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Jan 6 1973

Ave. of the Americas has released a new single by Abraham's Children entitled "Gypsy." 

Go ahead and make a statement fashion to soothe the mind. OOMII

Mark Bajona *
Robert Slap*
Chris Bennett*  
Gord Wasek*
Scott Cushnie*
Dwayne Ford* 
Gary Craig*
Jeff Thrasher *
Bryn Anderson *
Brian Pim*
Ken Freisen engineer 
Lee DeCarlo engineer 
George Semkiw engineer * 
Vinnie DeFloria*
Tom Atom engineer *
Jimmy Jones 
Bob Feldman 
Gregg Fisher 
Phil Barber - artist 
Peter Roland - artist
Mark Forsythe 
Joey Chirowski
Alan Blenkinsopp
Steve Vaughn 
Kerry Ladd *
Bobby Ranoni
Kevin Bell *
Mike Babbitt*
Hayward Parrott engineer *
Prakash John *
BB Gabor *
Allan Caddy *
Shawn Eisenberg*
Paul Massey*
 Daniel Wonacott *

 Help us find the missing retro players. Feel free to contact us or just send us what you have. Thanks 
* indicates RETRO found





Jimi and BB spent many a nights writing those quirky songs. We believe that some songs written during that time, are still in some drawer or cassette tape...listen and read how "Shake" was written. 


After Jimi decided to follow a solo career ,The Children would find it's new lineup of impressive musicians. Keyboardist Dave Dobko and bassist Glenn Olive were added. Although the flovor of the band progressed they were never able to sustain the popularity that the original members had.

During my days in Malibu I met this wonderful musician named Robert Slap. We became good friends and I had the pleasure of working with him on a few of his New Age projects. I haven't seen Bob for a few years and plan on re-uniting with him soon.

Songs are very much like postcards. You attempt to say a lot within a small space. Order your copy now. store
BNOrecordingUSA our own label since 1996. Because we wanted to keep our integrity.(order now)

Over the years I have had the opportunity to work with some awesome musicians and recording sound engineers. Players that fueled my creative juices and allowed me to expand on my musical carousel. These craftsmen not only became an important part of the history of my career but, more so, lasting friends on which I could depend. With many I toured the globe and with some I just hung out in the studio for hours on end trying to capture those special moments on tape...which we did. Together we compiled some rock-bits, editorials and retro photos that I hope will feed your interest. Please contact us here at RETRO and give us your feedback. Also if you get a chance click over to our store and get some candy. Ciao . Don't forget we've added retroiki2 by popular demand and RETRO MAN journalist.  

In 1993 Jimi would put together once again a line-up of well seasoned musicians that would simply be know as JIMI B. Rehearsing in his 13,000 square foot mansion high up on a hill in Orange County. The studio had all the amenities any musician would die for. A billiard room, a full stocked bar, swimming pool , ten baths and a endless view. Robert Hoelting keyboards bv, (the late) Kelvin Womack bass bv , Kevin Geraghty drums, Mike Cherney guitars bv, (the late) Dave Valdez percussion , drums.   
 Dear Jimi, I have been a longtime fan of yours and have followed your career ever since your early days with the Canadian band "Abraham's Children". You are a very talented songwriter and singer and I love listening and singing along to your songs . They are beautifully written and full of emotion . We also happen to have something...(more)
Glenn Olive and Jimi met at the age of 13. Glenn had a band called The Jr. Beetles at the time. When the two got together it was magic. Jimi, with his Hofner Beatle Bass, made quite an impression in the neighborhood and Glenn, a bass player himself, thought it was really cool. They formed their first band together called The London Tones and would often play at St. Albans Boys and Girls Club in the Annex of Toronto. Not long after, they added Ronnie Bartley. The young mod band would play high school dances, community events and whatever was available. Today Glenn is part of the well known band Planet Earth and also tours with the new Abraham's Children.  
MANNA The Yorkville Days - Trippy trippy hippie dah dah. MANNA was one of the first bands that Jimi put together. Along with Chet Paszkowski on drums and Bruce Palait on guitar, the trio would rehearse vigorously everyday in the basement of Jimi's girlfriend's at Bathurst and Dundas. These young lads, all of 16 years of age, had big and aspiring dreams. Their music was original with a touch of psychedelic frosting. They would tour, if you called getting to gigs touring, in an old 61 English Thames that Jimi owned. For all those that are not familiar with this type of vehicle, it was an English Ford van, the same one you see parked on the Beatles...(read more)      Chet and Jimi began performing together when they were teens.
SPACE PATROL - From left Jimi B, Peter Verity , Glen Wilson and "Ruddy Fab" As Jimi continued his relationship with United Artists Records he began to grow immensely. His writing could be tailored to the needs of the project he was developing or producing. One of these projects was Space Patrol. A group of musicians from the Ajax area just east of Toronto. Although the members had very little recording experience Jimi would do his best to make all involved to feel comfortable and at ease. The band recorded 4 songs at Eastern Sound, Toronto......but only "Burning Love" and the B side "We Can Fly" would be released on the United Artists label. The band would go on the road and do some scattered dates in the Ontario, and Eastern Canada. Jimi did not want to tour or travel. He recommended the group seek another singer bass player to replace him....he had other projects to produce and wanted to spend more time closer to home and in the studio. The band would eventually find a replacement and would continue to tour across Canada. Peter Verity continues to write and perform . He recently returned from Nashville where he played to full houses. Space Patrol released only one song "Burning Love" and the rest are in some vault at EMI...to bad. Want an 8X10 promotional copy for your collection email us.  
 <<<< Pickering ON - Pickering High (circa 60's) Halloween dance. Jimi with his Hofner Beatle bass and Ronnie sporting an SG. I believe the band was called The Foxx with Sam (can't remember his last name) on keyboards and on drums no clue ... need some help. The other guitarist was Peter Ortepi. WE NEED SOME RETRO HELP on these boys. If you were there please contact us. Jimi looking blonde and unshaven.>>>>>  

