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 March 3 1973

Bubbling Under the HOT100

"Gypsy" #122 Buddah 340 


 wow! sounds great...thanks for keeping us in the loop! Mike Toronto, Canada
she's a chip off the old block. Congrats jimi she sounds awesome. Kevin - Los Angeles, CA 
New country works for me. Bruce Palait - Toronto, Canada 
Wow she looks so much like you Jimi! I'll check her out now. Thanks cat Toronto - Can 
 She's beautiful and her music is amazing. Michelle - Lompoc CA
She's not your daughter she's to beautiful. Love her songs so fresh and a great voice. Stan - Calgary Alberta 
Vinnie played some of your daughter CD..She's got a great voice. James - Pennsylvania
Wow, she looks a lot like her mom with that hair color! kelly - Denver Colorado 
 Julie sounds very angelic - Vinnie - Greensburg Pennsylvania
 Just listened to your songs on iSound. Great tunes and great voice very unique and stylish. Brad Thorton - Winnipeg MB
 Wow just heard your songs they are great and you sound incredible. Tom Hamilton. ON
I like to hear songs that are not overproduced and these songs are nice and raw. Kathy NS 
hey Jimi,
Juli sounds great ! Chris S. Toronto ON
 One of my major projects is the musical DREAM SINGER and with Juliana's background this may be an area to look at as well.I will pay attention to her as she is your daughter. I know you must be proud.
Mel S. Nashville
 Just listened to your songs on CBC, are you signed to a label or what. Ray Mitchell London UK
 I enjoyed listening to your songs they truly are well done and sung with spirit. Sharon Nfld.
 I would love to see you perform live. Tracy Williams Dallas,Texas
 I heard your songs on Riffstar and I had to be sure to vote for you.You carry a tune real well. Love to hear more. Thomas P.- Houston Texas
Songs are very much like postcards. You attempt to say a lot within a small space. Order your copy now. store
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All songs published by James Bert Publishing 2011 Words & Music by Juliana Bertucci

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Julian was spotted in the Bay area shooting a couple of low budget films and commercials...when can we see them?

Juliana was born into an entertainment family. Her father is pop rocker Jimi Bertucci who splashed onto the music scene with his band Abraham's Children and a string of hits in the 70s. Her uncle is Gary Graham who starred in the hit TV series, Alien Nation, as Matt Sykes and in the popular series, Star Trek, as the Vulcan Ambassador, Soval. Juliana was born in Redlands, California and now shares her time between Toronto and San Francisco. She was influenced by the many hours spent watching her dad rehearse in their Orange County studio. At the early age of eight she began modeling, doing ads for print and television. By the time she reached her teens she was on the stage. While at Crafton College in California, Juliana joined the theatre group. Her first role was that of "Grace" in the production of The Little Years, a play by award-winning Canadian playwright John Mighton. (read review below) Juliana went on to perform in numerous stage productions before deciding to launch a solo career as a singer-songwriter. With a vocal style that is pure and original. Her songs best described as new country, she has begun to gain the attention of the music industry. 








 Photo by John Rowlands

 Photo by Mandi Smith

  JJ Cat Multimedia files




 Toronto Little Italy

Gerry's Studio



2 bottom Photos by

Mandi Smith
 This commercial was shot in the heart of Little Italy Toronto. Directed by Jeremy Major and produced by WOW2210 Productions. Features Juliana Bertucci, Massimo Covello and Stephanie Lang. The Italian Walk Of Fame is an annual event that honors Italians from all over the globe for their achievements and contribution to the betterment of society. Past inductees include Connie Francis, Armand Assante, Phil Esposito, Giancarlo Giannini, Enrico Colantoni, Dean Martin to name a few.

Email Juliana your info.
YUCIAPA CA - The Little Years, a play by award-winning Canadian playwright John Mighton, is a great example of how the simplicities of life can unwind in a natural calming perspective and find their way into humble hearts. Crafton Hills College sits high on the rolling terrain of Yucaipa , a small city about an hour east of Hollywood . I’m always impressed with the performing arts theatres of college campuses such as this one. The acoustics were perfect and no matter where you sat the view of the stage allowed a comfortable visual without straining. I wasn’t sure how Mr. Mighton's background in mathematics gave him such a profound insight into the emotional carousel of Little Years, but as the play blossomed I made the connection. We watch a family starting back in 1957 that portrays itself as hip and in tune, where in actuality the dysfunctional parade of events that unfolds leads its members to age without ever growing. It is Kate's (played by Julianne Berry ) inner "ugly duckling" which provokes the anger that does not allow anyone to enter her gloomy garden and made up world. She is constantly tormented by her mother Alice (played by Jennifer Bondurant) who believes that socializing is the cure for all and her continuous comparison with Kate’s brother William, a mystical poet, infringes on everyone’s lives without ever making an appearance. As time goes on we begin to feel for the entourage and see them as possible candidates for psychiatric assistance or for just a good dose of human kindness. Grace (played by Juliana Bertucci) is one of the few characters that touch upon reality. On several occasions she tries to console her sister-in-law Kate and reassures her that she has a good heart. Grace struggles with the need for more than her successful husband William can give her and explores the possible relationship with an artist named Roger (played by John Juby). All in all, John Mighton has found a way to calculate the human soul while subtley unveiling the perception of his characters. JB Bubblegum Underground






