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 Juliana Bertucci New Country 
Songs are very much like postcards. You attempt to say a lot within a small space. Order your copy now. store
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PALM SPRINGS CA - I've had the pleasure of working with John since the seventies. We have become great friends over the years and as faith would have it, we now live very close to each other. I have learned to more than appreciate his work. I 've come to understand it.His photographic art is spontaneous and accurate. He has the ability to capture the second that counts. The detail, lighting, positioning the emotion of the composition. His work makes the artist or subject the center of attention. His years of clicking the good, the bad and sometimes the ugly, has earned him a cornerstone of recognition in the world of photography. These days he continues to apply his talents producing videos and designing websites as well as clicking. (next to deborah) 












SAXON MAN AT PEACE (cont'd from callus)

By now many of you have discovered that my admiration for westerns is almost as large as my love for music. One Christmas, back when the tube was still black and white and the choice of channels was somewhat limited, I received a silver and white pearl gun encased in a fancy multi-colored rhinestone holster along with a red cowboy hat…wasn't too impressed with the hat, but it grew on me. This was another step in the subtle conformity and acclimation of my youth towards a new culture.
The fifties was an era of discovery and if you were lucky enough to own a TV you were the hit of the neighborhood. Sunday night was a family favorite as the big-shouldered man, also known as Ed Sullivan, would entertain us with a variety of interesting guests. On one particular evening the Italian community was rockin' when a petite and angelic woman with a giant voice, known as Rita Pavone, displayed a proud performance of her hit record "Partita de Paloni". They were simple times filled with innocence and curiosity.
The day was perfect for that "forget about everything" drive on Sunset Blvd. The mansions on both sides of the street stood out with ultra arrogance with intimidating entrance gates. The area further along that is nestled in the hills of Mandeville and before you reach the Pacific coast, in contrast, posesses a quaintness that jumps out and declares,"Welcome". The inviting arched trees that lavish the winding road create an inspirational tour. It was here in my travels that it occurred to me that I would, in just a few minutes, be standing in front of a man I have admired since my youth and yes, he was one those good looking men that my mother insisted was Italian whether or not he really was. In this case she was right. In many ways John Saxon, and the many characters he played, helped fill a void during my boyhood created by a cultural environment lacking passion and understanding. Television was the eventual escape. The familiar faces made us feel secure and thus played an important role in our daily lives. John Saxon was one of those faces.
Surrounded by the many worldly artifacts that lined the walls and shelves of his home, this iconic actor humbly described his life's voyage over a glass of Perrier water. He related numerous fascinating tales of an era when larger-than-life heroes would ride off into the sunset and of the glory that usually followed, Mr. Saxon has traveled that road numerous times. He began by telling me about the hardships that many actors experienced during the sixties when television really exploded onto the world scene. It was a time when film studios had to rethink the motion picture industry as it had been. "In 1960 to '61 things started falling apart. The studios were not making money. There was lots of trouble," he recalled. Many established actors were accepting film roles from abroad. "I lived and worked in Italy for over a
year, I did a movie with Kay Kendall and a British play called… I can't remember the name…with Rex Harrison, Minnelli Directed." I put him at ease and told him I would google the film. It turned out to be the classic "The Reluctant Debutante" with cutie Sandra Dee and Angela Lansbury. "My family comes from Italy. My mother spoke Italian. She left Italy when she was six years old." His enthusiasm was apparent as he chatted about growing up in Brooklyn
I could have sat there and listened for hours as he painted a canvas of his life experiences, about his encounters with Otto Preminger, the indecisive director, about the passion of Italian director Mario Bava and about the freeform styles of John Huston in "The Unforgiven". It was surreal to be sitting with a man that has been a celluloid king for decades. A couple of his notable giants include "Enter the Dragon" and "A Nightmare on Elm Street".
I was awestruck as this legend spoke of his many fascinating experiences, such as when he attended a Hollywood party only to find himself in a flirtatious exchange with Marilyn Monroe from across the room. There were more stories like his time spent with Jack Palance in Rome, Italy, or how he found ways to keep busy in Durango, Mexico with Burt Lancaster and Audrey Hepburn while filming "The Unforgiven."
