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Songs are very much like postcards. You attempt to say a lot within a small space. Order your copy now. store
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Bruce Palait March 7 · Denise "i really like the songs, i just got it from amazon https://prnt.sc/mib7l0
02/08/19 "
Nov 14, 2018 · · From playing foot guitar then later progressing to guitar playing age 10. Assembled the successful Rock Group Manna with Jimi Bertucci (Bass) Chet Paszkowski (Drums) at age 15. …Bruce Palait
 Angel a newly arrived group with former Abraham's Children leader, Jimmy Bertucci, bows the record scene with their first for United Artists, titled "Winning Side... Billboard magazine
LeBlanc's Quick Takes - Canadiana music aficionados might note that the newly-released film “Real Time” released Nov. 7, 2008, features Abraham’s Children’s 1972 hit “Goodbye Farewell.” The Toronto band, renamed The Children, disbanded in 1976 following the album “Time” and a string of Canadian hits, including “Gypsy,” “Thank You,” and “Goddess of Nature” "Goodbye Farewell" was released in Italian as "Bye Bye Bambina Occhi Blue.”Jimi and his band Abraham's Children have a lot to thank the monster of AM radio, 
Abraham's Children - Workin 'For The Man HD | Apr 17, 2018 | 69 views | by Musique Cité Psychedelic gem !! A 6 minute single (which is not very common), including FOUR MINUTES of flute, organ and guitar SOLOS
Heads In The Sky
The brainchild of Oak Ridges, Ontario musician Russ WALKER. The band released one album and an EP on their own Illuminated Records. The full-length LP was also released in Japan, Holland and Germany.
Dave Marsden has left CHUM -FM and will head up his own commercial en- terprise. Marsden was just recently ' featured on a CBC-TV special whic caught him in action in the CHUM -FM control room.
March 3 1973 ....Bubbling Under the HOT100 "Gypsy" #122 Buddah 340  
March 17 1973 - Many companies plan to host product and artist presentations, including A&M, Ampex, Avenue of America, Capitol, Columbia, GRT, London, Quality, RCA, UA, La Buick Sound and WEA. In addition, Avenue of America will host a dinner gala, featuring Abraham's Children, Rose, David George, Greg Mitler and Side Effect. The Maple System will hold its annual meeting (closed to nonmembers) during the conference. 
July 14 1973 The company has in addition announced the signing of Abraham's Children and the Ugly Ducklings to exclusive booking contracts. General manager of Music Shoppe International is Ron Scribner, who returns to agency work after threes years as a personal manager of Westbound's Funkadelics. He was the principal of Canada's two early rock agencies, Bigland and the Ron Scribner agency. Billboard Magazine 
Oct 7 1972 - Backroads Productions' Paul Gross is doing a session with John Moran and Peter Rochon- he's currently on the chart with Abraham's Children's "Goodbye Farewell." 
CIAO MR. COSTELLO -  " Malibu, home to the rich and famous," a statement synonymous with this coastal paradise. I first metMr. Costello when I arrived here in 1982. Like so many cities, the characters inhabiting them can sometimes define the community's spirit. I would often go shopping at a small mall called Cross Creek. It was not uncommon to run into celebrities, like ...(read more)   



All songs published by James Bert Publishing Words & Music by Jimi Bertucci "Shake" Words and Music by Jimi Bertucci and BB Gabor. 


It was 1965 I became alive
20.000 voices echoed the Gardens
The heroes performed
Flashes of Kodak lightning blinded our eyes
Some cried out of joy
King Edward was smiling
The trolleys would ring their bells
When they went passing by
They smiled and waved hello hello
Smoked my first in the back seat of a Vauxhall
Couldn't wait to come down
Salvatore admired his Plymouth Savoy
While stealing kisses in the park
Mustang Sally cruised the Yonge Street
If ever a demon on wheels
There was something in the air I was there
A teenage awakening
I'm sure God would agree this time with me
We were immune tomorrows would never come
We howled at the moon from our virgin box
When she touched me my senses ran wild
Cliche poetry of woman and child
And forever seemed to short time
For the brave hearts
All the signs were challenged all the time
There was something in the air I was there a teenage awakening I'm sure God would agree
There was something I was there no one cared no one saw a thing
There was something in the air I was there a teenage awakening I'm sure God would agree

