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This means producing the kind of product that their programming requires, and not taking advantage of the fact that under present legislation, radio stations are required to play 30% Canadian content. I feel be one of those records. Abraham's Children; Brian Cotterill, drums: Ron Bartley, guitar: Bob McPherson, organ: and Jimi Bertucci, bass who penned their hit single, have been together in various, form, for more than five years. They, like so many of their contemporaries, have hung on, hoping their day would come, and knowing that when it did, they would be ready. Under the capable guidance of independent writer/producer, Paul Gross, the band finally came together. He believes that "Goodbye Farewell" and Abraham's Children are "a super combination that is only the beginning of what is destined to be the Canadian success story of the year." (more)

SONG - Golden Bells
W&M - Jimi Bertucci
Drums - Mike Babbitt
Bass - Steve Lopez
Guitar - Bryn Anderson
Keys - Robert Hoelting
Vocals - Jimi Bertucci
BGV - Robert Hoelting, Jimi B
Studio - Studio9 Los Angeles
Engineer - Darrell Ashley 
Producer - Jimi Bertucci

Darrell Ashley - Owner of Studio 9. Engineer, guitarist.

 SYSTEM 2000

Brian LaSaga (Workin For The Man) LOVE IT !! This is such a classic and I love it. It brings back so many memories. Well orchestrated. I wish people could only appreciate the guitar work in this piece. Great work Abbies Babies. - St. George's, Newfoundland And Labrador Canada




























































































Songs are very much like postcards. You attempt to say a lot within a small space. Order your copy now. store
BNOrecordingUSA our own label since 1996. Because we wanted to keep our integrity.(order now)

 It's so refreshing to hear a new Christmas song that is full of life and joy. Thank you Jimi B we really appreciate your talent. And yes I pre-ordered the 45. Susan Pembroke-Atlanta Georgia USA


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 (cont'd from callus)... priests echoed throughout the room, and the coldness of its wisdom would sometimes bounce off the walls, leaving my mouth dry with thirst.
I was in the habit of entering the parish with a smile, dipping my small fingers in the cement pedestal fixture filled with holy water and forming the sign of the cross on my forehead, never really catching onto the meaning of this ritual. I was a little follower, standing among giants and faces dedicated to a movement. The words that were spoken were far beyond my comprehension. At times, they appeared to be in a foreign language, inflicting more misunderstood fear within my undeveloped mind. I recall asking questions that were sometimes answered with unsentimental concern, and my thoughts would often drift to a safe, common ground, allowing me to be the person I was.
In the closing ceremonies the exiting was the blessing for me, as I would run outside to breathe the familiar air and cleanse myself from the dungeons and the endless height of monuments that appeared wretched. No sooner would I open my eyes, only to feel imprudent under an ungracious figure pointing satirically, as it looked down on me from the perfectly manicured lawns of the church of St. Francis of Assisi. Father Gregory was a funny man and a kind priest. I first approached the comedic friar years ago when some heavy decisions needed to be explored in my adult life. The neglected spiritual messages can, at times, be intimidating to the layman believer. This Boston mediatory agent was gentle, as he explained my clouded perspective with an understanding I could follow. I periscoped the room and noticed the cold, grey, walls of his bleak office, a reflection of simpler times. A detailed wood and ivory crucifix hung on the lonely stones.of the rectory over the Father's head. His artful replies touched the core of my soul. As I took a deep breath, my head felt light and somewhat disconnected from my body. The engulfing energy swept through me like a blanket of serious realization. He reminded me that the search for the Trinity is a challenged parallel of sacrament. His thoughts were clear as he described John the Baptist's meeting with the Almighty at the river Jordan. It was comforting knowing that others had faced the same experience of amazement.
Father Gregory lived to be a spiritual provider and enjoyed bending a risqué joke on occasion. He devoted his entire priestly existence providing ministry in the Archdiocese of Toronto and touched countless lives until his last days. We will miss him.
PASSION & THE ARTIST - Joseph Capicotto is a self-taught painter. As a child, his artistic abilities were evident at a young age. With pencil in hand he would search for any surface to draw upon. He could quickly sketch a picture with remarkable precision based solely on the photograph in his memory.
He is well known for his wide variety of subjects and his proficiency in various painting techniques. Joe's wealth of experience in light, colour, form and dimension is seen in the natural transition he brings to the canvas.
His still life works resonate with carefree passion. His figurative paintings embrace the elegant features of the human figure with a romantic flowing style.
Many of his pieces express a sense of reality and dream at the same time. They evoke feelings of mystery, passion and intrique. Joe is a professional artist, currently residing in Canada. His artistic productions have recently been flourishing throughout the country. They may be found in private and public collections, as well as, art galleries throughout North America.
He has enjoyed much media exposure, receiving recognition for his art at charity events and many other public and private venues. He has been commissioned by many well-known establishments within his area of residency for murals and paintings. Joe's inspiration has come from the beauty in life, nature, people, living. He considers himself extremely fortunate to have been able to continue with his chosen vocation in the arts for over thirty-five years. Joe feels that the time taken to convey his impression, is no longer an issue but a marvelous time consuming process of experimentation. His true love and enthusiasm is for painting. To learn more about Joe Capicotto visit joesartstudio.com
Woodbridge ON - Woa, a rare photo of la mama schmoozing with movie star Gianncarlo Giannini. Jimi introduced his mom to the co-star of the new James Bond movies, "Quantum of Solice" and "Casino Royale". Mr. G was in town for his induction into the Italian Walk Of Fame. The actor was the first male to be honored in the category of entertainment. Also recognized that evening were hockey legend Phil Esposito, singer and actress Connie Francis, Commissioner of the OPP Julian Fantino, business mogul Ruddy Bratty and Mr. Little Italy himself, Johnny Lombardi. These talented individuals now have stars placed in the sidewalk of Toronto's famous Italian district of Littly Italy. Toronto has the largest community of Italians outside of Italy. (photo by George O.)  


