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Feb. 1973   

GAS Records buys full page ad for "Gypsy." #119 Bubbling Under the HOT100 

Hi Jimi just wanted you to know that I love your music and the lyrics are so real. Hope to see you perform one day here in Calgary. Monica N. Alberta   
Hi there, - What was the original name of the band? And why can you not find their song Hot Love (In the Summertime) anywhere? Haven't heard it in decades but remember it had a cool mood. Is there a download of it somewhere. Thanks. Jon Boyd (more)

 SYSTEM 2000

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  The Police

 The Police

 Jimi B the band

 Santa Barbara session

 The Bycicles
SANTA BARBARA CA Jimi first started working with Deb around 1977. He had just put a new band together called The Police. The up and coming pop star met her through some mutual friends and was attracted to her and her work instantly. They became close friends and Jimi would often model for her when she needed a male figure. Deborah was not your typical photographer. She explored the unexplorable. Her work was profound and at times revealing of its subjects. Her prints would often leave an indelible mark and the recognition was unmistakable. When Jimi signed with A&M Records and they were ready to do the shoot, this was very obvious not only to the artist but the record company as well. Due to her reputation with album designs she was in demand by every label. They shot for nearly 10 hrs, and 100 rolls later both were drained and decided to take a smoke break. As Jimi lit up she snapped and, without question, it was the shot she was looking for. Her control of light was projecting. She envisioned the end product before it was shot. For many years the two would keep in touch. when Deboorah moved to Santa Barbara, California, where her and Jimi would reunite and continue to work together on other projects...ciao (back to photosby) 

 I had the pleasure of working with Vito on an interesting project. The session was awesome.
CAST YOUR FUNROD - Do not, I repeat, do not sit and try and have coffee or any kind of drink for that matter with Vito Rezza or Michael Sarracini. We decided to hook up and met at Aromas, the new chain of trendy wi-fi latte mocha plugged-in kind of place. The brew is ok and the design is modern with touches of who cares.
Vito is a burly Italian with an operatic voice that can be heard as far as Kapuskasing. Michael, on the other hand, is more reserved and...(more)



Piu' che una festa da club sembrava essere alla notte degli Oscar, in versione ridotta, ma pur sempre un'evento d'importanza internazionale, con circa 700 persone in abito da sera ed una nutrita delegazione di rappresentanza venuta appositamente dall'Italia.
Cosi' si puo' definire l'annuale serata, organizzata dall'Associazione Serra San Bruno, per riconoscere alcuni concittadini che si sono distinti in Canada.
L'importanza della serata e' stata dovuta anche alla presenza di personalita' dell'on. Tony Ianno, Membro del Parlamento Federale, l'on. Mario Sergio, Membro del Parlamento dell'Ontario, il giudice Salvatore Merenda, Manlio D'Ambrosio, ex presidente del Congresso Nazionale degli Italo Canadesi, Basilio Policaro, Consultore della Regione Calabria, Antonio Nicaso, presidente della Federazione dei Calabresi dell'Ontario, Mimmo Sisca, presidente della Confederazione delle Associazioni Cosentine, padre Gianni Carparelli, fondatore del centro per tossicodipendenti Caritas, e presidenti e rappresentanti di altre associazioni attive in Ontario.
Oltre agli ospiti di riguardo residenti in Canada, c'era anche una delegazione venuta per l'occasione dall'Italia, composta da: Raffaele Lojacono, sindaco di Serra San Bruno, dr. Cesare Pelaia, vicepresidete della Comunita' Montana delle Serre, on. Bruno Censore, consigliere della Regione Calabria, dr. Domenico Dominelli, Assessore alla Provincia di Vibo Valentia, cosiglieri comunali, provinciali e della comunita' montana.
Tutta questa gente era qui per riconoscere il merito di alcuni serresi che sono eccelsi nel loro campo, raggiungendo posizioni di rilievo e stima in Canada. Questi sono: Jimi Bertucci, musicista e compositore di numerosi brani rock, Michael Simonetta, uno dei piu' grandi finanzieri canadesi, Domenic Barillari, scienziato ricercatore chimico che ha partecipato a diversi progetti universitari diventando riferimento nazionale per tutti i dipartimenti universitari canadesi di chimica, ed l'on. Joseph Cordiano, oggi a capo del Ministero per l'Industria e lo Sviluppo Economico dell'Ontario, tutti ritratti nella foto piccola in alto.
Tra i vari commenti, che hanno seguito quello del presidente dell'Associazione Serra San Bruno, Angelo Vinci, a voce comune e' stata sottolineata la soddisfazione di essere italiani e come, seppur con tanto sacrificio, gli italiani si siano sempre distinti nel mondo per ingegno, professionalita' ed onesta', riuscendo ad occupare sempre posti di rilievo in tutte le nazioni in cui e' presente una comunita' italiana.