I can't begin to count the multitude of TV series and movies in which this handsome Italian American has entertained us. He has worked alongside some of the greatest actors in the history of film and television. Mr. Saxon is an extraordinary human being and one that I found to be at peace with himself. He was a teen idol and still maintains the unexpected morals of an old-time Hollywood celebrity. As we chatted, we walked around his quaint estate surrounded by a lush garden and a view that was endless. After a few moments he turned to me and, with a subtle nod, indicated an area off in the distance. "That's where Schwarzenegger lives and over here is where my outdoor gym will be."
Born Carmine Orrico, the son of Anna and Antonio, enthused and determined confronted the dragons of an astute industry of flame throwers and claimed his victory. JB
 Jimi Bertucci, Tal Bachman & Peter Foldy  CANADA D' EH - HOLLYWOOD CA - There's something magical, without getting too ethereal, when a group of people can get together for a common goal and enjoy the spirits of a traditional patriotic celebration. The host was funny and charming, innocently jabbing his American cronies and praising the humbleness of Canada. I think. Dave Foley, the unassuming actor that has been on a few television series including Kids In The Hall and Talk Radio, was comfortable and proud as he displayed his loyalty of the Great White North to several hundred transplanted Canucks in the audience. There were cameras there to interview the celebrities, and I guess many of them were... only I was unfamiliar with any of the dozen camera huggers. Our Bondi Junction man Peter Foldy...(more) photo by John R. Rowlands
All THAT JAZZ BASS - When I first started playing bass I thought it was so kool to have a Hofner Beatle Bass. I was the talk of the neighborhood. I had people asking me to play in their band without even knowing if I could play. As the years went on I began to add to my collection of bass guitars, of course I could do this now because I was a working musician. My next bass was a Rickenbacker, I guess I was following in the steps of Paul McCartney. Then came a Gibson. But soon I became bored with the commercial basses that I was so accustomed to. I remember one day I was listening to David Clayton Thomas 's band rehearse above the Concord Tavern on Bloor Street when I noticed that the bass player was using a real old tattered bass. I went closer and saw it was a Fender Jazz Bass....he asked if I would like to play it I quickly said yes..it was awesome. David walked in the room and asked what the fuck I was doing there..I said with a nervous sound that I was just checking out the bass. He asked me to leave, of course in a DCT way. I remained friends with Scott the bass player and many years later had another encounter with David. That's another story. Oh yeah I bought a Jazz Bass which I still have to this day. 
Through The Eyes Of Vincenzo - Words and Music by Jimi Bertucci - I don't suppose the title gave it away. My youth was unique, in many ways it was an actor's dream. I was able to manipulate the hand-me-down system and, at times, my parents. Being thrown into a culture where it was the norm to be bullied by territorial mangia cakes, my reactions to certain comments or gestures had to be quick. At first a smile was sufficient to diffuse the situation, but that eventually wore thin with the leaders of recess control. Sooner or later I knew my swords would have to be drawn and my stand made clear. That day had come. It was lunchtime, my favorite period in what was usually a long tedious school day. I was sitting on the steps with a couple of new friends when suddenly my capicollo and pepper sandwich on a panino went flying into the air, landing on the dirty grounds of the schoolyard. As I stood up to confront my assailant, he attempted to throw a punch my way, I ducked and landed a right on his nose making it bleed profusely. His English profanity was difficult to make out as he cupped his nose trying to get the bleeding to stop. At that moment the huge wooden doors flung open. "Both of you in my office!", boomed the commanding voice. It was an awkward moment for me as I tried to explain to the principal that this rude, freckled-faced, red-haired boy deliberately knocked my sandwich out of my hands. There were many great times as well. I found that my most impressionable years were in elementary school. By the time I went to junior high discovering new things became more like serious work, thus my musical wants began to kick in more and more. I started to understand the new ways of my social surroundings and took in what the scene had to offer. My ideals, some of which have remained with me, developed through my observations. Life is a continous journey revealing, at times, the hidden mysteries locked deep within our souls, only to discover we hold the key.

 Jimi giving Enrico Colantoni his Common Spirit Award read the story

 Mr. Sugar sugar Andy Kim with Marisa Lang of the Italian Walk of Fame.






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The idea of something tribal hanging around your neck..very sexy.
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DYK that Jimi performed at the famous Roxy Theater in hollywood California and his friend James Brown stopped by for a slice of Pizza at the Rainbow Room..



Hi Jimi-- Thanx for your note...just had to let you know that "Some Things last forever" is...(more)  

This is an exercise into the human mind where anonymity fades into the darkness of pixilated realism. They feel and see your bone structure like an embossed layer of coagulated emotions. The extreme aversion turns into a haunting lust of tension grasping the conditioned heart to explode into a sea of orgasm. ..(order the book)  




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