There's an old saying, "If you want to know…just ask". The SoHo Hotel in downtown Toronto is what they call a boutique hotel. I've never really understood what that meant until my partner and I spent a couple of days hanging out with our inductees, which included Armand Assante. Yes, that Armand. The staff at the SoHo (more)


NHL superstar Phil Esposito, hot dog, Jimi and Marisa at the Italian Walk Of Fame in Toronto Canada. Yes Phil got a star.

I can't believe it's not butter fame Fabio himself, with the lovely Marisa Lang in Washington DC at the NIAF conference.
Through The Eyes Of Vincenzo - Words and Music by Jimi Bertucci - I don't suppose the title gave it away. My youth was unique, in many ways it was an actor's dream. I was able to manipulate the hand-me-down system and, at times, my parents. Being thrown into a culture where it was the norm to be bullied by territorial mangia cakes, my reactions to certain comments or gestures had to be quick. At first a smile was sufficient to diffuse the situation, but that eventually wore thin with the leaders of recess control. Sooner or later I knew my swords would have to be drawn and my stand made clear. That day had come. It was lunchtime, my favorite period in what was usually a long tedious school day. I was sitting on the steps with a couple of new friends when suddenly my capicollo and pepper sandwich on a panino went flying into the air, landing on the dirty grounds of the schoolyard. As I stood up to confront my assailant, he attempted to throw a punch my way, I ducked and landed a right on his nose making it bleed profusely. His English profanity was difficult to make out as he cupped his nose trying to get the bleeding to stop. At that moment the huge wooden doors flung open. "Both of you in my office!", boomed the commanding voice. It was an awkward moment for me as I tried to explain to the principal that this rude, freckled-faced, red-haired boy deliberately knocked my sandwich out of my hands. There were many great times as well. I found that my most impressionable years were in elementary school. By the time I went to junior high discovering new things became more like serious work, thus my musical wants began to kick in more and more. I started to understand the new ways of my social surroundings and took in what the scene had to offer. My ideals, some of which have remained with me, developed through my observations. Life is a continous journey revealing, at times, the hidden mysteries locked deep within our souls, only to discover we hold the key. JB (passion and innocence)  


