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Hi Jimi B - I saw you guys at Club 369 and I was blown away with the sound that came off the stage. You guys rocked and the songs were amazing. I can't wait to see you guys at The Roxy we have a limo taking a bunch of us girls there. Are you seeing anyone? Jenn Weston, Newport Beach Ca
 I didn't quite agree with the review in the LA Times OC. It's like the guy was at a different concert. You guys were awesome and tight. Robert W. Santa Ana Ca
 I just received Postcards & Musica and the sticker and the picks which I never expected.I love this CD. I must have played it 4 times already. Thanks Edward P. Halifax NS










































































Songs are very much like postcards. You attempt to say a lot within a small space. Order your copy now. store
BNOrecordingUSA our own label since 1996. Because we wanted to keep our integrity.(order now)

It's so refreshing to hear a new Christmas song that is full of life and joy. Thank you Jimi B we really appreciate your talent. And yes I pre-ordered the 45. Susan Pembroke-Atlanta Georgia USA   


Jimi Bertucci: The Neverending Story of a True Artist - by Eric B. BIGMUSIC

Music history is filled with artists who should have been a more significant success. Of these artists, Jimi Bertucci is one of the most talented and acclaimed. Though not as widely known as he was in the 70s, Bertucci was one of the earliest progenitors of power pop...(read more from BIGMUSIC)


In the mid-1970s, a young Toronto band called Abraham’s Children found themselves on the North American charts with the songs “Gypsy” and “Goodbye, Farewell,” written by bassist/vocalist Jimi Bertucci. It was actually an introduction to the wider music world for the singer/songwriter, who had dedicated himself to rock and roll at the age of 13 after seeing The Beatles at Toronto’s Maple Leaf Gardens in 1964.( read more ) https://gigsoupmusic.com/pr/introducing-jimi-bertucci/

Ranked #25 on the list Most famous Musicians from Italy...
Very impressive! You know, all this time, especially being here in Malaysia, I felt my music collection wasn't complete (or even my soul) without having the song "Gypsy'. It's such a haunting beautiful piece that I almost melted just hearing the clip. Can't wait to get my hands on the CD. Was one of my all-time faves growing up and it still is. Allan - Malaysia (read more feedback
 MY DINNER WITH LIBERACE Sittng on the edge of the bed in my Toronto apartment, I pulled on my black jeans and Beatle boots. Looking in the mirror, I combed my long hair and straightened the collar of my black leather jacket. It had to have been during the 70's. I was ( more )

Welcome to jimib.com - the official site of Jimi Bertucci, internationally recognized singer, songwriter and hit-maker. Bertucci is best known as the founding member and lead singer-songwriter of the hugely successful Canadian pop/rock group Abraham's Children who splashed onto the 70's music charts with what would become a string of hit songs that continue to be heard on radio stations across the country today. During the years that followed, Bertucci founded successful bands like Space Patrol, Angel and The Police, while also pursuing a solo career. Recent years have seen things come full circle when he reformed Abraham's Children and got the band touring once again. Jimi Bertucci's musical career has brought him international acclaim having recorded in both English and Italian and he's still going strong. It's all here on the official site…listen to the music, browse the store, check upcoming tour dates and hear what others have to say. This is one of the very few sites that offers exclusive items and music of Jimi Bertucci and Abraham's Children. We know you will enjoy cruising our pages. As one of our banners states, jimib.com is not always about music. Here you can find some very creative writing as well as photos from a number of the finest photographers of our time. Over the years we have had thousands of visitors from all over the globe. We thank you for not only surfing on our site, but for all the support through your purchases and comments. ML Management 

Read the complete story in Italian about the first Certosa Award given to Jimi for his contribution to the arts.

I love your music and your seductive poetry. I first heard your music years ago at The Roxy theater in Hollywood , what a great concert that was and I'm amazed on all the new stuff on your website. I read about Kelvin's passing sorry. Give my best to the band and hope to see you soon. Isabella Grant - Fullerton, CA.

