, Jimi!
I can hardly believe that a guy I used to go see in concert, playing those great songs, is wishing me a happy birthday :) Toronto Canada
One of my favorite Canadian bands of the early 70s, only saw them live once but had all of their music only two albums if I remember correctly. When bands had organs and the flute was popular.
 Just bumming around on you tube and searched for Abrahams Children and lo & behold there they were. To me this was an awesome find, as I saw this band numerous times in the early 70's. A freind of mine at the time ( Ted Kalis ) booked bands into area hotels in the St. Catharines area and these guy's played at the Queensway hotel in a bar called the Purple Onion Room. Ted called me and said ,Gord I've just booked this band you have to see. I was amazed how good these guy's were and bought their album and played it forever until in one move I lost it. I was eccstatic to find they have a CD out that I can purchase as I always wondered what happened to them, I had heard they had gone to California and that was that!! Great news from a fan forever,met them back then and thought they were a great bunch of guys. PS if you have contact with the band ask them if they remember Ted and the Purple Onion Room -  Gord & Joanne Brown - St. Catharines ON Joined The Fan Factory
Dear Jimi, I have been a longtime fan of yours and have followed your career ever since your early days with the Canadian band "Abraham's Children". You are a very talented songwriter and singer and I love listening and singing along to your songs . They are beautifully written and full of emotion . We also happen to have something in common. I am Canadian too! When do you plan on touring in Canada again. I want to make sure I don't miss any of your shows. Your amazing music has had a big impact on my life and I would like to take this opportunity to "Thank You" for sharing it with the world! Love, Rose
I was on the net the other day with my son we were looking at bands from the 70's, as a thought I asked him to see if you had a website .There you were. As I read through the pages the memories began to flow, so Iam writing to share a memory with you . It was 1973 - 1974 I was a young teenager living on manitoulin Island in Northern Ontario. It was our spring dance at Manitoulin Secondary School in west bay .The band played that night and were awesome. Come the end of the night as you were all packing up to leave you had no idea how to get from west bay to little current . as my friend and I were going to little current anyway we offered to take you were you needed to go. We hopped in your station wagon ( I think it was a station wagon) and we road with you to little current. You guys droped us off a! nd headed on your way. To this day I remember that night. I how great you guys were to 2 country girls and how giddy we were for weeks afterwords. I say you again once more (that same year I think around New Years) at the Gasworks in toronto. That was the last time. I am glad that I could shared this memory with you . Thanks for the memory. carol finch 

 You ROCK!!! my man. Diego Flores, Florida

 I decided to order Through The Eyes and I have to admit it is classic "Dark Side" one of my favorites. Mandy S. Texas
   The tune kinda reminds me of RUSH in the 80's I think the song was called "time stands still" Mike B. Toronto, Canada
   Great Work Jimi!!! Wonderful to see your creative juices have not been stifled in the slightest!! Vito Rezza - Toronto Canada
  Jimi was so hot  when I saw him in concert. I always thought that he was the David Cassidy of Canada. Janice T. Vancouver. B.C. 

I really enjoyed yourn show at The Hollywood, you haven't changed a bit still look great. Gail M. Mississauga

 tell us straight.......saywhat@jimib.com we we never give out your email honest.
  Russ Horton- Georgetown, On - Welcome Jim.Its an honour to have you join us...Abrahams Children were a legendary Canadian band. 

Jimi Bertucci - I hope you guys know that these comments will be on the http://www.jimib.com/saywhat.html page with your pics...so make it a good one and please send a photo. thanks

Happy Birthday Jimi Bertucci, may your day be as special as you are ! Erin D. Riverside CA.

Hope you had a wonderful Birthday Mr. Jimi B!!!! KD - Utah 

Happy Birthday Jimi, hope you had a wonderful day Brian Eberhardt Toronto, Canada

Happy Birthday Jimi ~ Buon compleanno. Wishing you a beautiful special day xx Serene Maria -
  Joey Cee Happy Birthday Bud.... all the best. Stay well. Toronto http://www.hotoronto.com
Belated, best wishes for a Happy Birthday!
Peace Rosie Levine Toronto, Canada
  Happy Birthday Jimi! Wishing you all the best to your Birthday and a beautiful day! Eveline B. Germany

 Brian Eberhardt Poetry, poems give you a little calmness to life and some times brings back certain feelings and memories from the past