It was a drizzling grey Sunday afternoon, a perfect setting for a Medaglia D'oro espresso and a long- distance interview with a rising young star. I've connected with the You Tube generation and I've had to "like" so many. I use it as a valuable tool to decipher the good from the not so good, Belinda Naccarato being the former. Her nona quickly recognized her talent and introduced Belinda to the Italian choir at a very early age. Her love for the Italian language was discovered upon her trip to Italy at the age of 10. Like so many artistically enthused young bloods Belinda found her way towards acting, dancing and gymnastics. I suppose all these pursuits can be seen as prerequisites to becoming a dynamic entertainer.Ms. Naccarato has studied and designed all the right moves to achieve her mindset goals. But is this enough? Is Belinda prepared to be that naked mannequin in the store window as the world gawks and points its fingers? "You know, music is such a big part of me that I can't picture my life without it" explains the pop crooner. In a bleary industry that has lost focus, the journey can be a long zig zag one. The phrase "you have to pay your dues" has become Jurassic with the "now" generation disposing of it like a dated cell phone. "I want to embrace this gift I've been given and allow it to come to fruition," says Belinda. I asked her if she was thrilled to share the stage with Italian superstar Albano. "It felt like one of the most sumptuous moments that will remain with me throughout my life." Her music has purpose and her conviction is pure. There is plenty of room in the international arena for this dedicated talent willing to take it all the way.JB Belinda will be performing at the 5th Annual Italian Walk Of Fame gala on June 15th at Riviera Parque Dining, Banquet & Convention Centre. Located in the heart of Vaughan at 2800 Hwy #7 West, minutes from highways 400 and 407. To learn more about Belinda visit http://www.belindanaccarato.com/ 

Michael began his professional career in the Toronto Music Scene in 1971. Through the years he has performed with such legendary artists as Etta James, Martha Reeves, Ben E. King, John Baldry and Dusty Springfield. Michael has recorded and toured extensivley around the world with Bruce Cockburn and Mary Margaret O'Hara. He is an accomplished Jazz drummer and has played with, among others, Holly Cole and Moe Koffman. A favourite of other drummers, Michael is the master of the groove and has performed his unique shuffle on countless pop, rock and blues recording sessions featuring such artists as Alannah Myles, Jimi Bertucci, Marc Jordan and Martha and the Muffins and many more. IF YOU ARE SERIOUS ABOUT DRUMMING CALL MICHAEL TODAY OR EMAIL HIM. msloski@sympatico.ca  

 DYK that Brian Pim played on the MP3 hits "1965" and "Radio Tree"

DYK The Name Jimi is a pet form of James.

Famous Bearers of the name include  

Jimi Hendrix (1942 - 1970), an American guitarist, singer, and songwriter;  

Jimi Bertucci (born 1951), an Italian-Canadian singer and songwriter;  

Jimi Dams (born 1968), a Belgian artist. 

Continuous 24-7 Treasure Island Oldies with your host Michael Godin.

Vinnie and the boys are tearing it up.

Click on their website and get the dates

If it's the blues you want...


 Photo by Deborah Samuel

 Design by Brenda Mackenzie

 Photo by Archives In Style

 Design by Brenda Mackenzie

Brenda Mackenzie - Artist

Hails from red rock and blue waters: P.E.I. Canada
As a child her best friends were not Barbies, but an Etch-a-Sketch, and a big box of crayons (with a sharpener of course)...and then the Beatles came along.The artwork took a back-burner, and she became an avid fan of music from that instant to this day. She has been an art director, an illustrator and a designer, but music has always ran a close second.She sings in the car, but not the shower, and is an advocate for animals, be they wild or domestic.
Ms. Mackenzie
is available for special projects and CD covers for bands. Contact Us More art coming soon. Without music, life would be a mistake.” Friedrich Nietzsche, 

