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( cont'd from listen) Bertucci's Story is Not Yet Done
Though Jimi never got the kind of stardom that he deserved, he remains a hardworking and respected international musician. He continually tours and occasionally releases new albums, such as 2002's “Through the Eyes of Vincenzo.”
And while his music is mostly rock or power pop, Bertucci has also released New Age albums under the name Natopus. There truly is very little that Bertucci cannot do, and fans of power pop owe it to themselves to check out his diverse and always exciting music

 Building Futures (cont'd from)...His father, Enrico, had given up a comfortable career as a police officer in Rome to pursue the girl of his dreams who had migrated to Canada. He set sail for the new country knowing only that she was somewhere in Toronto with her friend Maria. Washing dishes for over six months in a small restaurant located on University Avenue, he would ask every customer who came in if they ever recalled such a girl. Eventually he would find his love picking tobacco in the Hamilton area where they were reunited.

St. Anne's Catholic School doesn't quite ring golden bells for Mancinelli. At a very young age whatever trust for the habit that had once been there quickly began to slide when a nun kicked him in the shin. "It hurt so bad I had an accident. I remember running home to change my underwear so my mom wouldn't know I had gotten into trouble at school," explained Joe. He continued to reflect on another incident when he got the strap for whistling. "Some of those nuns were tough and simply terrible. I would never tolerate that kind of behavior from teachers towards my kids today." By the time Joe entered high school the landscape had changed. The family was now living in the suburban area of Hamilton that catered to middle class Italians known as Sherwood Heights. His love for sports had him on the track relay and cross country teams as well as playing soccer. "Because of my slight frame I gravitated more towards these types of activities." I had heard so much about his paintings and aspirations to be an artist that when I asked my next question, "Can we talk about your artwork Joe?" I could see the expression on his face suddenly change to one of excitement. It was Ms.Ciancone a young and attractive elementary schoolteacher, who first noticed Joe's potential with brushes and pencils. "I had thought about becoming an animator and in fact attended Sheridan College, a school known for its art programs." His passion for art has remained. Like so many artists it's an escape from the realities that sometime constrict the mind. Cosmo Mannella, Business Manager for LiUNA, sat in on our informal interview and expressed his admiration for Joe's art. "He gifted me with a great piece he had painted of the square in Serra San Bruno, the one of the soldier and the bird. It was breathtaking" "added Cosmo." I now paint for friends and family when I find the time," Joe said. After graduating from McMaster University his dreams to become an artist quickly began to vaporize...his words. In and around 1977 a new frontier entered Joe's life, the age of computers. His first job was at a...(read more)

Toronto Center Island 1972 This was one of the bands first big concerts and to their surprise, the crowd went nuts. I recall these four guys on stage with no shirts on and painted art on their chests and faces. They reminded me of warrior indians ready for battle and perhaps they were. They climbed on their instruments an0 began the mighty roars of melodic thunder. I was blown away. I could feel the energy come off that stage as if it were a raging ball of fire. This band was hot. I was taken by the lily pad review the Toronto Star gave them. Was the writer blind and deaf. Although the words were kind, the reviewer missed the purpose of this atomic fusion that we just witnessed. I have never been to a concert with this many people, what an experience. Anyway read what the Star had to say.The Toronto Star newspaper wrote. "The most impressive group of the day was Captain Midnite, four-man, Toronto-based band, formerly known as Just Us. They were impressive because they put everything they had into their music, going from song to the next without a break never allowing the audience to come down. " Toronto Star. 




 Jimi at the Center Island Concert. There was so much energy coming of the stage, that one would be crazy not to feel that monster sound filling the air. Unfortunately the band would have to change their name...a legal thing with the Captain Midnite comic.
PARIS FRANCE - Salvatore Vincenzo Bertucci was born in Santa Monica, California. He began collecting shells at the age of two when he would run on the sandy beaches of Malibu. His love of skate-boarding and playing the guitar also began at a very young age in Orange County, where his pop-rocker dad owned an Italian restaurant. Turi, as he is known to family and friends, resides in San Francisco and is currently studying International Business at the American Business School in Paris. For the past few years SVB has been traveling the world with his companion camera, capturing the rhythms of the streets. His photography is pure truth, the moments captured in perfect time, like an unforgettable melody that plays continuously in your head. Salvatore explores his subject with more than his eyes. He absorbs the message of his composition, clearly defining the end results. jimib.com is proud to showcase the works of Salvatore V. Bertucci. To contact the artist to commission a project please email us at morethanjustmusic@jimib.com ( click on photographers pic ) n  