(cont'd from iupdate)... espèrent voir cette promenade s'allonger en organisant une nouvelle édition chaque année. L'acteur Giancarlo Giannini, le célèbre hockeyeur Phil Esposito, Julian Fantino, commissaire de la Police provinciale de l'Ontario, le promoteur immobilier Rudy Bratty, la chanteuse Concetta Franconero, plus connue sous le nom de Connie Francis, et Johnny Lombardi, le fondateur de CHIN, l'une des premières radios multilingues de Toronto, ont désormais leurs noms gravés sur les pavés de la rue College. Jimi Bertucci, chanteur, membre fondateur du groupe Abraham's Children et cofondateur de cette marche avec Marissa Beaco Lang, est arrivé au Canada à l'âge de cinq ans. Il a grandi dans le quartier et se souvient de son enfance comme si c'était hier: "Là bas on se retrouvait entre amis, dans l'épicerie de l'autre côté j'allais voler des pommes", plaisante-t-il. Plus sérieusement, il explique: "Avec la plus large communauté italienne en dehors de l'Italie, Toronto était l'endroit parfait pour cette promenade". "Avec cet événement nous entendons célébrer la réussite extraordinaire des italiens et leur importante contribution, localement et mondialement, dans tous les domaines et industries", continue Jimi Bertucci. La cérémonie de dévoilement des six étoiles devant la radio CHIN a rassemblé une bonne centaine de personnes, dont les familles des personnalités honorées, le consul général d'Italie à Toronto, Gianni Bardini, et le député libéral de la circonscription fédérale Eglinton-Lawrence, Joe Volpe, également originaire d'Italie. Le fondateur de CHIN, Johnny Lombardi, était honoré a titre posthume. "Pour moi, à cet instant Little Italy est le centre de l'Univers. Mon père aurait était très content à ce rassemblement aujourd'hui, il adorait cette communauté", déclarait son fils Lenny Lombardi. Une partie des fonds recueillis lors du gala organisé en soirée sera versée au fonds d'aides pour les victimes du tremblement de terre d'avril dernier dans les Abruzzes.  

 GO GREEN... www.ecomistsolutions.com For our children's children we must pave the way.
Shake: Words and Music by: Jimi Bertucci and B.B. Gabor. - It was another one of those uncertain autumn Toronto nights The rain was falling lightly as I looked out from my basement window, in perfect time as it spilled into an old rusty tin can. I heard a faint knock on the door and slowly and hesitantly attempted to energize myself from my comfortable seat. The knock got louder. Perhaps it was their way of saying "Are you deaf?" I opened the door and was confronted by a piercing look and a drenched body from head to toe. He entered moving to the kitchen with its pale green walls and shook his wetness all over the linoleum floor. The last embers flickered in the old fireplace. I glanced at the black and white "Felix the Cat" clock and noticed it was almost 11:00 pm. I turned to my Hungarian friend, "What the **** are you doing here?" He laughed in his usual Béla Lugosi way and threw himself on my dry bed. We were never short on schmultzy intellectual conversation and fine herb. Late at night we would sometimes retreat with herbal tea and maybe a shot of whatever was available. BB and I had an interesting co-writing relationship, as most partners do I assume. At times it was almost abstract, a musical self-indulgence if you will. I began to tell him about a new song I was composing, in a weird time signature. This perked his ears. He picked up my vintage black Harmony acoustic and started jamming along with me. At first it seemed a bit contrived. After all, how many songs are in a 7/8 feel...not many. The more we jammed, the more it grooved, building to a syncopation that was almost tribal. We took a short break to entertain our lost senses only to notice it was now 6:00 am. The topic or the lyrical aspect of the song was obvious. We were writing the moments and trying to capture the realism in a dark room under the influence of our surroundings and other things. The lyrics began to flow like red lava. They were real, edgy, revealing, scary and at times moving. Shake was the evil tempter, the hidden coward, an imaginary friend convincing you to reach for heights of grandeur, only to fall hard. We both experienced life through our writing, whether it was fictional or telling. listen to Shake)  (learn about another song)    

(fortsetzung von) Er wäre zu jener Zeit eine ziemlich typische italienische Einwanderererfahrung gewesen. Er wurde als Vincenzo Donato Bertucci in dem kalabrischen Dorf Serra San Bruno geboren. Der sympathische Sechsjährige fand sich in einem geschäftigen Haus in Little Italy wieder, das von Großfamilien umgeben war, darunter ein talentierter Onkel namens Sam, der den Clan mit einer Clique von Instrumente von Akkordeon zu Mandoline.

Mit dreizehn Jahren war Bertucci eine der hysterischen Horden beim Debüt der Beatles in Maple Leaf Gardens (die Tickets wurden mit einem Sam the Record Man-Wettbewerb ausgezeichnet) und wie so viele Teenager in diesem Jahr wurde er vom Rock'n'Roll-Virus gebissen. Als seine Eltern ihn später mit einer Höfner Bassgitarre überraschten, war das Schicksal des jungen Burschen besiegelt. Bertucci gründete die London Tones mit seinem Schulkollegen Ron Bartley, nahm schließlich den Keyboarder Bob McPherson und den Schlagzeuger Brian Cotterill auf und entschied sich für den Namen Abraham's Children.