HAMILTON, ONT. This question always comes up in interviews so, as a dedicated journalist, I wanted to get the scoop for our records. My question to Canada's Fab 4, as they were sometimes labeled, was this. "What was the largest venue in which you ever performed and why was it so special?" It didn't take much thought for the Canuck rocker, Jimi Bertucci, to dive in and paint a very visual picture for my anticipated pen and paper. "I would have to say, Ivor Wynne Stadium in Hamilton, Canada. It was an unforgettable night of events that stayed with us throughout the years. "My ears perked up as Jimi explained that, prior to that historic concert, they had performed at Center Island in Toronto to a crowd of about 30-thousand hungry pop fans who proudly displayed many of the t-shirts and posters that were available for them at the show. "The Ivor show was a trip, I recall. The dj from the local radio station, I believe it was CKOC, came on stage and started doing his thing, reminding the crowd to stay back from the stage for safety reasons. Well, that was a lost cause. After about 5 minutes of ranting about community efforts and other related things, the show began. We were in our rented trailer, parked at the side of the 40-foot stage. The lights were flashing like a storm of colors from the dark skies...our cue to get ready. I was sitting back, sipping on my Canada Dry ginger ale, when the dj made his annoucement." "Ladies and gentlemen, please give a welcoming round of applause to one of the greatest bands to come out of Canada....Abraham's Children." "The roar of the crowd was like a constant sound of white noise hissing in the air. We were escorted on stage by three security guards. The stage was flooded by a million watts of lights that blinded our vision of the crowd. I plugged in and approached my microphone. Good evening Hamilton, are you ready to rock? The screams got louder. We opened with one of our hits, Goodbye Farewell. As soon as the crowd heard that trademark intro with the bass, they began rushing the stage in herds. Still blinded by the overwhelming lights, we could see the playing field of the stadium begin to fill up with young fans rushing towards the stage. There must have been thousands. The security guards jumped on stage and asked us to stop, unplug and move to the side of stage left near our trailer. The crowd was frantic. The dj came back on stage and announced that, if the crowd did not move back, the concert would not continue. After about 10 minutes of reorganizing the excited stampede of fans, the dj announced once again, "Ok, let's try this again...Abraham's Children." Ok, here we are again. Are you having a good time, I asked. The crowd yelled out a big YES of approval. We began with another one of our hit records, Gypsy. Once again, the over-enthused fans began approaching the stage. This time, it seemed the numbers had doubled. They pushed and shoved their way closer and closer, crossing the fence that separated the stage and the field. Hundreds managed to knock down the barricade and climb onto the stage. We jumped off the stage with our instruments into the long stretch limo waiting for us. We began driving away on the field, being chased by teens. It was a weird experience, almost frightening. As I looked back through the limo window, I could see people on stage trying to take cymbals, microphones and whatever else they could get before the guards got to them. We drove back to the hotel where we were staying and were greeted by fans in the lobby. After signing a bunch of autographs, we headed to our rooms where we remained until the next day." JB - Bubblegum Underground   

 GO GREEN... www.ecomistsoultions.com For our children's children we must pave the way.

SPACE PATROL - From left Jimi B, Peter Verity Glen Wilson and Rude van Steene. As Jimi continued his relationship with United Artists Records he began to grow immensely. His writing could be tailored to the needs of the project he was developing or producing. One of these projects was Space Patrol. A group of musicians from the Ajax area just east of Toronto. Although the members had very little recording experience Jimi would do his best to make all involved to feel comfortable and at ease. The band recorded 4 songs at Eastern Sound, Toronto......but only "Burning Love" and the B side "We Can Fly" would be released on the United Artists label. The band would go on the road and do some scattered dates in the Ontario, and Eastern Canada. Jimi did not want to tour or travel. He recommended the group seek another singer bass player to replace him....he had other projects to produce and wanted to spend more time closer to home and in the studio. The band would eventually find a replacement and would continue to tour across Canada. Peter Verity continues to write and perform . He recently returned from Nashville where he played to full houses. Space Patrol released only one song and the rest are in some vault at EMI...to bad. Want an 8X10 promotional copy for your collection email us.  

