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Goddess Of Nature was another hit penned by Jimi. This fictional song captured the hearts of many fans and radio stations across the country and was certified a hit. The song was picked up by K-Tel Records and sold over 11 million copies. These albums, now collector's items, appear on EBay every so often.



Concert stubs are a trip. Always looking for old tickets from any of our past shows.


 SYSTEM 2000

Songs are very much like postcards. You attempt to say a lot within a small space. Order your copy now. store
BNOrecordingUSA our own label since 1996. Because we wanted to keep our integrity.(order now)
The Great Chameleon - Starring: Victor Altomare, Nick Mancuso, Robert Davi and Stacy Keach.
The 3rd Street promenade in Santa Monica is somewhat eclectic with its collection of dysfunctional characters and nouveau artists displaying their talents. Restaurants and kiosks try to sell everything under the warm California sun. This is the true vibe of an area that for so many years has catered to the tourists du jour and the Merchant of Venice type characters that align both sides of the street. I was able to kill some time before finding my way to The Broadway theatre where "The Great Chameleon", a film that was part of the "American Flim Market" (AFM), was premiering. The AFM is an annual event that allows both visitors and the local industry an opportunity to shop their projects in their respective fields.I was looking forward to the viewing and the possibility of trying to understand why so many critics were unable to find the essence of the Chameleon and its meaning. Strolling the colorful block I found myself defending my lack of contribution to the beggars and riff raff that continued to ask for handouts. Don't get me wrong, I have a place in my heart for the desperate in need
... (read more) 
 Hello I'm RetroMan...journalist If you would like to be a retro guest please email us with a recent photo.
 Tune in for next weeks guest..................................NEXT WEEK OUR GUEST ???????
MANNA - Trippy trippy hippie dah dah. MANNA was one of the first bands that Jimi put together. Along with Chet Paszkowski on drums and Bruce Palait on guitar, the trio would rehearse vigorously everyday in the basement of Jimi's girlfriend's at Bathurst and Dundas. These young lads, all of 16 years of age, had big and aspiring dreams. Their music was original with a touch of psychedelic frosting. They would tour, if you called getting to gigs touring, in an old 59 English Thames that Jimi owned. For all those that are not familiar with this type of vehicle, it was an English Ford van, the same one you see parked on the Beatles Abbey Road cover. Their big break came when they went to Yorkville in the heart of downtown Toronto, the hottest place for established up and coming bands... Groups like John Kay and SteppenWolf, which at that time were called Jack London and the Sparrows, David Clayton Thomas and The Shays, A Stitch In Tyme, The Myna Bryds, Jon Lee & The Checkmates and countless others. Jimi, Bruce and Chet were walking along Yorkville and heard the sounds of acoustic guitars playing in a place called The El Patio. The room was empty and smokey and the musty smell of beer overwhelmed the sounds of silence. They sat down and ordered ginger ales and cokes. The boys were still a bit too young to indulge in the brews. Jimi walked up to the owner, an older gentleman, and said, " what you need here is a band like ours to attract an audience". "Really" replied the owner. "Yes and we are the ones to do it" said Jimi. "I tell you what, you guys bring your instruments in tomorrow night and we'll see what you sound like, no money understand, just free drinks", stated the owner. " You have a deal ", Jimi said with a smile. He walked over to Chet and Bruce and told them the exciting news. The next evening the band arrived with a bunch of enthused friends. You could see by the look on the owners face that he was pleased to have people in his establishment. The band set up and the crowd showed their appreciation from the get go. The band's music was young and fresh and, looking over, you could see that the old Greek owner had a smile of approval even though he kept saying it was too loud for such a small place. Soon people would come down off the streets to see what all the excitement was about. Needless to say, the band was a hit at the El Patio. Over the next few weeks the crowds would increase and the boys were actually getting paid. When we spoke to Jimi about the Yorkville days he had this to say. " It was a music revolution happening right before our eyes. The Toronto scene was beginning. This would truly be the start of what would later become musical history. I saw Joni Mitchell, Gordon Lightfoot, Bruce Coburn and so many incredible performers. My biggest thrill occurred during our breaks when I would go outside and sit with Neil Young and sometimes smoke a joint, yes that's true. It was not uncommon for people to be walking around the village smoking at that time. The flower power was definitely among us." Manna continued to play many gigs but, like most bands, internal problems would soon bring their demise. Jimi Chet and Bruce had a reunion in 2006 that brought them to George Semkiw's studio. They recorded only one song for old times and they plan on getting together to work on some more tracks. We wait and see. If you have any photos of Manna we would be interested in seeing them. JB 
Toronto - Prakash and I met in the late sixties early seventies at a time when PK was the hottest bass player happening and Abraham's Children was quickly climbing the charts. It wasn't until the latter part of the seventies, and after I decided to venture on a solo career that I called him and asked if we could meet over cappuccino to discuss the possibilities of recording an album. The meeting went well. PK said he would arrange for some players and recommended that we use Kensington Sound, a studio located in the old Kensington Market district, a landmark area in downtown Toronto. We began rehearsals and the choice of players couldn't have been better. This was a very important session for me as I would take on the title of producer. Although I had produced a few singles prior when I was signed to United Artists Records, this was a bigger challenge. PK brought in Mike Sloski on drums, a musician he had worked with both live and in the studio, to create a solid tight bass and drums bond. I was surrounded by pros and that made the recording a lot less strenuous, as sessions can sometimes be. Prakash kept it all together in the studio, always offering suggestions that would prove to be solid parts in the song. Read more about Prakash John in "The Making of the A&M album." 