Live at The Whisky A - Go - Go (90's)
Just Us - rehearsal studio Toronto (circa 60's)

  Canadian Bandstand TV Show (70's)
The Police performed at The Piccadilly Tube in Toronto, Canada. A short distance down the road at another popular club, The The Edge, another band performed with the same name, only they were from England. While The Tube was filled to capacity, The Edge appeared to have a coffee house atmosphere which was odd because the club was more of an alternative club that attracted up and coming bands with an edge. In August of 2000 during Stings tour, Jimi B had a chance encounter with Sting . They reflected back upon their early days when they were both performing in Toronto, within blocks of each other, headlining with the same name...Police. They laughed about it all and reminisced about those wondrous days of yore. Quoting Sting..."Hey, it could have gone either way!"...Pictured on the left are Ron Bartley (guitars & vocals) Danny Smith (drums) Laurie Del Grande (guitar and keyboards) Jimi B (bass & Vocals). Recently some tapes of The Police recorded live somewhere in Canada surfaced. Depending on the quality, look for a release on BNOrecordingUSA in the near future. THE POLICE was Danny Smith drums, Laurie Del Grand bg vocals keys & guitar, Ron Bartley guitars and vocals ,Jimi B bass and vocals .During this performance the band was visited by four police officers. Two in uniform and two in plain clothes. They approached the stage and flashed their badges. The crowd reacted wildly thinking this was part of the show. Their manager quickly came over and asked what was happening. The one detective said they had a bench warrant for Jimi Bertucci and Laurie Del Grande for not appearing in court on a certain date. The two officers agreed that they could finish the set. They posted the uniformed police on each end of the stage. When the set was over Jimi and Laurie were cuffed and escorted towards the exit. The crowd cheered and yelled for an encore and still thinking this was all part of the show. They were put in the back of a squad car and taken away. JB  (the bustphoto by Deborah Samuel  
ANGEL - When the folks at United Artists Records first heard "Winning Side" the band's first single, a look of astonishment came over their faces. "Did I hear you say the word queer?" asked President Stan Kulin. A silence had descended on the room that could be cut with a knife. Keith Patton, head of A&R exploded with excitement, "it's awesome. I love it, and the sax". Alan Matthews, head of marketing and promotion, was having a problem with it. "How do I market a song that has the word queer in it?" After a couple of hours of debate UA decided they would make it the B side of the single "All American Boy". When Alex Sharpstone of CFTR radio heard "Winning Side" she decided to put it into rotation. Many other stations followed suit and soon the record was being played on many of the AM and FM stations across Canada. Soon after Angel's one and only tour across Canada the group disbanded. Mark Bajona, Chris Bennett, Ron Benedict and Jimi Bertucci were Angel. ( listen to Winning Side )  Photo by John Rowlands circa 70's  

Jungle Dance... designs that take risks. Check out the original works by OOMII one of a kind

