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The Police Busted - Two members of the band The Police were busted outside a concert hall in Hamilton, Ontario. The lead singer bass player and keyboardist for the group...(read More) 

THE SILENCE THAT ROARED - He was a military man, a father, a husband and an individual that reached out and captured his dream. The tall trees becam...(read More)   

MY DINNER WITH LIBERACE Sittng on the edge of the bed in my Toronto apartment, I pulled on my black jeans and Beatle boots. Looking in the mirror, I ...(read More)  

ELTON JOHN SAVES THE DAY - It was a cold day. I really don't remember what day it was, only that the night before was filled with all the things that make up rock n' roll...(read More) 

Trippy trippy hippie dah dah. MANNA was one of the first bands that Jimi put together. Along with Chet Paszkowski on drums and Bruce Palait on guitar, the trio would rehearse vigorously everyday in the basement of...(read more) 

 JIMI B.(C) (A&M) After a short stint with Abraham's Children, Jim finally has it all together on this album. Appearing on background vocals is BB GABOR, whose influences can be felt throughout the LP. Check our Jimi's version of BB GABOR's "SHAKE" from his GIRLS OF THE FUTURE ALBUM $$$












































































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(cont'd from iUpdate) Jimi Bertucci: The Neverending Story of a True Artist by Eric B ...................... BIGMUSIC.ORG

Music history is filled with artists who should have been a more significant success. Of these artists, Jimi Bertucci is one of the most talented and acclaimed. Though not as widely known as he was in the 70s, Bertucci was one of the earliest progenitors of power pop and one of its most gifted creators.
His music history spans multiple decades, several promising groups, and a solo career that is still active to this very day. We think that fans of “Big Star,” “Badfinger,” “Cheap Trick,” and “The Flaming Groovies” will love Bertucci's hard, diverse, and unforgettable music.

Music Captured Bertucci at a Young Age
Jimi Bertucci was born in Serra San Bruno, Calabria, Italy as Vincenzo Donato Bertucci before immigrating to Canada at the age of six. Vincenzo's musically-gifted uncle Sam, an early live experience with the Beatles, and the gift of a Hofner bass helped inspire Bertucci to pursue a music career. As a teen, he formed “The London Tones” with Ron Bartley and Glen Olive and played British Invasion style music for years before adding Bob McPherson and Brian Cotterill to expand the group's sound. During the late 60s, they grew tighter and settled on the name “Captain Midnight.”

The Highs and Lows of Abraham's Children
“Captain Midnight” was first noticed by music-biz legend Jack Morrow in 1970. Morrow was impressed by their hard-hitting style, their skilled arrangements, the excellent playing, and the powerful singing voice of Bertucci. By now, Vincenzo went almost solely by his nickname, Jimi, and was writing most of their music. Unfortunately, they were forced to change their name after an American band named “Captain Midnight” threatened suit. Thankfully, they came up with “Abraham's Children" and a series of diverse singles soon followed,showing a band and songwriter who could handle multiple different sounds.Their early work intrigued Buddha Record's Nick Bogart, the manwho helped discover and promote KISS. He hooked them up with George Semkiw in 1973 to produce their sole studio album “Time.” The record is an impressive – and underappreciated – reminder of the rich musical palate of the early 70s.Throughout “Time,” the band plays tight
rock and roll with a thick guitar style that was impressively melodic and memorable for the time. However, they also integrate instruments like flutes, congos, and the string-emulating mellotron to create a vibrant and stylish sound.

Angel, The Police, and Name Conflicts
“Abraham's Children” was seeing big success in Canada and launched a tour of the whole country throughout 1974. They had enough material for a new album and even changed their name to “The Children” to showcase a more mature direction. Unfortunately, serious musical differences caused Bertucci to leave the group in 1975. While “The Children” continued to release singles without Bertucci, none were able to catch the highs of the previous album and the band folded shortly after that. However, Jimi remained as bold and ambitious as ever, forming an R&B band called “Angel” in 1975. “Angel” released just one single, “Winning Ways,” before being forced to change their name due to a little-remembered American heavy metal band that was big at the time. As “Space Patrol,” Bertucci released another single, “Burning Love,” in 1976. The material released during this time was funky rock and roll. It featured the unique Bertucci touch but didn't catch on with international audiences. Another name conflict brought an abrupt end to Bertucci's next solo project, “The Police,” and inspired him to release his first solo album in 1981. This album was filled with the kind of detailed power pop, soul, and R&B that had become Bertucci's main musical style. However, it had a sharper songwriting edge, a little more grit, and should have been a significant hit.