I have made an effort to find many of the lost 45's, however there is a copy of "Thank You" on the Polydor label, released only in Europe, that I have never been able to find. A friend of mine sent me a postcard that read, "listening to Thank You on the radio while driving on the Auto Bahn...filling my head with great memories of the West."    THE TORNADOS - CHELSEA LONDON, ALAN CADDY - It was in the early part of 1972 that I first met Alan. I recall he was a slender man, that stood about 6' tall, with a very heavy British accent. He was introduced to us by Gary Salter, then president of Avenue Of America record label. Upon my initial encounter with Alan we hit it off and I could see that I would like this man. Gary had mentioned that he would... (more)
 TALK OF THE TOWN - CONFIDENTIAL BY LOLA - And since my editors threatened to pull my Jimi B review if I mentioned his overwhelming physical characteristics, I can tell you in my column that he is a prime candidate for next years Sexy Awards. (groan) I'm not supposed to print the fact that he is having a long distance affair with a famous NYC model---you see it's all hush hush because her boyfriend might get a trifle upset to hear about Jimi especially from me.
 TORONTO - SOCAN (Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada) symposium for Film & Television. Richard Crouse, host of TV's "Reel to Reel", author of numerous books on pop culture history and film critic for CTV's Canada AM. Jimi and Richard hooked up for this pic after a panel discussion which Richard hosted. The two compared notes on big Italian family dinners, Richard's fiancé happens to be Italian. And of course talked about Jimi's upcoming reality sitcom "All About Me" produced by his production company, WOW2210 Productions and in which he also stars. BU................................. RETROIKI 

 Buddah Records: Was the ultimate bubblegum label . It was the home to 1910 Fruit Gum Company, Neil Sedaka , Paul Anka, Abraham's Children, Ohio Express , Shadows of Knight, David Cassidy, Melanie, Gladys Night and The Pips, and an endless list of others. The founding member of Buddah was a visionary man named Neil Bogart. Abraham's Children first met Neil, when he was invited to attend a showcase of the band, in Toronto, Canada. GAS Records , the Children's Canadian label , had set up this elaborate concert showcase in the premier hotel, Inn On The Park , Neil was flown in with around 15 other major US labels. Goodbye Farewell was the first Buddah Records release. Followed by "Gypsy" and "Thank You" which Dick Clark played on American Bandstands rate a record. Did they win...We asked Jimi and his memory seemed a bit in the clouds. 
 SOUND ADVICE = By Brian Wakil - Artist: Jimi B Album: Jimi B Label: A&M SP9069 Leave it to Toronto to produce another fresh breeze in what has lately become a progressively stale North American scene. Jimi B is an artist and album that flaunts very periodic flashes of imagination in writing and performance. In fact, Jimi B. could quite possibly be the most exportable Canadian musical talent this year, unless something dramatic surfaces. With the assistance of well known Toronto performers, BB Gabor and Prakash John, the album becomes a veritable catapult of influence and style. The moments of excitement out number the more mainstream two to one. If the Cars hadn't lost direction and interest and was still producing albums as progressive and interesting as its first, it would probably not sound unlike Jimi B. The big difference here is that Jimi B hasn't yet sacrificed inventiveness for strict formula. News Advertiser (more reviews) 
THE SHOES By Vincenzo D. Bertucci - Jack Lofton was the All-American Boy. A Harvard alumni and active member of the alpha pi sigma fraternity. He graduated top in his class, with a degree in Business/Marketing. His family started the successful business, Lofton Investments, which later merged and became Lofton, Kruger and Vincent, a billion dollar a year, international investment group. Young Jack became Vice President of the company as soon as he finished his schooling.
He met his wife, Rene, while yachting in the Caribbean over spring break. They fit comfortably together, she being the daughter of Harmon Fitzer, a shipping tycoon and were married soon after graduation. They had two beautiful daughters, Rebecca and Amanda, both of whom were attending St. Veronica's Girls Academy. They lived an hour outside of Manhattan in an extravagantly large (in the neighborhood of 6,000 square feet) English Tudor style home, also occupied by their Irish nanny, Patty, and a slobbering St. Bernard named Hillwood. It was the perfect life for the Loftons...coming in 2013 on audio books. Check out "Murder in the Office" and "Bridge Uncrossed " read by renowned actor Nick Mancuso.