Die vier spielten in der ganzen Stadt bis zu einer Nacht im Club 813, einem westindischen Nachtlokal, der für sein Lammcurry und seine Musik bekannt war, und Jack Morrow (der später unter anderem Teenage Head produzierte). Morrow brachte die Band mit dem Produzenten Paul Gross zusammen und kurz darauf hatten sie Bertucci's eingängiges AM-freundliches "Goodbye, Farewell" veröffentlicht und mit Gross 'gutartiger' Hot Love 'unterstützt. Im November 1972 beschrieb das Billboard-Magazin "Goodbye, Farewell" als "einen bestätigten nationalen Hit, der gerade auf Buddah veröffentlicht wurde".

Diese Single und die schizophrene Natur ihrer beiden Seiten würden sich als das Ende der Band erweisen. Zu der Zeit ihrer einzigen vollständigen Aufzeichnung, Time, war es klar, dass Abrahams Kinder in zwei deutlich unterschiedliche Richtungen gezogen wurden. Dieser erste Hit, zusammen mit den Follow-up Charts "Gypsy" und "Thank You", kennzeichnete die Band als eine kanadische Version von Bread or Pilot. Zur gleichen Zeit hätten ahnungslose Teenies, die das Album gekauft hatten, auf der Suche nach mehr von diesem sirupartigen AM-Essen, herausgefunden, dass die Kinder etwas ehrgeizigere Rock'n'Roll-Visionen hatten. Seite zwei ist insbesondere mit längeren Tastatur-Post-Psychedelia mehr entlang der Linien von Zuckerhut oder Seltene Erde gestapelt.

Unglücklicherweise schafften es Abrahams Kinder nur eine einzige Single, die rötliche "Göttin der Natur", die es trotz ihrer ungeschickten Verwendung von Streichern und ihrem bescheidenen Chart-Erfolg nur schaffte, die Gruppe für immer zu zerreißen.  

Sam Ciccolini, Robert Davi and Jimi Bertucci at the Italian Walk Of Fame. www.ournia.com/mp3/search/jimi+bertucci/1/mp3?    Jimi and the lovely June Lockhart met up at the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas.

The Sun Smiles

Soft spoken words linger in my head
Your touch walks the veins of my body
The visions are powerful
Full of vibrant landscapes
Time has gifted our love
With strength and hope
I run towards the energy that calls
Swiftly not to miss a moment
Hidden are the spirits of our wants
Dancing in hearts unseen
I choke without your music
Paralysed in tightened restrain
My freedom is within your soul
I feign not I have tried
To push you aside without memory
You blanket my unity
The sun smiles with soothing rays
Into my flesh the warmth awakens
Your presence I swallow to live BUY THE COLLECTION OF POEMS


 Delicate Flower

She is a delicate flower
Flawless in beauty and color
Soft whispering musical wind
Confesses her love and sins
Gentle touches of vibrant realism
Wayfaring the body she desires
Giving from her inner self freely
Warm she comforts me from the cold
Holding the stems of my desires
She reminds me to be secure
We are confluent in spirit and body
Flying above the endless universe
I am madden when eyes undress her
Drawing my weapons ready to slay the felon
In the beauty of her silence I awaken
Grasping the breath of a soulful life
I abide in her serene soft arms
Never to feel unwanted or lost. ORDER

Mr. Costello




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Listen to the New Country from BNOrecordingUSA newest artist Juliana Bertucci.   

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DYK that Jimi that sat in when Rick Wakeman was mixing The Six Wives of Henry the VIII...his friend George Semkiw who happen to be mastering the recording invited Jimi to meet Rick.

MY DINNER WITH LIBERACE Sittng on the edge of the bed in my Toronto apartment, I pulled on my black jeans and Beatle boots. Looking in the mirror, I combed my long hair and straightened the collar of my black leather jacket...(more)  


Blogger: It could be argued that the church split was a long time coming. Many Englanders resented Rome having so much power and control over them.

VOV Many Englanders resent that we have better teeth...(order the book)  



SONG - 1965 
Words&Music - Jimi Bertucci 
Guitar - Michael Moore 
Acoustic Guitar - Mike Cherney 
Drums - Brian Pim 
Keyboards - Robert Hoelting 
Bass - Jimi Bertucci 
Vocals - Jimi Bertucci 
Backing Vocals - Peter Foldy - Robert Hoelting - Mike Cherney - Jimi B 
Engineer - Steve Robertson  
SRO Studios Fontana CA 
Producer - Jimi Bertucci












































































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