Bertucci's Story is Not Yet Done
Though Jimi never got the kind of stardom that he deserved, he remains a hardworking and respected international musician. He continually tours and occasionally releases new albums, such as 2002's “Through the Eyes of Vincenzo.”And while his music is mostly rock or power pop, Bertucci has also released New Age albums under the name Natopus. There truly is very little that Bertucci cannot do, and fans of power pop owe it to themselves to check out his diverse and always exciting music


 Before they were Abraham's Children they were Just Us.

Live Yuciapa, California

Photo by John R. Rowlands

Canadian Cold Cuts - Jimi B (A&M) Jimi Bertucci's first album since leaving Abraham's Children and Angel is worthy of his potential as a solo artist, but its variety has left his style too vague to establish a focal point. The two-sided-split concept he attempts here is emphasized by the cover photography -- wave experiments and sweet rock. Side one is fast and trendy, but falters at Shake and Touch Me when he mixes the wrong ingredients, starting with the basic riffs. Honourable mention goes to O'Dee an account of Jimi's experience with a hermaphrodite that is as weird as it's unique. The flip side belongs to AM and FM respectively with ballads Wickless Dynamite and Strange Feeling displaying a strong point in his writing and AOP anthem, All American Boy, flashing his capability for an honest rocker. He penned all the songs except Red White and Blue and Shake which were co-written with BB Gabor. This album will probably receive lukewarm reception from the consumers but with radio support it is the type to catch on quickly into a brush fire. Although Jimi offers us nothing revolutionary, he has battered freshness into his form of today's music trends. His next step is to patent himself as a musician of impressive variety and unique style, as is apparent in this album. Rating Good (By Lola)  



Canadian Musician - Jimi B A&M SP9069 Recorded at Masters Workshop Producer Jimi B Engineers Steve Vaughn, Paul Massey - Jimi B's self titled disc comes as a breath of fresh air to Toronto's new wave scene. It's well produced and contains some excellent playing. BN's singing and writing are great. He punks out successfully on the first-rate new wave songs and also shows that he sing a moving ballad. Jimi B has a lot of fun with the new wavish material like "Shake" "Red White and Blue" and "Touch Me". The bouncing rhythms, weird vocals and strange metallic sounds make the songs terrific. Perhaps The oddest song is "ODee" which is reminscent of the spoons or Talking Heads. B. shows his other side in songs like the pop-ish "All American Boy" and "Unit #1980". Two ballads have been included in the album: "Strange Feeling" and "Wickless Dynamite" B. sings with conviction on "Strange Feeling" but he sounds a bit strained on the other. They're strong tunes nevertheless and round out the album well.   Los Angeles Times - The opening act local rocker Jimi B. was as obtuse and impenetrable as the Rankins' set was direct and accessible. A long time Toronto resident who said he has been living in Orange County for about 10 years, Jimi B. (Bertucci) led his four cohorts through a handful of meandering original songs that included traces of 70s' rock a la Steely Dan or Todd Rundgren with neither the sophisticated chops of the former nor the pop catchiness of the latter.  (Boo Hoo) Apparentlly Randy Lewis did not like the band.

Magnet Pink...Her beauty reveals soft sacred magnet pink, Brushing the fabric silk curves eyes shut The tower his jewels the rapid mind nervous rush,Still is the water hearts pound for life rousing the spirits, Images in mirrors protrude without reflected vision, Have you cut without bleeding in rains cold? (order)   The Standard JIMI B - Jimi B is actually Jimi Bertucci, the active ingredient behind the defunct Abraham's Children, a band that spent many an evening dodging fists at the illustrious downtown Montebello Inn and Casualty Centre. Jimi's still pretty face tells me he's held up his guard with some determination over the years. This album is a reminder that Toronto has plenty more good music to offer.