LOS ANGELES, CA JIMI BERTUCCI . Born Vincenzo Donato Bertucci in Serra San Bruno, Calabria Italy, he immigrated to Toronto, Canada at the young age of six. Jimi lived in a large household of relatives in Toronto's "little Italy”, including his Uncle Sam who could play a variety of instruments including the accordion and mandolin. Over time, Uncle Sam's musical influence over the young Vincenzo would become profound. After being the lucky winner of tickets from "Sam the Record Man", Jimi went to see the Beatles perform Live at Maple Leaf Gardens in Toronto at the impressionable age of 13. It was following that monumental experience that he became inspired to envision his life as a musician. The surprise gift of a Hofner Beatle bass by his parents sealed his fate. He soon met another local musician Ron Bartley and together they would form their first group called "Just Us." They later added Bob McPherson and Brian Cotterill to the group and, following a number of name changes, the hit-making band "Abraham's Children" was born. As the band’s principal songwriter, Jimi penned their first national hit song called "Goodbye Farewell" while signed to Gas Records. Other hits followed including Gypsy, Thank You and Goddess Of Nature. The band toured heavily and extensively to large enthusiastic crowds. Wanting to explore other avenues with his music Jimi embarked in a different direction in 1976 leaving The Children behind. (read more)

LET'S DO LUNCH - CONTACT INFORMATION: ((( WOW2210 PRODUCTIONS ))) PHONE: TORONTO: 416 941-9905 LOS ANGELES: 323 536-6668 ............................................email us for any special event or live show.
 THE BLOG - A riveting look at life in the blog, where verbal wars defend opinions, beliefs, philosophies and down right dirt. The offerings? politics, sex, celebrities, religion and more. Dare to enter the forum of demon literary egos as they splash into cyber monologs and anticipate the kill of words. Mr. Bertucci's wit is razor-sharp and he wastes no time in biting the innocent lurker. check it out
  Jennifer Dale Reborn Toronto - One of life's little pleasures is having the opportunity to converse with interesting people and, if they happen to be intelligent, well spoken, as well as beautiful, the ride of discourse becomes (more) WALK OF FAME FOR JOE: The uninspiring drive to Indio had its regular bleak landscape, sand and windmills. I was headed to the Frank Sinatra Starkey Hearing Foundation Celebrity Invitational (SHFCI) Golf Tournament Gala in thePalm Springs desert. Affectionately tagged “Franks little party in the desert”, (more)
Robert Davi - Crushing Grapes - The 10 Freeway into Los Angeles has to be the baddess freeway in the world. It was constructed by Satan. An asphalt and concrete road of toxic hell that challenges the Angelino raged raccoons questions (more)     Always Fresh - The orange skies and balmy evening brought a melancholy rush to my body as I strolled down Santa Monica Boulevard towards the water. I noticed a long line of enthused patrons holding Starbuck coffee cups and chatting while waiting (more)
LONG BEACH, CA - SURVIVING JANIS JOPLIN - A woman like no other, Peggy's fast-paced stories burn a hole through the fabric of time, allowing me a quick vision of the whirlwind of changes occurring in San Francisco during the sixties. Her experimental wisdom, developed over the years, came across as vividly honest. Although I was born at least a generation too late, I've always held a certain affinity for the ideals which sprung forth from the transitional period we often associate with typical images like bare feet, hitchhiking, and flowers in the hair, or what is commonly referred to as "hippie-love-sh*t". She arrived on the scene before the scent of revolution was even in the air. Growing up in New Orleans, she traveled to New York for a time, and collected many ...(more)  


Beverly D'Angelo

Victor Altomare 

 Scott Carpenter

Andy Donato

Elton John


Joe Pantoliano In Control "Yo Joe whaja got happin" . This is how I envision my relationship with Mr. Pantoliano had we been good paesanos growing up together in Hoboken, playing ball hockey in the streets or splashing one another in the Hudson River on those hot summer days. Dreaming was a big part of our m.o. Yeah we would be buds for sure, popular with the girls and hanging out at the local joint. One day you're punching each other in the arm and the next. I don't know if Joe is a vegetarian or likes peanuts, yeah google this. What I do know is he is one of the best actors out there. In …(more)
 Vaughan ON, BEVERLY D"ANGELO THE NATURAL - Have you ever felt a rush of silent energy that moves your inner soul? At seven in the morning, with eyes wide shut, I flopped myself onto the black leather couch against the mixing console that had probably seen a lot of rock n roll. Recording studios were designed to...(more)

 Beverly Hills, CA Connie Stevens is perhaps one of the most beautiful women on and off screen. Born Concetta Rosalie Ann Ingoglia This multi-talented dynamic performer has captured the hearts of millions via Broadway, TV, or as a Recording Artist. She began singing and was the first artist to be signed to the newly ...(more)