Poetry , poems, writings, The Sun Smiles

We encourage that along with your feedback or comments, you include a photo of yourself. Please
Want to know more about the songs . Read how the tunes were developed, where and why. Click it and dig it...  The Police were busted outside a concert hall in Hamilton, Ontario. The lead singer bass player.. 
Shake   Writings On The Wall
Passion and Innocence  YOUR LINK HERE
Through The Eyes Of Vincenzo  SAYWHATYOUWANT

hmmmm.....I'd say, Jimi's poetry reflects a certain vulnerability, depth, and soul most men do not display, let alone possess. Lisa - California  Joined The Fan Factory

I was playing my girl friend some of your material and she said it was a cross between Steely Dan & Sting. Nice compliment. Vinnie - Pennsylvania Joined The Fan Factory 

Jimi I understand you were with the band "The Police" Tell me more!! Dan Smith Brampton, Ont. Canada Joined The Fan Factory 

Jimi I stopped sending pictures out years ago. Not sure if you would understand that, being a male and a hunk at that. Veronica - Woodland Hills CA Joined The Fan Factory  

 Jimi your show at the Hollywood was amazing. You have such a great rock voice. Everbody at my table enjoyed the concert. You rock. Nick Mancuso Toronto. Joined The Fan Factory

  I'm honored Jimi B. for you subscribing to me, wow. I wouldn't have had the life I've had without the happiness Abie's Babies has always provided me, thanks for the many splendid years! Klaatubes Oregon, Joined The Fan Factory 
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Juliana was born into an entertainment family. Her father is pop rocker Jimi Bertucci who splashed onto the music scene with his band Abraham's Children and a string of hits in the 70s. Her uncle is Gary Graham who starred in the hit TV series, Alien Nation, (read more) 
  "Winning Side"--a WINNER! Great tune! Love the Stones-influenced instrumental opening--insightful lyrics--powerFULL vocals up front are a nice change from so much of the rhythm driven stuff out there now. I gotta move to Canada! Sammyboy DJ at WVKR New York (store)
THE BASEMENT - The musty smell was enough to send anyone running, but not us. We were self-made inventors and champions of keeping ourselves occupied. The old noisy furnace was like some creature out of a bad B movie and the paneling on the wall…well there wasn't any. This was our crib. If we wanted to share our thoughts, our pleasures, or just get away from the big folks we could. The basement, a word synonymous to the Italian culture with cantina and serious family gatherings was our club med. We ruled this archaic...( more )  

 I believe you have to click on the picture to get to the retro page...dah

Long time my friend. Hope all is well. Would love to see you play sometime when your in town...I'm guessing 40 years since 70 Hucknall..
I'll never forget sitting outside your basement door listening to you guys rehearse.Rick R. Canada.

Jimi it is nice to see you on face book again I hope you are doing much better...We all have been praying for your speedy recovery. Virginia N. Toronto, Canada 

It was an honor to be a part of the day and part of the walk of fame. I couldnt be happier or more blessed. Thanks for the support. All the best. Bobby Curtola, Las Vegas, NV

Hi Jimi,
Sorry i missed you when i was in L.A. Hope you are enjoying the warm weather. I will be in town again in couple months. Hope to follow up with more leads. I left before i could meet with your other contact. Thank you for thinking of me. I really appreciate it. I'm not giving up. Laura P. London

Jimi, I'm so sorry to have missed wishing you a Happy Birthday. Hope you have sunshine and lollipops all week there. Your buddy, Lyall. Canada 

HI Jimi - not sure if you called me on Friday. Perhaps it will be easier if you give me your number and I'll call you. DM 

 Your gonna make me cry...BEAUTIFUL Giovanni Stella - Toronto Canada

 Heard this song "GYPSY" as a really really young kid, finally about 40 years later i finally found it, just an amazing song,thanks for posting? Mississauga, ON

like a lot a canadian musicit didnt get played in the us but i m from detroit and got to here it all on cklw. this is one of the best.? Robert Lemuel Detroit, Michigan



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Delicate Flower

She is a delicate flower
Flawless in beauty and color
Soft whispering musical wind
Confesses her love and sins
Gentle touches of vibrant realism
Wayfaring the body she desires
Giving from her inner self freely... (experience)