Keith Elshaw In The Grooves - Q107 FM Jimi B. Jimi B A & M 9069 Jimi (Bertucci) B's career has been incubating for 10 years since he fronted " Abraham's Children, " a band which had a lot of success in Canada. Through ups and downs he has been writing material which documents a young man's odyssey through the streets, his encounters with society's special cases, his romantic dreams, and philosophical notations. A bassist primarily, his music has a rhythmic attitude which is appealing. The lyrics are catchy, poetic, topical. Jimi seems to be the kind of performer we expect to be a star and sing to us about our vulnerability whilst living in the grand style. He sounds more like a New Yorker than a Torontonian- or maybe it 's just that now we've grown up and can produce and recognize star qualities in ourselves. Jimi B is a classy artist, and his debut album should be well received, because it is all in the grooves  

THE RECORD REVIEWS  Jimi B - Jimi B A&m SP -9069 Jimi Bertucci is a veteran songwriter on the Canadian scene, and when he chooses to rock this album is first-rate - check Red White & Blue, Shake and All American Boy, which is a string AM grabber, Much of the rest, however meanders badly and has little substance - if the artist could live up to the promise of the three cuts mentioned, he's be a major star. Meanwhile, All American Boy is one of the best rock songs of the last 12 months.*** (photo by Josh Krogan)  

 CIAO MR. COSTELLO (cont'd from listen)...Liberace, Dick Clark, Johnny Carson and more, but the most memorable of them all was Mr. Costello. His home was not a palace, of marble and stone, but a growth of bushes that occupied the entrance of the market. I would often visit the local smoke shop and buy him his favorite pipe tobacco. We would converse in English and Italian, over a cup of coffee or a soda. I became a regular routine for me to visit this gentle man, and I felt my presence was also a welcome aspect of his days. Although I had moved away from this surf haven, I continued to inquire about his well being. My heart sunk the day I heard that Mr. Costello had been attacked, robbed, and left for dead. I was happy to hear that the city of Malibu had placed a bronze plaque, in his memory, near the shrubbery he called home. Whenever I revisit the ocean playground, I stop at the shrine, and know that he was always on the winning side.

Jimi B. (which is for Bertucci) is another Canadian who is heading up the ladder of success. It has taken Jimi 10 years to be called an overnight sensation, but he is finally attaining a certain amount of that elusive quantity know as stardom. For anyone who feels he might be a trivia freak, it was Jimi B. who started Abraham's Children, and yes it was their Goddess Of Nature that was released on the United Artists Records. Score top marks for getting both those right. Anyway, Jimi's self titled album on A&M Records should help introduce him to some new fans. While there are some losers here (Shake) there are some winners like All American Boy and some good songs that are on the border of good (Bodies In The River, Strange Feeling). The set will not be a runnaway hit, but could garner a fair amount of interest. Barry Sweeney. 

MUSIC EXPRESS JIMI B A&M 9060 With his self-titled album Jimi B has decided once again to venture out into the touchy world of rock. Jimi Bertucci started out with Abraham's Children in the early 70s and managed a couple of Canadian hits including, Good-bye Farewell in 1972 and Gypsy in 1973. Jimi B hasn't recorded since Goddess of Nature in 1975. For his first album, the Toronto native has enlisted BB Gabor and other top session musicians. Gabor is probably best remembered for capturing the publics imagination a couple of years ago with Metropolitan Life and Soviet Jewellery. Handling all the song writing and production Jimi B comes up with a pleasant album of rockers that rely on catchy hooks, while his singing strains to catch the sincerity of singerslike Springsteen and John Cougar. Jimi B's preoccupation with the American Dream makes Red White & Blue and All American Boy seem a bit contrived for a Canadian kid. However Touch Me and Wickless Dynamite are standouts on the positive side of the spectrum. (photo Pickering High School circa 60s)  