FATHER GREGORY BOTTE - 1940 - 2012 As a young boy I was shackled under the gothic stones of this mystical Catholic temple for a good portion of my youth. The sunlight penetrated the stained glass art through the bodies of the immortal characters, as the hooded monks waved their incense back and forth, chanting words that would often send chills to my being. These are not the comforts that a six year old feels sitting on the hard wooden piers, clutching at his mother's dress. The voices of the ancient ... (more)

 TORONTO, CAN - ELTON JOHN SAVES THE DAY - It was a cold day. I really don't remember what day it was, only that the night before was filled with all the things that make up rock n' roll and my head was confirming that. The taxi dropped me off at "Eastern Sound" an upper crust studio located in the heart of downtown ...(more)
            Now Magazine Jimi B's Schizo JIMI B (A&M) Rating: NN Toronto's Jimi B.

Italian Walk Of Fame commercial 2010 Produced by WOW2210 Productions. Music "Speranza" By Jimi Bertucci

Goddess of Nature with Stan Kulin>>>>>

Italian Walk Of Fame commercial 2009 Produced by WOW2210 Productions. Featuring award winning actor Nick Mancuso.

Harvey & Maury are back>>>>>>

Malibu CA - SAXON MAN AT PEACE - By now many of you have discovered that my admiration for westerns is almost as large as my love for music. One Christmas, back when the tube was still black and white and the choice of channels was somewhat limited, I received a silver and white pearl gun encased in a fancy multi-colored rhinestone holster along with a red cowboy hat…wasn't too impressed with the hat, but it grew on me. This was another step in the subtle conformity and acclimation of my youth towards a new culture.
The fifties was an era of discovery and if you were lucky enough to own a TV you were the hit of the neighborhood. Sunday night was a family favorite as the big-shouldered man, also known as Ed Sullivan, would entertain us with a variety of interesting guests. On one particular evening the Italian community was rockin' when a petite...(more)





MADAGASCAR - The dictionary defines poetry as, "the writing of poems; the art of writing poems" and my favorite, "poetic quality of spirit". I began expressing myself with words when I was ten or eleven years old. The English language was still somewhat fresh to me and discovering new words was thrilling. I would often run to my Italian mother...(more) 

THE MALIBU SERIES. I remember landing in Los Angeles. It was around 1:30 in the morning and what seemed like an endless tiring flight. The only person I knew in LA was my agent ...(read more)

Corremio Certosa 2005 Premiato - Elton John Saves The Day -- My Dinner With Liberace - Trippy Dippy Manna - Police Busted - Saywhat - The Silence That Roared - New Country - Variations on Gould - The Pig and The Artists - Photos - Jewellery - The Killing Road - Scoop - King of Soul & The Death - Retroiki - Poetry - Scott Carpenter - retroiki2 - Jennifer Dale - Motown Music Arranger, David Van De Pitte, dies at 67 - John Saxon Man At Peace -
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I was able to manipulate the hand-me-down system and, at times, my parents .


Blogger: yes, Joy you should no longer "attack" poor Elizabeth, that narrow minded idiot who can't form two intelligent words of her own that are not part of the same old same old party line. That kool-aid comment is just another example of avoidance of the issues by attacking the candidate

VDB: HUh...avoidance - issues-narrow minded idiot I know this a long shot, but are you a Liberal....(order the book)   


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This message is for Jimmy. I went to your concert at the RemFest. I was so excited to see you. I hadn't seen you since the 70's when you played in London and I was really glad you chatted with me after your show. You haven't changed a bit still as handsome as ever. Thanks for the great music you gave us. Donna H. London  
 TORONTO SUN Seventies-era Toronto bubble-gum pop band Abraham's Children are reuniting tonight for a show at the George Weston Recital Hall at the Toronto Centre for the Arts. The performance is part of the fourth annual Alli's Journey Take My Hand Gala, a charity that aids (more)
 Variations on Gould Toronto - CBC Radio "I have an extra ticket and you have to come!!!" My mind was racing like a Guinea pig in an annoying spinner. Everything I ever thought about the CBC would soon become clearer to me. We arrived at the Glen Gould Studio, in the heart of Toronto . (more)
 SPACE PATROL - Jimi B, Peter Verity , Glen Wilson and "Rude van Steenes" As Jimi continued his relationship with United Artists Records he began to grow immensely. His writing could be tailored to the needs of the project he was developing or producing. One of these projects was Space Patrol. A group of musicians from the Ajax...(more)





























































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