 The internet ,what a wonderful tool to bring back the memories of so long ago some happy some not so. Anyway I found you guys and downloaded a bunch of songs. Hope you are making money from these downloads lol. Thanks Andy P. Edmonton Alberta
The start of the song, did it for me. You have a great drummer!
I'm not a professional, so I don't know the proper terminology, but there were parts when it kind of just "stopped", if you know what I mean, and I LOVE WHEN A SONG DOES THAT!
It didn't fade at the end, it still grabbed me. How the heck is your voice still so strong after all these years???
You should be so proud of yourself, your voice is a gift. Claire Cascone Toronto Canada

Hi,I just recently came across the website of Abraham's Children, oh the memories came flooding back to 1974 when they played at our school Queen Elizabeth Composite High in Edmonton, my girlfriends and I had the opportunity to meet and spend sometime with them. It was a wonderful day and one that won't be forgotten. I received at the time their drum cover signed by all four.(Jimi, Brian, Ron, Bob) One of them had the nickname SquirrIey, I think it was Brian. I kept the drum cover around for years until my parents decided that it neeed to go once I left home. After touring the website, I was sadden to hear about Brian, I still remember his sense of humor and how the four of them could be the best of friends one minute and angry the next and it was Brian who always turned things around. When we the girls get together and reminisce about old times, this is alway brought up, I wonder what happened to Abraham's Children and now I can share the website with them. This has been a great afternoon touring the website and catching up on Abraham's Children. Carol Fort McMurray, AB   Joined The Fan Factory  

Hi Guys (AC) I know you won't remember, but I met you in Charlottetown, PE in 1972. You played at the Confederation Centre. One of the first radio interviews I did. I was 17 at the time . Alot older now no wiser, still rocking & rollin on the radio. I'm having a hard time finding the hits from the 1970's. I host the Saturday Morning Retro Rewind on OCEAN100, live every weekend, featuring the 70's at 7. I played all your hits when they were hits. If its possible, I'm looking for a CD with all of the hits on it. With your permission, I would like to add them to my 70's Canadian gold rotation. Ron Gillespie Production Manager CHTN-Ocean100 /CKQK-Krock105.5  Joined The Fan Factory  

I rarely watch video's all the way through , this is really good.
I'll share it on my wall if you like. The 12 bar blues scaling with sweeping , the off chords with piano reminds me of 80's rush , the coulor's reminded me of led zepplin ( traveling riverside blues ) but with the 80's nostalgia , it even faded out .
I was impressed . Joe G. Hamilton, Canada
Hi There! My name is Gordon And Im from Scotland. Whilst at work today I was Hi-Fi playing all the NEW POP/ROCK songs. Anyway I like yours and a couple others alot.Yours is Fun! So what I done is when I got home I downloaded it. I was wondering If you would like me to put you on our Station? Let me know what you think! Gordon - Scotland  Joined The Fan Factory    
  Great news for you guys. Please pass on my congrats to Jimi from all of us at Oldies 1090. All the best, Dan Delorme Music Director Oldies 1090 ddelorme@oldies1090 Joined The Fan Factory     Hi Jimi-- Thanx for your note...just had to let you know that "Some Things last forever" is truly a beautiful song...very pure in its melody. I love "sempre' as well. Do you play in Vancouver at all, where I live? Hope your having a great day- Cin - Vancouver BC Joined The Fan Factory 

Hey Jimi, is a great pleasure to receive your news. I'm touring with Mauri Sanchis in Spain: Madrid, Valencia, Sevilla, etc. Ok, we chat soon.
Ciao, my friend.We chat soon. ciao Jimi B Spain Joined The Fan Factory
  Hi JIMI B  I am grateful to you for your kindness and invited me to the show. I enjoyed music. I had a very good time. I went to Grand Canyon after that. Next I went to Las Vegas and returned to Los Angeles. My American traveling came to an end. I think that America is very good place. Now I went back to Japan and I am in my house. In Japan this sommer is very cool. Hiroshi - Suginami - ku Tokyo Japan Joined The Fan Factory 
  Jimi My name is Wil Deynes, I came across your music and i really like it. Very cool vibe nice style. Love the guitars in Radio Tree. What kind of acoustic did you use in the intro? Very cool. Take Care! Wil Deynes - Bronx, New York, United States Joined The Fan Factory    Hey Jimi,
Will Hare here...Curious as to how life is treating you and how you are treating life...Send me an update - I'm sure you're cooking up something in that mind of yours...Later, Will Toronto Canada Joined The Fan Factory