SOUND ADVICE By Brian Wakil Artist: Jimi B Album: Jimi B Label: A&M SP9069 Leave it to Toronto to produce another fresh breeze in what has lately become a progressively stale North American scene. Jimi B is an artist and album that flaunts very periodic flashes of imagination in writing and performance. In fact, Jimi B. could quite possibly be the most exportable Canadian musical talent this year, unless something dramatic surfaces. With the assistance of well known Toronto performers, BB Gabor and Prakash John, the album becomes a veritable catapult of influence and style. The moments of excitement out number the more mainstream two to one. If the Cars hadn't lost direction and interest and was still producing albums as progressive and interesting as its first, it would probably not sound unlike Jimi B. The big difference here is that Jimi B hasn't yet sacrificed inventiveness for strict formula. News Advertiser  

Now Magazine - Jimi B's Schizo JIMI B (A&M) Rating: NN Toronto's Jimi B. might have only one name but he's got two musical personalities, on this his first A&M record. Side one is a painful collection of music which Jimi and his buddies B.B. Gabor and others sound like Cars-clones (and the Cars don't even do good Cars these days). The first side is full of annoying . vocal gimmicks and non melodic songs reminiscent of bad B.B. Gabor. Gabor doesn't do Jimi any favors by bringing along a tedious song Shake from his latest album. Toronto's hottest bassist, Prakash John provides the only interesting moments here. On side two Jimi does a complete turnaround and moves from doing used Cars to classic Canuck-pop-rock in the Prism, Saga, Loverboy mode. Lots of soaring vocals and "uplifting guitar breaks". While not my cup of tea, it's pleasant stuff and All American Boy should be the first single from the album. There's some nice flashy guitar work, Jimi stops messing around with his vocals and lets his pleasant voice shine through. Michael Hollett ( photo by google)  

ROCK LINES By Dirk Kiy - Jimi B Jimi B - Fist Fleet Street Furnished by A&M Records - Although Canadian bands don't nearly get the amount of push and air time that American and British rock bands do, There are some very impressive homegrown bands going. Such in the case with the new Jimi B album. Unfortunately with the good, there is quite often, the not so good, and the Fist album falls under that category. Let's start with the better album. Jimi Bertucci was raised in "Little Italy" in Toronto and has had some success back in the seventies with a band that some of you may remember, called Abraham's Children, who's :Goddess of Nature received some airplay. Jimi B has now come back with a dynamite debut solo album which he wrote, produced and does all the singing on. This is a Canadian album all the way, being recorded in Toronto, and using some fine Canadian musicians, such as bass player Prakash John (best known for his work with Alice Cooper) and the fast rising BB Gabor. The album has a multitude of different sounds, but side one is all new wave, from the very strange start of "Red White and Blue," with its hints of Peter Gabriel to the Cars - like "O Dee" which closes the side.The other two cuts on the opening side are not as strong as the two mentioned, but they are definitely - different.The lyrics are sharp and witty from " she knows what to say she knows what to do, she's sticking to me like crazy glue" to "O Dee's" sex change subject matter. Side two is more standard in musical terms, but it is super not a weak cut on it. "All American Boy" is a great cut complete with a real nice guitar break and background singing."Strange Feeling" is slow, very pretty number, that is perfect AM material, not meaning it's poppy, just a great song. A vocoder serves as the voice of "Unit 1980" a robot "motivated by the future". This is sneakingly. reminiscent of Nick Gilder. (photo by google)  
I really like your stuff Jimi. Kind of sounds like The Pixies with more heart and soul. The drums sound too simple to be honest amd you might want to put in another extra instrument? Really surprised how much I lole your 1st few songs. Even the titles sound cool. I'll get back to you when I listen to more . Aaron C - Calgary Alberta