Jan 20th 1973 Billboard ad. (we have 3 copies 11X14 available, retro just right for framing. This is Canadiana music history. Email us for details and cost. Oh...I never understood the belly button picture. 
Danny Smith is a living legend that no one knows, except for his friends and fellow musicians from Bands like Jerry Doucette, Brutus, Zwol, Abraham's Children, Jimi B and of course, The Police. Always in demand, his drumming is as professional and precise as drummer's can be. It comes naturally for Mr. Smith to groove and lock in like a tight ****** . As a bass player I have always appreciated a percussionist who allows room without getting busy. Dan is an extraordinaire musician and first-class drummer. Watch Danny on "Shake and All American Boy" video   DYK that Jimi owned a restaurant in the OC for many years. Italian of course. The food was to die for...one of Jimi's favorite dishes Veal Marsala...Umm
Abraham's Children appeared on Canadian Bandstand more than any other band. The crowds would line up for hours waiting for the group to arrive so that they could take a picture and perhaps get an autograph. Show host, Grant Hoffman, recently called Marisa Lang, manager of AC, to inquire if she had any footage from the show. Sorry Grant, that's a big no.  
Indiana - Guitarist Bryn Anderson is busy recovering and working on new material for an upcoming CD. Bryn was kind enough to sit in on the Abraham's Children "Second Coming Tour" in 2004 that took the band to New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Quebec and California. 
 Toronto Center Island (circa 70's) - Headlining the concert was newly signed Captain Midnite's Dirt Feat. 30,000 people rocked to CMDF. (The Toronto Star)  
TALK OF THE TOWN - CONFIDENTIAL BY LOLA - And since my editors threatened to pull my Jimi B review if I mentioned his overwhelming physical characteristics, I can tell you in my column that he is a prime candidate for next years Sexy Awards. (groan) I'm not supposed to print the fact that he is having a long distance affair with a famous NYC model---you see it's all hush hush because her boyfriend might get a trifle upset to hear about Jimi especially from me. 

Although as a band we had a lot of 45's, it was important to have a hit single that would attract fans into buying the album. We were told by CHUM super-dj, Scott Carpenter, that a record played on their radio station would automatically mean sales of up to 6,000 copies.  
After 50 years of music... the bubblegum queen calls it quits.  CHUM was the radio station for millions of pop and rock lovers. A favorite of CHUM's was Abraham's Children they would spin all their hits.

Postcards & Musica Jimi Bertucci - BNO-092201 a collection of songs picked by Jimi. An interview with Gord James of the now defunct 1050Chum radio. A couple of pre-production ideas which we are sure will morph into complete songs. Songs are very much like postcards. You attempt.You attempt to say a lot within a small space. Some great songs some ok songs and some treats. Jimi introduces his son Salvatore. A collection of his photographic works can be seen at photosby. "Radio Tree" "1965" a recollection of Jimi growing up and seeing the Beatles." "I Wasn't Searching|" "Golden Bells" one of my fav ...nice collection to own.(order)  

TORONTO - My friend Enrico has just completed the last episode of the hit TV series "FlashPoint" so what's next you ask.   

 As a young boy Jimi would spend endless hours playing his bass guitar and singing like Paul McCartney... NICE RETRO HAIR CUT JIMI...

 Photo by Deborah Samuel
Jimi first started working with Deb around 1977. He had just put a new band together called The Police. The up and coming pop star met her through some mutual friends and was attracted to...(more)

  Angelyne is a Hollywood legend and landmark. Her claim to fame is this poster that has been hanging in tinseltown for the past 20 years. Only in Hollywood. For our dedicated tourists. 