 Hello Jimi... I'm glad you enjoy my music...what exactly were you Chris kicking ? Regards,Rob Arzignano, Vicenza, Italy Joined The Fan Factory    My parents now in heaven...Olivia Iovine and Agostino Amato were both from Serra San Bruno.maybe your parents knew them:) take care, Bruno Joined The Fan Factory

THANKYOU FOR THAT COMMENT!!!!! YOU JUST MADE MY DAY!!!!!!!!!!! GLAD TO SEE YOU ON HERE!!!!!!!!!!! Kristy Utah Joined The Fan Factory    hello dad.. yes i try to check it every day.. i miss you too.. when are you coming home? i might be in LA by then geez...xoxo  Joined The Fan Factory 

wow, you really are flamboyant... and luckily age has been pretty good to you. ha. Kelly, Colorado USA  Joined The Fan Factory    Thank-you Marisa. Hard to believe that Brian is gone. He is surely not forgotten. The Seventies were so exciting for Canadian musicians. Brian and Abraham's Children played significant parts in the ultimate history of Canadian rock n' roll. Yours in great music ...Nevin CKOC Radio Hamilton Joined The Fan Factory   
Condolences, Jimi. Sounds like Brian was a fighter. Jaimie - Bullseye Records Canada Joined The Fan Factory     Jimi this is my friend Paul and of course you know Paul. It was a great show wish you were here...Paul, Las Vegas , Nevada  Joined The Fan Factory

 I just ordered one of your cds and I have to admit your music is addictive. Josh, Malibu CA

 When I went to Napster to rip off songs & put it on CD, sone of the Canadian artists including Abraham's Children who had a song called "Gypsy" (which peaked at # 119 on the Billboard Bubbling Under Singles Charts) & the song is on vinyl & "Goodbye, Farewell" which is in mono sound & i'm not sure if that song was on CD or vinyl. Thanks, Matt Michigan. Joined The Fan Factory  

   Dear Marisa - Unfortunately there are no clips, photos or any kind of footage available from Bandstand.CKCO TV did have a small clip for their anniversary show but I don't know where they got it and I have been unable to secure a copy. I still have many people I run in to who remember the show and love to talk about it. I have a lot of fond memories and I sure get choked up when people remember the show and want to talk about it. Thanks again for remembering and If you come up with something, I would sure love to get some copies. Grant Hoffman - (host) Canadian Bandstand  Joined The Fan Factory

  Jimi you really rocked the house in Yucaipa last night, awesome job my man. I got some great photos...cheers John Rowlands Palm Springs, CA Joined The Fan Factory   Like I just mentioned, I received the CD in perfect condition.The cover shot is so nostalgic to me and so is the shot of the boys in the air which was inside the CD case. Brian - St George's, Newfoundland.( look at Brian's beautiful artworks )  Joined The Fan Factory   

HI, I received the two books today (July 3). What a thrill and I'm enjoying the stories a lot. Thank you so much and the autographs are pure treats for me. How kind of you all to do that. Fran - Germany  Joined The Fan Factory   The bouncing rhythms, weird vocals and strange metallic sounds make the songs terrific. Perhaps The oddest song is "ODee" which is reminscent of the spoons or Talking Heads. B (read more reviews)

  Great music...fabulous and awesome Jimi...great night all in all. Had a great time...glad to have been part of it. Thank you! Love the CD collection!! The best of luck for many, many sales and many more concerts. Victoria, Toronto, Canada  Joined The Fan Factory     Jimi I understand you were with the band "The Police" Tell me more!! Dan Smith Brampton, Ont. Canada Joined The Fan Factory   
  Dear Jimi, You are truly a MAESTRO. Bravissimo for an excellent composition. Dominic  C. Toronto, Canada Joined The Fan Factory      "No one could stand on stage with us because Jimi was the most charismatic frontman I've ever seen in Canada. He was like Elvis. Women fainted when he walked in the room. (read the full story) Joined The Fan Factory   Nice seeing you at that cattle call in Hollywood remember Joined The Fan Factory   
   Jimi, it was so great that you were at the party yesterday, a nice chance for all the Babies to be together and share the old times, we'll all just miss Brian so much, but I know he was there with you guys....why wouldn't he be? His wish was fulfilled, and for that I'm so grateful. Thanks, and take care, Ginny C.    Hi Marisa...hope youre keeping well...the Pics and Interview are now on my website... Rock N Rays Hall Of Fame page..Thanks...You are the Best !!XO Ray - CKOC radio Hamilton, Ont. Canada (more)  Joined The Fan Factory 