Woodbridge, ON Having had the opportunity to work with the Rezza Brothers. I can  confidently say that these talented musicians have it going on. In a day and age when recording has been reduced to cupboard space and electric power, I am amazed by the quality of the finished product. Jeff Gunn, Lucas and Adrian have found the formula to create stylish and hip sounds. These three minds not only manage to compose unique vibrations and release them to inviting ears, but also manage to maintain a grip on reality knowing that hard work and sensibility will allow them the freedom to make it happen. They are currently working on a new CD which is expected out soon. Jimi and the Rezza Brothers will be back in the the studio soon laying down some new tracks.(listen to Speranza)  
Variations on Gould Toronto - CBC Radio "I have an extra ticket and you have to come!!!" My mind was racing like a Guinea pig in an annoying spinner. Everything I ever thought about the CBC would soon become clearer to me. We arrived at the Glen Gould Studio, in the heart of Toronto . A fair portion of this lustrous real-estate is dedicated to a man, a musician, a genius, that played piano. I can hear them all in unison, PLAYED PIANO. And while the kind folks of the great white north continue to invest their tax dollars in support of the arts programs in Canada , the CBC was looking pretty good. The reception for this monumental celebration convinced me that class still finds its way around town. Had it not been for that annoying buzzer that begins way too soon like a last call for snooting....this would have been a perfect cultural evening, well at least for me. I forgot to mention that this Mardi gras was a ten-day affair. I was thrust into the pits of fortune for but one of these tux and running shoes eventful evenings. When Andre LaPlante hit the stage, I can honestly say I did not have a clue who this gentleman was....he appeared to look like a classical pianist and I expected just that. Before I tell you how awesome this artist was, let me explain the importance of this gala. Glen is a Canadian icon, a local boy who became one of the great musicians of the twentieth century. I would always hear his name, not in an Elvis or Beatle way but more like in an I'm cool, I know who he is way. He broke international musical grounds and continues to deeply provoke the listening ear. During this festival of back-patting, many performers paid tribute to this legend in their own musical way. Mr. LaPlante, I later found out, was named an Officer of the Order of Canada .....dah..I could list all his achievements but that would only reveal that I read his bio in the program. I want to write about what I heard from this genius ivory tickler. I know I will probably sound so cliché, he was a virtuoso boy, do I need piano lessons.....The less said of this man the more. When the string quartet, which was made up of Erika Raum (violin), Aisslinn Nosky (violin), Steven Dann (viola), and David Hetherington (cello), joined Mr. La Plante I was taken to a mystic place feeling the passion of each string as it resonated through my head. How wonderful to be treated to a natural high. If the CBC continues to display this kind of adventure I will stop saying they are a foo foo organization.  JB Bubblegum Underground 

The Police performed at The Piccadilly Tube in Toronto, Canada. A short distance down the road at another popular club, The Edge, another band were performing with the same name...(more) 



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Listen to the New Country from BNOrecordingUSA newest artist Juliana Bertucci.   
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At one point, I pretended to be a doofus in order to relate to some of the lame posters who took no time to consider their less than important contributions. My blog name was babbaloo. My posts were written in the most idiotic way I could muster. My grammar was atrocious and my English less than educated. I plunged into the pages like a mad person, ripping at the very soul of the confident writer, trying to draw out his or her passion for intelligence...(order the book)  



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Superman, c.1981

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Diabolik and Eva II

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DYK: Canadian Bandstand had 5 Hosts: Wally Crouter, Gary McLaren, Reg Sellner, Peter Emmerson, and Grant Hoffman.







































































































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