Abraham's Children perform at Nathan Phillips Square in Toronto, Canada. They would attract the biggest crowd ever. An estimated 50 thousands fans would show their appreciation. The stage was rushed with hundreds of teens before the security personal could get them off the stage. "The band signed almost 3000 autographs as fans lined up for hours" said manager Jack Morrow. This was the kick off to their highly acclaimed Lock Up Your Daughters Tour. They would perform in 55 cities across Canada and the US. It was non-stop. The band complained that they saw so many airports, that at times, they would forget what city they were in. To catch an AC live show was an unforgettable musical event (read more at the AC website)  DYK that Jimi opened for James Brown. At the ripe age of 14 he was in awe. When Mr. Brown asked "what you doing here boy" Jimi stood up and said " I'm opening for you sir " Many years later Jimi and James would make contact again. Read about The year was 1966 if my mush of a brain recalls and excitement was in the air. My new band, The Death, was scheduled to open for none other than the king of soul, Mr. James Brown and the Famous Flames. It would be an unusual line-up. The Death was like a psychedelic in-your-face type of a band and The Flames were as tight as a cork in a bottle of Chateau Palmer Bordeaux wine. Nevertheless, we felt like we were pros. Our dressing ...The King of Soul and The Death.

 AC HITS has been one of our all time best sellers and you know why...it contains all the HITS and more. Get it now.  



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Listen to the New Country from BNOrecordingUSA newest artist Juliana Bertucci.   
Corremio Certosa 2005 Premiato - Elton John Saves The Day -- My Dinner With Liberace - Trippy Dippy Manna - Police Busted - Saywhat - The Silence That Roared - New Country - Variations on Gould - The Pig and The Artists - Photos - Jewellery - The Killing Road - Scoop - King of Soul & The Death - Retroiki - Poetry - Scott Carpenter - retroiki2 - Jennifer Dale - Motown Music Arranger, David Van De Pitte, dies at 67 - John Saxon Man At Peace -

Go ahead and make a statement . Fashion to soothe the mind.  
Bear State Coffee
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Coco Chanel
I like fashion to go down to the street, but I can't accept that it should originate there.
DYK that Jimi is one of the founders of the Italian Walk Of Fame. Located in the heart of Little Italy in Toronto, Canada. 

TORONTO SUN Seventies-era Toronto bubble-gum pop band Abraham's Children are reuniting tonight for a show at the George Weston Recital Hall at the Toronto Centre for the Arts. The performance...(more)  

Blogger "Wow how easy it is to say that joy is drinking nonfactual kool-aid, when elisabeth is clearly going off the same facts not to mention miss quoting everything people say to get her lying point across yes she is a pure republican. She gets upset when someone says something positive about barack obama and start yelling over everyone including barbara ....(order the book)  

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Cathy Young is perhaps one of the hardest working musicians in the GTA. She has embraced the Toronto music scene for over 35 years and still going strong. Cathy and Jimi have been making hit music since the seventies. Juno nominated Ms. Young is always available to lend her talents out when needed. 

DYK That Captain Midnites Dirty Feat had to change their name because of the comic book. Lawsuit was pending...so they change the name to Abraham's Children. 


 Jimi getting mobed by the crowd.


Actor - director Robert Davi 




The Whisky was a great gig to do. To be part of rock n roll history and perform at the Hollywood landmark was awesome. Poster savailable email us for details. and cost. 
Does anyone have any tapings of the Canadian Bandstand show...please contact us. Needed for a documentary. 
Wickless Dynamite 1981: A&M Records BNOS4021 Words & Music by Jimi B - Not too many writers will attempt to compose a waltz and get away with it...unless you're Billy Joel, Strauss, or Jimi B. His second single taken from the self-titled album, this is about flirting with danger and imprisoned emotions. The 3/4 timing of the song carries itself with the traditional feel of a waltz, and the poetic lyrics are profound, yet not. The train tracks are real, and were the back drop for Jimi when he lived in The Annex of Toronto, Canada. When Jimi gave Rob Guseve the chord chart for the song he quickly caught on and gave the song a memorable hook in the intro. Recorded at Masters Workshop, Steve Vaughn engineer Paul Massey assistant engineer.  ( DYK that Paul Massey is George Lucas's main engineer.) 
James Bert Publishing Since 1973  Whether you are producing a multi-million dollar commercial or a small budget film, James Bert Publishing can provide a catalog of songs and music that can compliment the end results.Since 1973 we have been producing hit-making music. Drop us an email and let us be part of your next winning project.   Webmag designWOW2210
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