Nice site! I remember Abraham's Children's "Thank You" and "Gypsy" getting played on CKLW back in the day. Now I play those and other AC songs on "The Lost And Found Oldies Show" Fridays 3-5pm EST www.wvkr.org (plug plug) and they always get good response! "Who ARE these guys? They're great!" Keep it up, Jimi B! Sammyboy Joined The Fan Factory    wow ... now that's what I'm talkin about. all the best in 2007! Dale, Nashville Joined The Fan Factory     

  OH YEAH and VERY ENTICING!!!!! (I'm serious now I want to hear all of the CD's) You have me going mad for your music. Kristi - Utah Joined The Fan Factory      Hi Jimi, I Trust all is well with you.I tracked you down from Tony Nardi and would like to talk to you about the Walk of Fame. Please call me at your convenience Best, Fred Lamberti - Italian Film Festival Joined The Fan Factory   

  My parent's first new car was a 73 Buick station wagon. I remember as a 13 year old camping in it the first night we had it. With the AM dial on CFCY, Jimi was interviewed about Abraham's Children playing in Abraham's Village here on PEI! They played "Thank You" after the interview. That song stuck to me like glue all these years! I found the song again last week. Not having heard it for 35 years, I enjoyed the memory trip back in that new 73 Buick Century! Best wishes from PEI! JD Joined The Fan Factory    Will you be appearing anywhere soon in Manitoba. Thanks Shelly , Vernon, Manitoba

Washington, DC - I did have the honor of attending the Inauguration of President Obama in Washington D.C. on January 20th. To respect the privacy of certain individuals, certain events that took place and certain information has been held very private. Unfortunately the tabloids just obtained the attached picture and it will be no doubt be published this week. I wanted to share this news with my family and friends before it becomes public. There is no need to keep it a secret any more. The picture speaks for itself! Oprah and me. Paul Joined The Fan Factory  

jimi b! You the man! I give it up! I didn't know I was in the presence rock 'n roll royalty! Too busy killin' myself with this record. Never again will I go this road alone, brother. To Toronto, to you, & Nick, & a girl by the name of Jen Marion who I wrote a song for called "Los Angeles" the day I found out she left town to go back to the great Northwest. Now, the great wave tsunami is rollin' down your street & we're all watchin TV. I wish I had the opportunity to give this, this, oh, this, los angeles, los angeles, los angeles ... Al'right, boss Take care.Kevin Los Angeles- Ca Joined The Fan Factory 

  Jimi this brought tears to my eyes you are so talented , and your words for daddy are so true. It was rather sad for me however the message came across I encourage my siblings to watch it and get their feed back. ciao domenico - Toronto Canada ( view visual poetry )  Joined The Fan Factory  

Hi Jimi. Happy new year. Hope all is going well. John Toronto CAN Joined The Fan Factory   

Great job Jimi! I've been listening to it over and over again and it is definitely a catchy theme. I really like the build up from the intro... very upbeat, clean and fresh... works well with the whole concept of the event... I think the guitar riffs add an Italian sound/touch which I really, really like... horns sound great too.
 Joined The Fan Factory    

 I've loved the band ever since I saw them as a teenager in the 70’s. One of the first bands I ever saw, in a high school gym auditorium in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia. I hung around to meet the band and still have their autographs on this card. The bottom 3rd of the card was a mail away postcard to get some fan stuff. The top has the signatures of Brian, Bob, Ron, Jimmie and Shawn O’Shea I still have their vinyl album and love those pop tunes. Kyle Miller - Coquitlam, British Columbia

  When you purchase an OOMII original you are doing just that. A portion goes to help the lost pets of the world.