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Hey it's Juliana and Giancarlo Giannini from the latest James Bond movies "Quantum of Solice" and "Casino Royale." Mr. Giannini was also in the original 1974 movie "Swept Away" Directed by Lina Wertmüller. and co- starring Mariangela Melato. Juliana caught up with the international star at the Italian Walk Of Fame Gala in Toronto Canada. Juli shot the commercial for the Italian Walk Of Fame in Toronto that holds the international event. Photo By Tony Maronne  


JULIANA on iheart 
Vote for Juli on Riffstar
Jimi B's Daughter Juliana blazing her own path in music...Unlike her *Rocker* Dad Jimi, Juliana is singing with that *Country Music* flair and that should do nothing but help her....Country music fans are among the most loyal of fans in the entire entertainment field....Good for you Juliana you are certainly your Dad's Daughter...Loved your music...Jimi, you must be so so proud.....Larry R.W. Oshawa Canada 
"When You Want Me Too" Is BEAUTIFUL!!!! Roxanne Agredano - Fountain Valley CA
Country & Folk... WOW!!! xx/oo Debbie Walker - Vancouver , Canada
Hanya Townes - Excellent! Redondo Beach, CA

Juliana working on a new song.

 Hey Juli "I was wondering what we can expect this year from you". Gordon - Kansas

J. Hey Gordon what up. I'm currently in the Bay area writing new material. My plans for 2012 are to write some great songs, get a dog and hang out with my boyfriend.

Just finished listening to your songs, you are awesome I mean that sincerely. I would think that you'd be signed to a major label. Keep up the good work. Tim L. - San Jose Ca

J. Thanks for the kind words Tim. Looking forward to putting up some new songs.

J. Hey gang just wanted to let you know that the man I love has asked me to marry him. I am so excited planning and just going nuts. later.

J. Grant, I try and write about the things that I can relate with. Such as life. relationships etc. I find it is best to write about what you know.

J. Hey Thanks Larry in Canada for those kind words, I'm up in the Great White North often. See you soon.

J. I hope you all have a great 2016 and thanks for aall the nice things you have said over the years. Juliana

Drop Juli a line ask her a question or just say hello.

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deep and sensitive... love your lyrics too "...Made me weak each time you sing Each time you sang to me..." keep on! Kirvis NY
per la bella Juliana Greetings! You have a sweet vocal ability. I congratulate you on your top ten status in the country contest. I wish you blessings and success! Natasha L. Buffalo NY
 I'm taken by your writing and singing. I look forward to hearing more of your material. Lindsay M. - Hollywood FL
 You have an awesome voice and your songs are very pure not to mention you look very hot. George - Flint Michigan
 I voted for you on riffstar. I'm sure you will win you sound so good. Janet - New York
You are awesome and writing great material. I downloaded your music and I listen to it all the time. Josh L. - Winnipeg. Manitoba
 Jimi your daughter is a pro. I mean that sincerly she blew me away. Get her signed. Fred L. - Toronto, Canada
I was wondering when you write your songs are they based on your personal life. Grant O. - Santa Monica, CA
 Hello my name si Sandy and I really like your sing and writing. I would like to play and sing like you when I get a bit older. Just learning to play the guitar. Thanks Sandy Roberts - Austin TX



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Listen to the New Country from BNOrecordingUSA newest artist Juliana Bertucci.   
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DYK that Juli met Justin Timberlake in the OC when NSYNC first began their careers.

MY DINNER WITH LIBERACE Sittng on the edge of the bed in my Toronto apartment, I pulled on my black jeans and Beatle boots. Looking in the mirror, I combed my long hair and straightened the collar of my black leather jacket...(more)  



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 I really like your songwriting. It is very fresh. I listen to a lot of internet radio and you are a hit. Sharon K.- Montreal Que.
Not only are you hot to look at, but so talented. Ever get down to Little Rock I will be there. Red W. - Arkansas.

 Congrats on getting married, lucky guy. Adam S. - Alabama
 Read that you are working on a couple of films in San Fran. Please let us know soon as they are released. Frank - Temecula. CA
 Just finished listening to some of your material. Wow I was taken back by the style and rawness very cool...Jason W. Buffalo, NY

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