Ciao Magazine 
A fine piece of story-telling backed by incredibly intricate and talented pop music. An assortment of seasoned guest players compliment Jimi's style. With songs like Dark Side, Passion and Innocence and 1965 that topped the MP3 sites last year, the quality of the music is unquestionable. This is a unique blend of sounds with a couple of live cuts. The majority of songs were available last year, but have recently been remastered and re-released. Destined to be an international hit, the love song Sempre, is enough reason in itself to check this out. Learn more at www.jimib.com.  
By Nick Krewen For NightLife: Now here's a real blast from the past--- remember the hits Goodbye Farewell and Gypsy? If you replied Abraham's Children, go to the head of the class. Better yet, if you answered Abraham's Children, why not just go see them instead tonight atthe Lil Big Horn. It'll be their first show in this area since 1976. " I think it was 1976," replies singer Jimi Bertucci 53, from Los Angeles, who co-founded the Toronto pop band as a high schooler. " That was probably our last tour of Canada." That was also the year Bertucci left the band, which had signed to United Artists Records and was operating under the name The Children, to go solo. He released one album as Jimi B on A&M before leaving dor Los Angeles and forming the bands Angel (not the Gregg Guiffria-led unit) and Space Patrol before returning to his solo career... and, as fate would have it a few decades later, a refurbished Abraham's Children  

Wallaceburg News Weekender - Bertucci has been announced for almost a decade. His original band Abraham's Children who had three albums released but shortly after the third album in 1975 the band dismembered. Since then he has been traveling around, continuing to write and produce until last year when he returned to Toronto to sign with A&M. His debut album features some good Canadian artists; bassist Prakash John, guitarists BB Gabor and Peter Follett, and keyboardist Jody Colero. Best cuts - Shake, Touch Me, Strange Feeling, Unit No.1980. Jimi B is on his way be sure to get a listen to the new sounds and new songs of Jimi B. Kathie Evenson  www.tunecore.com/music/jimibertucci
 Times Columnist - Jimi Bertucci: Jimmy B. (A&M) Vocalist songwriter Jimi Bertucci has paid his dues in the music business in Toronto and Italy over the past decade and his debut album on A&M shows a lot of polish. While some of the songs owe a lot to the recent British influences (Red White and Blue and Touch Me could have come from the some of the impressionistic rock bands of Northern England), others are fine middle-of-the-road listening. Strange Feeling for example, and All American Boy (an obvious pitch for the U.S. market), will probably get a lot of airplay. There are touches of metal (with Jimi himself on bass guitar) on Shake and Unit #1980 . Other musicians include guitarist BB Gabor and Peter Follett with Jody Colero on keys and vocorder. While there is nothing outstanding about this Canadian album, it makes for pleasant, if slightly unusual listening, especially Bodies in the river. ----Paul Bennett