Great meeting you, Jimi, and noting all the connections that we share. Keep in touch -- and pass along the word to David C-T to drop by all the best, Godfrey, Toronto Joined The Fan Factory      "Shake" is a CLASSIC, JImi... An absolute classic!! Will - Toronto Canada Joined The Fan Factory      I really love your stuff. Vinnie De Floria Pittsburgh, PA USA  Joined The Fan Factory  

  Hi There! My name is Gordon And Im from Scotland. Whilst at work today I was Hi-Fi playing all the NEW POP/ROCK songs. Anyway I like yours and a couple others alot.Yours is Fun! So what I done is when I got home I downloaded it. I was wondering If you would like me to put you on our Station? Let me know what you think! Gordon - Scotland  Joined The Fan Factory     I couldn't believe all the fans outside your hotel. The manager kept telling us to leave. You guys were great last night at the arts centre. Judy M. Regina SK.Bert Hermiston

   Hey Jimi...man you still rock. Caught your show at The Toronto Centre..love that new song. Sorry. I don't submit pics anymore. Age agrees with you but not with me. Al C. - Aurora Joined The Fan Factory     Caught your show it was just awesome you rock dude....wow later mike.....Reno, Nevada USA Joined The Fan Factory   

Never hold back tell us what you think express yourself...

Postcards and Musica - A collection of songs picked by Jimi. An interview with Gord James of the now defunct 1050Chum radio. A couple of pre-production ideas which we are sure will morph into complete songs. Songs are very much like postcards. You attempt to say a lot within a (store) 

  Hi There i've been checking out the A. Children sites & wanted to get in touch with Jimi. I still have a couple of reminders of the band (a poster of you all in front of a tree) & a poor copy of Gypsy... but I've been waiting for The Greastest Hits..to come out on C.D. Abrahams Children was one of the greatest rock groups to amerge from Canada & i'm proud to say I know them...anyways if you could help me here I'm at Sincerly Paul Sanders Orangeville Ont. Can  Joined The Fan Factory  


   My pleasure, they are a great Canadian act that deserves more recognition. Eric Ausman. visit Eric on Facebook and chat about AC Joined The Fan Factory 

Hey Uncle Jimi I listened to the new song...you sound really good! The music is really nice :) all the best baci! Sabrina Woodbridge ON Joined The Fan Factory   


dude....your songs rule...how come im not in your band?? Reza Moosavi - California  Joined The Fan Factory   


  Hey Vincenzo and Colleen - great video - great band - awesome lead singer! Enjoyed them a lot - what a pretty boy in 1982! Look a lot more like a Rod Steward now with "through the eyes..." Compliment intended there! I heard you're back in town again Jimi - would love to sit down with the two of you and just hear what's new with all the travel and new condos and future plans. Praying for you both. Let me know if you're up for getting together, maybe a breakfast or lunch sometime - my treat. cell# Pastor Dave - California Joined The Fan Factory  


  J-i-m-m-y!!! A big hug from Munich, Germany where I have been living since 1973. Have fond memories of T.O. in 1972. Hope you are doing well... still rockin´? Love, Elena  Joined The Fan Factory   Thanks so much for the nice comments and not so nice words. Regardless, it's all good. Please send the webmaster a picture with your submission.

   The multi-dimensional persona of you Mr. Bertucci is alluring, intreguing and the best high I have experienced in some time. Your poetry is >entrapping and frustrating as it immediately conjures motion to want to >soothe your passionate yearning. One is brought to a state of quandry and >hope......that you are nurtured not tortured........... LOVE >RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!xoxoxoxoPamela..........have a good sleep Pamela Toronto, Canada Joined The Fan Factory 

 Jimi B you rock my friend, the music is awesome. Jake, Santa Monica, CA

  Hiya, Marisa :-) Just thought I'd lethca know AC "Time" CD arrived today . . .thanks a million!! I couldn't be happier with the CD. You were right on the mark . . . the plastic case is very cool and reflects the look of the album to a "T". I'm happier to have a reissue of the "original" with the artwork and stuff instead of simply having the tunes on a Best Of. It's just like my LP copy of Time. It will have an honoured and permanet place in my CanCon CD collection :-) Thanks again . . . and have a great weekend!! Scott .  Joined The Fan Factory  

  Greetings from The Ancient One -  I have just connected with your contribution to cyberspace. You have a wonderful website. I found it engaging and entertaining. You are a creative soul whose originality and authenticity are enchanting. Thank you for sharing the magnificence of your being for to do so creates a wave of communication that is a great blessing. Your garden of the self is a blossoming manifestation of your innate abilities and timeless essence. I thoroughly enjoyed learning who you are and I celebrate what you have accomplished now and what you will achieve in the future. I wish you a journey where love and joy flow into your life.May you make each day extraordinary as you are embraced by divine light and may you bring forth the beauty within as you access your inner guidance and find your piece of heaven. Micheal Teal  Joined The Fan Factory  

  I was at Boyd Park and saw you guys perform. It was great that you and Marisa donated $15,000.00 to the Abruzzo earthquake. Nice that you are giving back. R. Romano - Vaughan ON Joined The Fan Factory     Hello I just wanted to say I caught your concert at the Roxy in Hollywood and you were so hot..and the music was awesome. Jennifer H.. Studio City CA Joined The Fan Factory   

Michael Childs - (Goddess Of Nature) Probably one of the most popular song of that time from the canadian pop music.

