On Line Since 1997 Lips...Her fingers gently stroke my lips, Evoking the lost awareness within, She is fair complex giving of her all, I faddle her simple emotions, To test the blossoms of her yearning, I am her King and mighty warrior (order it)

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Blogger: It could be argued that the church split was a long time coming. Many Englanders resented Rome having so much power and control over them.

VOV Many Englanders resent that we have better teeth...(order the book)  




per la bella Juliana Greetings! You have a sweet vocal ability. I congratulate you on your top ten status in the country contest. I wish you blessings and success! Natasha L. Buffalo NY

Songs are very much like postcards. You attempt to say a lot within a small space. Order your copy now. store
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 Greetings from Maui

Found this 45 in Contay, France

 AC rock the square in Toronro Can.
MADAGASCAR - The dictionary defines poetry as, "the writing of poems; the art of writing poems" and my favorite, "poetic quality of spirit". I began expressing myself with words when I was ten or eleven years old. The English language was still somewhat fresh to me and discovering new words was thrilling. I would often run to my Italian mother with excitement trying to express the new verbage I had encountered that day. I have to admit that during my youth my public school years were the most exciting and probably the most impressionable of my life. Over time, I explored my ability to transpose my thoughts to more than merely words on paper. I began experimenting with communication as a release from the dungeons of my Grace Street dwelling. My companion was an old furnace that, at times, seemed haunting and its constant chatter of nuts and bolts would often frighten the hell out of me. The comforts of the tattered grey couch served as my resting place and also as my thought initiator. You ask yourself, what the hell was he doing in the basement? It was the place where all Italians gathered to feast and drink the spirits of their heritage. But in the evenings it was the only solitude that was available for whatever reason was needed. It was my space. I know it seems a little strange, but inquire with any Italian family and you will learn that the basement was, and still is, the recreational club med. So there I sat with a small dictionary that was given to me by a teacher to help with my language skills. I thank her every time I pick one up. At first my writings were simple and I would structure the compositions so that words would rhyme. Later, I discovered that poetry or story telling was not about rhyme, but about touching the emotions with the delivered message. I like that. I recall in grade four, as the class was beginning it's curriculum, one of the young boys had left his jacket outside. The teacher asked "did anyone see his jacket?". I raised my hand and replied, "I saw it laying on the steps". The teacher responded "lying" and I replied "no sir, I'm telling the truth". His correction made me think how complex all these terms seemed. My progression in life enabled me to study the profundity of words and language and the clear meaning of what was and can be. Although at times I cross over the line of acceptability I can justify my actions by saying. "It's artistic freedom". READ SOME SAMPLES BELOW AND THEN GET YOUR OWN COLLECTION FROM THE DROP DOWN MENU.
The Sun Smiles   
Soft spoken words linger in my head
Your touch walks the veins of my body
The visions are powerful
Full of vibrant landscapes
Time has gifted our love
With strength and hope
I run towards the energy that calls
Swiftly not to miss a moment
Hidden are the spirits of our wants
Dancing in hearts unseen
I choke without your music
Paralysed in tightened restrain
My freedom is within your soul
I feign not I have tried
To push you aside without memory
You blanket my unity
The sun smiles with soothing rays
Into my flesh the warmth awakens
Your presence I swallow to live

Each order is individually signed by the author and dated. Poetry can touch a soul when nothing else can. Scroll down menu.


Poetry , poems, writings, The Sun Smiles
Delicate Flower iiiiiiiiiiiiii 
She is a delicate flower
Flawless in beauty and color
Soft whispering musical wind
Confesses her love and sins
Gentle touches of vibrant realism
Wayfaring the body she desires
Giving from her inner self freely
Warm she comforts me from the cold
Holding the stems of my desires
She reminds me to be secure
We are confluent in spirit and body
Flying above the endless universe
I am madden when eyes undress her
Drawing my weapons ready to slay the felon
In the beauty of her silence I awaken
Grasping the breath of a soulful life
I abide in her serene soft arms
Never to feel unwanted or lost.

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Scroll down the list and pick and choose share the words and emotions that flow to the heart. Some poetry may not be suitable for children.







HEARTBEAT RUN HAMILTON, ONT. This question always comes up in interviews so, as a dedicated journalist, I wanted to get the scoop for our records. My question to Canada's Fab 4, as they were sometimes labeled, was this. "What was the largest venue in which you ever performed and why was it so special?" It didn't take much thought for the Canuck rocker, Jimi Bertucci, to dive in and paint a very visual picture for my anticipated pen and paper. "I would have to say, Ivor Wynne Stadium in Hamilton, Canada. It was an unforgettable ( more )

There many great stories throughout the website. Please give us your feedback after reading any of the articles written by our staff.
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NEW YORK - If you thought poetry was boring, think again! Moving, thought provoking, sensually erotic, are all words I would use to describe this newly released selection of writings by Jimi (aka Vincenzo) Bertucci. Already renowned as a well-respected and gifted songwriter, Bertucci is adding to his list of artistic writing credits by unveiling another dimension to his many talents. To say that he dabbles in poetry writing would be an understatement, instead he fearlessly plunges head first into those deep and sometimes dark waters. Be the first to read these delicious poems below by Vincenzo Bertucci and order your signed poetry by the author. ML ...$59.95 Plus S&H  
Noticing me, he stopped and asked, "you know where our dressing room is brother?" Ah, ah yeah, it's the one right across from the restrooms", I replied. "You must be the opening act," he said. "Yes sir, we are", I answered. "Sir? Come now, call me James." Wow, James Brown asked me to call him James.
Jimi I saw your concert at the The Roxy you guys were hot. Thanks for signing my poster nice touch. Dietra H. Santa Monica CA (more feedback)

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Listen to the New Country from BNOrecordingUSA newest artist Juliana Bertucci.   
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Life is to short not to do the things you want to. 
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DYK that Jimi sat in the studio when Rick Wakeman was mixing The Six Wives of Henry the VIII...his friend George Semkiw who happen to be mastering the recording invited Jimi to meet Rick. They got along just jolly.

MY DINNER WITH LIBERACE Sittng on the edge of the bed in my Toronto apartment, I pulled on my black jeans and Beatle boots. Looking in the mirror, I combed my long hair and straightened the collar of my black leather jacket...(more)  


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Pates Baroni, c.1921

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