Gary Breit 

 Shawn Eisenberg

 Asher Horowitz 

 JIMI B the band

 Steve Webster (circa 80's)
MORE 80's - After the demise of The Police...let's back up. The Police were beginning to attract a lot of industry attention. Early on, they would pack every club where they performed. Jimi Bertucci, Danny Smith, Laurie DelGrande and Ron Bartley were rockers. The energy that came off the stage during their concerts was enough to exhaust anyone in the immediate crowd. Of course, it helped that two of the members had been with the hit-making band Abraham's Children. Their fans loved these boys and followed them from city to city. This band was hot. The group and its management company Strawberry Productions were being schmoozed and entertained by many of the major record labels. Frank Bennett, one of the principal owners of Strawberry, decided to weigh all his options before committing to anyone. During one of the band's gigs they were approached by A&M Records. This was not the first time that A&M had been lurking from the sidelines as the boys rocked the venue. Strawberry decided they would meet with the label and discuss what they were ready to offer the band. It all sounded good, but for one small detail. They wanted the group to change its name. The band was shocked and couldn't understand why they would want them to change the name. It was a great name, inviting all kinds of marketing ideas, not to mention that they already had a big following. The band decided not to change its name. Within a couple of weeks after that meeting A&M announced that they had signed a band in England called The Police who had just released its first single called Roxanne. Jimi and the rest of the group were furious and expected that A&M had known all along. The band decided to take a break, during which time they would think about a new name. It never happened. The guys would all go their separate ways. Ironically, Jimi would end up signing as a solo artist with A&M Records and release his self-titled album Jimi B. and that's another story in itself. JB


Jimi B & The Bicycles Featuring Jody Colero on Keys, Kevin Bell on guitars and vocals, Kerry Ladyshewsky on bass and vocals, Jerry on drums and percussion. Jimi vocals & guitars. Circa (80's) Photo by Deborah Samuel You can see Ronnie, Kerry, Danny, Jody and Jimi on the videos "All American Boy & Shake" 
Get "30" it has it all. Interviews, hits, pre-production, commercials and some great songs. AC classic rock.
dude...your songs rule...how come im not in your band?? Reza Moosavi - Cali  

Very impressive! You know, all this time, especially being here in Malaysia, I felt my music collection wasn't complete (or even my soul) without having the song "Gypsy'. It's such a haunting beautiful piece that I almost melted just hearing the clip. Can't wait to get my hands on the CD. Was one of my all-time faves growing up and it still is. Allan - Malaysia - The Fan Factory   

 Steve Webster was the scenes bass player da jour during the eighties. He would go on to play with The Parachute Club, Billy Idol, Alannah Myles, Carole Pope, and many others. My dear friend Gary Breit has spent the past few years with rocker Brian Adams collaborating and touring . The eighties were a weird time for musicians that had to make that transition from the seventies. The music had taken a more electronic with a beat approach and it was tagged New Wave. Once again the British were making their mark. Although the commercial format remained the same, the sound took more of a pop eletro feel. Asher and Shawn continue to record and gig and live in Toronto. There are some recordings of the boys in their studio somewhere.
The 90's were a new adventure for Jimi. After almost ten years of living in California and not performing, his decision to play live was a revelation as he puts it. Although he helped music companion Robert Slap on a collection of new age cds for the VOTS record label, his hunger to get active in rock was beginning to erupt. In 1993 he would put together once again a line-up of well seasoned musicians that would simply be know as JIMI B. Rehearsing in a 13,000 square foot mansion high up on a hill in Orange County, Jimi and his band would spend hours preparing to rock the clubs and concert halls.The first gig would be at the famous Galaxy Theatre with no other than The Rankin Family, a Celtic band from Canada that was well known internationally. While backstage, John Rankin approached Jimi and told him that one of the very first concerts he attended, was with his band Abraham's Children in Nova Scotia Canada. The reception was incredible as they hit the stage. Jimi would ask "do we have any Canadians here, EH" the crowd roared with enthusiasm. The next few years would see JIMI B playing some of the hottest venues in Los Angeles and Hollywood. His name was beginning to cause attention and interest by some of the bigger promoters and record labels. When his friend Kelvin passed away he would once again take a break In 2001 he reunited with his old AC bandmates Ronnie, Brian and Bob in Toronto, Canada at George Semkiw's Amber Studios to record some new tracks that would eventually end up on the 30 CD.  (more 90's)

Dave "Ringo" Valdez (circa 90's

 Roberto Hoelting

Kelvin Womack

Mike Cherney (circa 90's)  

Rumplestilskins was a popular nightclub in Newport Beach, California. We kicked off the "The Finally Tour" which took us everywhere. This was the perfect venue to rehearse the band in front of the surfing banditos..