Hi there, - What was the original name of the band? And why can you not find their song Hot Love (In the Summertime) anywhere? Haven't heard it in decades but remember it had a cool mood. Is there a download of it somewhere. Thanks. Jon Boyd  Joined The Fan Factory 

Wow it has been years since I heard this one....makes me happy and sad at the same time...brings back so many memories of time periods my life that has passed by.....? 5226darrell

Abe's Babes Oh the memories this brings back.? Scarlet Anderson

  This is good your band is the real deal keep it going bigtime, release a new single to canadian radio sometime - Jon Long Toronto Canada Joined The Fan Factory       Hi Jimi just wanted you to know that I love your music and the lyrics are so real. Hope to see you perform one day here in Calgary. Monica N. Alberta   


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DYK that Marisa has a degree in psychology and is a published author...The Role of Estrogens in Schizophrenia, Gender Differences along with Mary V. Seeman, M.D., F.R.C.P.(C), Professor, Psychiatrist-in-Chief. BIG WOW...i think
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BUDDAH RECORDS - Was the ultimate bubblegum label . It was the home to 1910 Fruit Gum Company, Neil Sedaka , Paul Anka, Abraham's Children, Ohio Express , Shadows of Knight, David Cassidy, and an endless list of others. The founding member of Buddah was a visionary man named Neil Bogart. Abraham's Children first met Neil, when he was invited to attend a showcase of the band, in Toronto, Canada. GAS Records , the Children's Canadian label , had set up this elaborate concert showcase in the premier hotel, Inn On The Park , Neil was flown in with around 15 other major US labels. ,  

Encountering the blog sites or forums, as they are usually called, was something I discovered accidentally. I was reading a news article online one day. I can't remember what paper it was, or if it even was a newspaper for that matter. When I reached the end of the story, there was a box on the page that allowed one to express his or her opinion about the article. I noticed that others had left comments and I proceeded to read them. I found many of them to be well written and valid concerning the issue presented in the article...(order the book)  

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 Jimi you rocked in Yucaipa I was blown away in many ways my friend. Wow I know a star. Brian H. Redlands, CA
Ok I was impressed with your show in Hollywood the other night. The band the music was really tight and you looked awesome on stage. Gina D'Amato Hollywood Ca.
Caught your band at the whisky pretty good band. Jack F.
This picture should be rated, X-rated LOL.. Toooooo cute....way too cute, good looking, hot for your own good ......Toronto, ON. ( to see the pic Laura is talking about click here 
 Hi Jimi. Radio Tree is a great song. Nice voice. Greetings. Isa Conar
Bonne musique!

 SYSTEM 2000

THANKS YOU.!!! saludos desde Argentina.!!? bullit124
 Hello hello hello Jimi B. You rocked the house down at Rumps the other night. The place was so jammed you couldn't move to grab a beer. My girlfrien thought you were pretty amazing dude. Thanks for the music bro. Gary B. OC
 Happy birthday Jimi B come back and play we miss you. The girls in Cornerbrook NFLD. Carol R.
Angel. a newly arrived group with
former Abraham's Children leader, Jimmy
Bertucci, bows the record scene with
their first for United Artists, titled "Winning

 Paul Sanders Canada,

Abraham's Children was a household name, forever in our musical hearts and yes we keep alive for others to hear & enjoy although you guys went on for other musical journeys as well.

Canzone super fantastica jimi b! This song of yours shows influnce of mid-60's british invasion. A truly brilliant song, just the right length and would recieve tons of radio time in my opinion. Ands so extremely well engineered. You're like fine wine Jimi B., so much improving with age. Deve essere la qualità dell'italia. I'm struggling to get to your itunes from your site. Lin wouldn't tae me there again. Going in manually. Happy holidays and thanks very much for this. Incredible music in you. Gord Ritchie
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