 TORONTO, CANADA JIMI RECEIVES CERTOSA AWARD. Jimi was recently presented with the Certosa Award for his exceptional contribution to the Arts by the Serra San Bruno Association, an association representing his home town in Italy. The black-tie event saw 700 turn out to the lavish awards dinner which took place on October 23rd at the Renaissance Parque in Toronto.An esteemed group of individuals traveled directly from Italy to be in attendance. Included were Raffaele Lo Iacono, the Mayor of Serra San Bruno, Dr. Cesare Pelaia, Vice President of the Montana community of the Serre along with municipal and provincial councilors, Bruno Censore, Councilor for the Calabria Region, and Dr. Domenico Dominelli, Councilor for the Province of Vibo Valentia. Also present at the awards ceremony were Tony Ianno, Member of Parliament of Canada, Mario Sergio, Ontario Member of Parliament, Judge Salvatore Merenda, Manlio D'Ambrosio, ex-president of the National Congress of Italo-Canadians, Basilio Policaro, Advisor for Calabria, Antonio Nicaso, president of the Federation of Calabresi in Ontario, Mimmo Sisca, president of the Confederation of the Cosentine Associations, and Father Gianni Carparelli, founder of the Caritas Centre for drug abuse and dependency. Jimi was one of four honored that night. The other three also receiving awards were MP Joseph Cordino - Minister Of Development of Canada; Dr. Domenic Barillari - Chief Scientist, Guelph University; and Michael Simonetta - CEO 1st Asset Financial.Adding to the excitement of the evening, Jimi treated the audience to a short performance. He sang his hit song "Bye Bye Bambina Occhi blu", the Italian translated version of "Goodbye Farewell" and "Sempre", a new love song with both Italian and English lyrics.

Harvey is still pursuing his comedy schtick and Maury is there to support him. Although his humor needs work or perhaps a writer.Harvey insists that he made the right choice.


This Day

Emotions, denial, and fear are the words scripted
In our hearts we knew the time was near.
Like young soldiers to battle
We stood tall and brave,
Unknown of what to expect.
We were lead by his leader
Encouraged by her words of wisdom.
We saw him wounded and bound
His strength was like thunder.
We were called to his battlefield
Not knowing what to think.
Would he lead on, or was this his day.
The sores were visible yet he never cried his pain.
We put down our artillery gathered by his side.
The sun had settled, the train had passed
Our soldier has gone.
We raise his flag with the embroiled five stars
A diamond in the middle
We salute our soldier to his new journey.

Domenico Bertucci June 6 2010 

 Don't put your hand near the board!!! Rich Kluth sound engineer for Jimi B does not like anyone near his board when he is working. Rich is currently with Orange County band Bristol To Memory, an Alternative Rock/Pop-Punk band that has been established in the LA/OC music scene since to 2005. Mr. Kluth can capture a tight sound and a solid mix. Rich is the owner of System 2000 an A/V corporation. Have an event need the right person to produce your sound and video give rich a call or send Rich an email for some sound advice...

Jimi and Marisa hosting the Common Spirit Awards. 2011



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Listen to the New Country from BNOrecordingUSA newest artist Juliana Bertucci.   
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Jewelery can also be symbolic .
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DYK that Jimi was considering being a pro hockey player. His dad always thought he would be part of the NHL. 


What have we here mon ami?....why, it's our pop rocker friend Jimi Bertucci, the incredible Doug Riley and the rebel of soul David Clayton Thomas. The three caught up at the 2ND Annual Domenic Troiano Tribute "We All Need Love". It was a who's who of musica Canadiana moguls...(more)  

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Juliana Bertucci New Country  

My parent's first new car was a 73 Buick station wagon. I remember as a 13 year old camping in it the first night we had it. With the AM dial on CFCY, Jimi was interviewed about Abraham's Children playing in Abraham's Village here on PEI! They played "Thank You" after the interview. That song stuck to me like glue all these years! I found the song again last week. Not having heard it for 35 years, I enjoyed the memory trip back in that new 73 Buick Century! Best wishes from PEI! JD (more) 
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