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If No ONe Is Listening - Words and Music by: Jimi Bertucci. - We had a very strict rule in our house, be a good listener. The communication airwaves have taken on a multitude of directions so that we can get the message across. The days of ho hum, not getting through to people, has become a Jurassic excuse catering to the lazy, complacent, I don't need to get hip with the times, gringos. Music has always been a strong force in pounding a message to even those refusing to hear it. Billboards are the large, subliminal, postcards that have you thirsting for one of those bigger than life, erotic, bossomy blondes with bright white teeth. If no one is listening then it tells me you are not being verbal enough, metaphorically speaking of course. Songs have a way of meandering and taking on a life of their own. The idea can begin with a simple thought and before you know it the concept reaches new heights. Determination has to breathe, allowing moments of freedom to pass through the dark tunnels of obscurity. Recognition of one's self-limitations is just that. The listening uncovers the doubts that cling to unresolved matters. Whether you shout or whisper and no one is listening the echo of your words will linger through time and space and eventually be heard. (read about bb gabor and jimi) 
MALIBU CA - Mary Frampton was born in San Bernardino, California, famous for Route 66. Her father owned a small newspaper called El Sol and her mother was an accommplished sculptor. Mary began taking pictures at a very young age with a Brownie and eventually some of her photos were being used in the high school weekly paper at San Bernardino High. She believed, even then, that she would apply her talents in the changing scene of photo journalism. She would go on to College and study advertising and journalism. She started her professional photo career at the San Bernardino Sun, a newspaper that covered the Inland Empire. She would forward some of her works to the Los Angeles Times through APWire and the Times would often publish her photos. After working for a brief period in the public relations office of the Beverly Hilton Hotel, she landed a job as a writer and photographer at the Santa Monica Outlook, a trendy newspaper with opinionated stories. By this time her work was receiving great recognition by all the major papers in the Los Angeles area. She decided to approach the Times with her portfolio and, because they were already using her pictures, they did not hesitate to hire her as a full time employee. That was in 1956. During her employment with the Times she photographed Presidents, rock stars, movie stars and some memorable events that have become a staples in LA. In 1987 Mary retired from the Times but she continues to express herself with what she does best...taking pictures. Mary passed away on Dec 29th 2006. My friend will be missed. ( click on photographers pic )  n 
ARIZONA - John R Rowlands Music and photography came together on September 26th 1960 in Ottawa Canada when 50s international rock and roll star Brenda Lee came to sing for her fans. John Rowlands, a 13 year old teenager who lived in a part of Ottawa called 'Manor Park' was a big fan of the popular recording artist. With an advance on his 10 cents a week allowance, money made from his 77 drop morning paper route, and cash made from helping the local milkman he bought a ticket to the Brenda Lee Show. Sensing that it was a long shot that she might ever be his girlfriend he took along his father's camera, a single roll of film and 12 very large flash bulbs. It was likely the only way he would ever take her home. Brenda's guest appearance on the Perry Como show a week earlier and the anticipation of seeing her in person made it easier to force his way through the packed crowd to the lip of the stage.He was not disappointed as he watched and listened, loaded the bulbs one at a time and flashed his way through her show and the only 12-exposure Kodak 127 film he had. In those days the family camera might take a year to fill a single roll with images but this night was more than special.When Brenda left the stage and the house lights rose the crowd headed towards the exits. No security team, no small police force to speed you towards the door as soon as physically possible. When the show was over everyone left. Rowlands followed his peers as they headed through the seating towards the exits until he saw a sign in a hallway that would change his life. It read "Brenda Lee and the Casuals" and it was their dressing room. Without a moments thought he walked down the hall and knocked on the door not knowing what to expect...(read more) ( click on photographers pic ) 
SANTA BARBARA -  Deborah Samuel is a photo-based artist who has exhibited her work extensively in Canada, the United States and internationally. Her photographs are in the collections of the Royal Ontario Museum, the Winnipeg Art Museum and the Santa Barbara Art Museum, as well as in several private and corporate collections. Her work has earned numerous awards. She has lectured and led photography workshops throughout North America. Samuel also worked for many years as a commercial photographer in the music and fashion industries, and as an editorial photographer for such magazines as GQ, Esquire, Rolling Stone, Spin, LA Style, Entertainment Weekly and Musician. One of the most highly sought-after commercial photographers in Canada, she has shot numerous album covers and has directed more than 60 music videos.Samuel was born in Vancouver, Canada, and raised in Toronto, Canada, and Ireland. She currently lives with her husband and three dogs in Santa Fe, New Mexico. (click on photographers pic ) n   



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Listen to the New Country from BNOrecordingUSA newest artist Juliana Bertucci.   
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DYK that Jimi attended Central High School of Commerce in Toronto, Canada. His parents signed him out of school at the age of 15 to be a full time musician. 

The Police Busted - Two members of the band The Police were busted outside a concert hall in Hamilton, Ontario. The lead ...(more)  

Blogger: I am not an unhappy person. I do not see life through demonic eyes. I feel we need to recognize our faults as human beings and accept them if we wish to continue being able to live. On my coffee table I have three books:
"Dhammapada, The Way of Truth" essential wisdom of the Buddha
"The Wisdom of Insecurity" Alan W. Wattsand " Aesop's Fables" There is enough in these books for anyone to live a happy and productive life without hating, killing, waging war or destroying the planet...(order the book)  




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