Kelvin Womack was probably one of the finest players and singers that I worked with. He had a real soulful voice and I enjoyed blending with him. I will miss my friend RIP

 Pepper my love

The Roxy Theatre Hollywood, California <<<<<<< on my left is "Teresa Pepper"  
The multi-dimensional persona of you Mr. Bertucci is alluring, intreguing and the best high I have experienced in some time. Your poetry is >entrapping and frustrating as it immediately conjures motion to want to >soothe your passionate yearning. One is brought to a state of quandry and >hope......that you are nurtured not tortured........LOVE >RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!xoxoxoxoPamela......have a good sleep Pamela Toronto, Canada Joined The Fan Factory
Subway 9 1997:BNOS4031 Words & Music by Jimi Bertucci Recorded at Eis Cafe Studios in Long Beach, California. I love this song. When we asked Jimi what the song was about he explained. " My uncle Nazzarano worked for the (TTC) Toronto Transit. He would tell me all these stories about the characters that would ride the trains late at night. At times he would be aware of some of those people that were indecisive about life and new that some of them would try and jump. Although his English was not that great he managed to talk many of them out of jumping." One of the lyrical lines in the song says. Fellini would be proud of this circus underground." Jimi was very familiar with riding the tube. If you missed the last train number 9 you were screwed. Features Mike Cherney on guitars, Dave Valdez on Drums, Robert Hoelting on keys and backing vocals, Jimi Bertucci bass, acoustic guitar and vocals. (get it NOW!!)  

SCOTT CUSHNIE - I had the pleasure of working with Scott on a few of my recordings. Cushnie played on Aerosmith's classic Toys In The Attic album and accompanied them on that tour. He is known in the Canadian music industry as “Professor Piano” Gord Wasak - added that very familiar slide guitar on Abraham's Children hit record "Goodbye Farewell" Cheers to you ole boy... 

The Bongo was solid and never needed a click track...he was a click track. The last time we spoke, Kevin was on his way to Amsterdam for some gigs.He plans to make Greenland his home-base and be available to tour all over Europe. (circa 90's)  Kevin Geraghty "Bongo"   We are searching the archives for more.

This was the first car I bought upon moving to Los Angeles. It now sits in my cluttered garage waiting to be buffed and tuned. This is one of the nicest handling cars I have ever driven. It's solid and very fast. The targa roof makes it better than a convertible. The five speed smokes. I should probably call Sergio Marchionne to help me. (1979 Fiat X19) Send us your pics or stories  
Mike Babbitt - Mike was good enough to sit in on a Abraham's Children "2ND COMING" tour in 2004. The tour took the band to Southern Cali, Ontario, Quebec and Eastern Canada.   
Steve Lopez - I first met Steve through Mike Babbitt. I admired his bass playing and musical ability. He can be heard on "Some Things Last Forever." My friend passed away last year after a long battle with his liver. R.I.P.

The famous Whisky - A - G0 - Go. The Babylon of nightclubs on the Sunset Strip in La Hollywood. The Whisky was the club to play. Bands like The Doors, Van Halen, Alice Cooper, Steely Dan, Jimi B, Johnny Rivers, and many others. This city of Angels landmark still provides the city with the most eclectic sounds of our time.
Rich Kluth - Jimi B live sound engineer Richie owns the very successful audio visual company, Systems 2000 in Orange County, CA.  He has worked with some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry.



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Listen to the New Country from BNOrecordingUSA newest artist Juliana Bertucci.   
Corremio Certosa 2005 Premiato - Elton John Saves The Day -- My Dinner With Liberace - Trippy Dippy Manna - Police Busted - Saywhat - The Silence That Roared - New Country - Variations on Gould - The Pig and The Artists - Photos - Jewellery - The Killing Road - Scoop - King of Soul & The Death - Retroiki - Poetry - Scott Carpenter - retroiki2 - Jennifer Dale - Motown Music Arranger, David Van De Pitte, dies at 67 - John Saxon Man At Peace -

Go ahead and make a statement . Fashion to soothe the mind.  
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DYK that Jimi is one of the founders of the Italian Walk Of Fame. Located in the heart of Little Italy in Toronto, Canada. 

TORONTO SUN Seventies-era Toronto bubble-gum pop band Abraham's Children are reuniting tonight for a show at the George Weston Recital Hall at the Toronto Centre for the Arts. The performance...(more)  

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  Friends and Links



Cathy Young is perhaps one of the hardest working musicians in the GTA. She has embraced the Toronto music scene for over 35 years and still going strong. Cathy and Jimi have been making hit music since the seventies. Juno nominated Ms. Young is always available to lend her talents out when needed. 


Jimi B, Prakash John and Bob Abbott have been hanging out since the sixties. Read more about Prakash in Making The A&M album...



 Italian Walk Of Fame

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