Corremio Certosa 2005 Premiato insieme a Cordiano, Simonetta e BarillariÈ arrivato in Canada a 6 anni con una chitarra per bambini di plastica e ora è uno dei più grandi interpreti della musica pop e rock del Nordamerica. È Jimi (Vincenzo) Bertucci, nato a Serra San Bruno in Calabria nel 1951. Sabato 22 ottobre è il suo compleanno e domenica 23 gli viene assegnato il premio Certosa 2005 per il suo "eccezionale contributo all'arte" dall'Associazione San Bruno. Insieme a lui, per il 2005 saranno premiati presso il Renaissance Parque, al n? 2800 della Hwy 7 W., a Concord, il ministro provinciale per lo Sviluppo Economico, Joseph Cordiano, Michael Simonetta e Domenico Barillari.Bertucci, nell'intervista rilasciata al Corriere, rivive con intensa commozione il suo viaggio nel 1956 dalla Calabria verso il Canada e la sua successiva affermazione."Il giorno prima suonavo la mia chitarra giocattolo sul balcone di casa mia a Serra San Bruno e il giorno dopo ero sulla nave La Roma diretto in Canada. Lassù mi sono anche perso e mia madre dopo che io l'ho ritrovata, per la gioia mi baciava, mi abbracciava ma mi dava anche qualche scapaccione". "Abbiamo abitato a Grace Street - racconta - vicino la chiesa di San Francesco, su College e lì ho affrontato il difficile inserimento nella realtà canadese. Ho lottato a scuola per superare le differenze che c'erano. Non parlavo inglese e vestivo con i vestiti italiani che mia madre mi dava; finché un giorno, per non sentirmi diverso ho chiesto ai miei di darmi i jeans e le scarpe da ginnastica". Dal suo racconto, Bertucci fa emergere il suo carattere forte e determinato. "Ascoltavo la radio e ho detto: voglio anch'io "entrare in radio"". E Vincenzo Bertucci ha realizzato il suo sogno grazie alla collaborazione dei suoi genitori che lo hanno assecondato. "La svolta è arrivata nel 1964. Vado al negozio Julio music store - continua - vicino all'angolo dove ora c'è il Diplomatico e il proprietario mi fa vedere una chitarra elettrica, la Hofner, come quella dei Beatles e mi chiede se mi piaceva. Mi brillavano gli occhi e dico di sì e quello, facendomi quasi svenire mi dice: prendila è tua. I tuoi genitori l'hanno prenotata per te tre mesi fa e finalmente è arrivata". "A 15 anni poi decido di non andare a scuola e dedicarmi completamente alla musica. I miei non si oppongono alla mia decisione".A raggiungere il successo, a insegnargli la musica e a insegnargli a suonare il mandolino, la chitarra e la fisarmonica ci ha pensato suo zio Salvatore.Bertucci da allora ha sempre composto la sua musica e ha scritto i suoi testi.Nel suo ultimo cd Passion & Innocence, fatto col suo gruppo Abraham's Children racconta i suoi ultimi 30 anni di vita professionale e racconta soprattutto la vita a College e Grace Street. In questo cd, c'è anche una canzone in italiano. "Si chiama Sempre - dice Bertucci -è una canzone d'amore e l'ho scritta e dedicata a mia nipote che si sposava. Era il mio regalo di nozze".Ma Bertucci, con un'altra canzone ha fatto felice anche un'altra donna: sua madre a cui nel 1972 dedicò la prima canzone in italiano: Bye, bye bambina occhi blu. Uno dei tanti successi come Goodbye Farewell, Gypsy, Thank you. Data pubblicazione: 2005-10-19Indirizzo pagina originale: http://www.corriere.com/viewstory.php?storyid=44709  



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Listen to the New Country from BNOrecordingUSA newest artist Juliana Bertucci. 
Corremio Certosa 2005 Premiato - Elton John Saves The Day -- My Dinner With Liberace - Trippy Dippy Manna - Police Busted - Saywhat - The Silence That Roared - New Country - Variations on Gould - The Pig and The Artists - Photos - Jewellery - The Killing Road - Scoop - King of Soul & The Death - Retroiki - Poetry - Scott Carpenter - retroiki2 - Jennifer Dale - Motown Music Arranger, David Van De Pitte, dies at 67 - John Saxon Man At Peace -
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 AMGOLO DELLA MUSICA LEGGERA - a cura di: Mario Marasco - E' I'unico cantante Italiano residente in Canada che attualmente sta riscuotendo successo anche ne campoinglese. Capeggia il complesso de; " Abraham's Children" ed oltre ad essere un ottima impostazione di voce che le permette di interpretare divinamente sia i pezzi ritmici che melodici. I componenti del complesso sono: Brian Cotterill, Ron Bartley, Jim Bertucci e Bob McPherson: Il complesso appartiene all scuderia della: "Avenue of America Records Ltd." E' stato emesso il primo 45 girl dal la G.A.S. Records - un grande sucesso americano tradatto


Live at Hollywood On The Queensway in Toronto, Ontario Canada. The band kicked off their Canadian dates at this famous rock landmark. AC performed all their hits including material from their latest cd 30. The new cd is filled with cuts that have never been released, a couple of live songs and some radio interviews.This disc also includes a 16 page booklet with lots of neat pictures and stories. After the show the group met with dedicated fans that waited with CD's, albums, books and pictures hoping to get autographs and chat.Over the years Abraham's Children went through some musical changes as well as members , but the essence of the music still remains. The meet and greet saw fans of all ages .The band plans on taking a couple of days off and then continue on the road. Manager Marisa Lang explained that many dates are being added and the possibilities of Europe are looking good.   

Jimi B Jimi B - Instrumentally, this is an interesting album, full of churning rock guitar and a rhythm section that really pushes the music along. Unfortunately the vocals and lyrics are embarrassingly infantile and cliche, one out of three aint that great at record prices these days. Oshawa Times 

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