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Nov. 4 1972

GAS, a subsidiary of publicly held Avenue of America Recording Ltd., plans developing an initial five act roster before arranging worldwide label licensing deals. Newly hired a&r director, John Stewart, is presently working with two new vocalists, David George and Bennett. Vocalist Robert Blthe and Abraham's Children are under contract acts. Buddah recently began issuing "Goodbye Farewell" to its global licensees. 

Glenn Olive and Jimi met at the age of 13. Glenn had a band called The Jr. Beetles at the time. When the two got together it was magic. Jimi, with his Hofner Beatle Bass, made quite an impression in the neighborhood and Glenn, a bass player himself, thought it was really cool. They formed their first band together called The London Tones and would often play at St. Albans Boys and Girls Club in the Annex of Toronto. Not long after, they added Ronnie Bartley. The young mod band would play high school dances, community events and whatever was available.  

SONG - Don't Close Your Eyes
W&M - Jimi Bertucci
Drums - Dave Valdez
Bass - Bob Feldman
Guitar - Gregg Fisher
Guitar - Vinnie Defloria
Keys - Robert Hoelting
Vocals - Jimi Bertucci
BGV- Robert Hoelting,Vinnie DeForia, Jimi B
Studio - Desert Moon Recording Studio Anaheim CA
Engineer - Barry Wood
Producer - Jimi Bertucci

Park City, Utah. Comedy-drama “Real Time”, featuring the hit song Goodbye Farewell by Jimi Bertucci, makes its debut at the Slamdance Film Festival. The movie stars Randy Quaid as a hired hit-man who gives a compulsive gambler, played by Jay Baruchel, one hour to live. 

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 SERRA SAN BRUNO is high up in the mountains of Southern Italy. You get there on a twisting road that snakes up through the highland forests. Trees hang over the road to create a tunnel that filters the sun and cools the air. Snow signs warn that, in winter, this could be a more tortuous trail. But today the road is clear. We pass few cars. And you have the feeling that you are experiencing something..(more)

 LOS ANGELES CA - JIMI BERTUCCI is best known as the founding member and principal singer-songwriter for the ‘70s hit-making band ABRAHAM'S CHILDREN. Born Vincenzo Donato Bertucci in Serra San Bruno, Calabria Italy, he immigrated to Toronto, Canada at the young age of six. Jimi lived in a large household of relatives in Toronto's "little Italy”, including his Uncle Sam who could play a variety of instruments including the accordion and mandolin. Over time, Uncle Sam's musical influence over the young Vincenzo would become profound. After being the lucky winner of tickets from "Sam the Record Man", Jimi went to see the Beatles perform Live at Maple Leaf Gardens in Toronto at the impressionable age of 13. It was following that monumental experience that he became inspired to envision his life as a musician. The surprise gift of a Hofner Beatle bass by his parents sealed his fate. He soon met another local musician Ron Bartley and Glenn Olive together they would form their first group called "The London Tones." They later added Bob McPherson and Brian Cotterill to the group and, following a number of name changes including "Just Us", the hit-making band "Abraham's Children" was born. As the band’s principal songwriter, Jimi penned their first national hit song called "Goodbye Farewell" while signed to Gas Records. Other hits followed including Gypsy, Thank You and Goddess Of Nature. The band toured heavily and extensively to large enthusiastic crowds. Wanting to explore other avenues with his music Jimi embarked in a different direction in 1976 leaving The Children behind. Quick to recognize his talent, United Artists Records wasted no time in signing Jimi. Finally, having the creative freedom he had craved, he produced a pop-influenced band called "Space Patrol" and later "Angel", a band more on the R&B side. While on the A&M label in the 80’s, Jimi formed the band "The Police" which gained an enthusiastic following but who, due to disputes with the label, soon split. With his newly formed band Jimi B, Robert Hoelting, Mike Cherney, Kelvin Womack and Bongo Fury , he decided it was time to get back on the road and did just that, appearing at some of the more popular places in Hollywood such as The Roxy, The Whisky A Go Go, Club 369, The Vipor Room, The Galaxy Theatre, Rumps and others. He continued to record and tour all over the USA. As a prolific songwriter and solo artist he released Jimi B, Through The Eyes of Vincenzo, Best Of Jimi B, Postcards & Musica along with numerous singles. Most recently, he has released some of his poetry writings which are being critically well-received. In 2004, after many requests from fans who wanted to see him in Canada, Jimi reformed "Abraham's Children" and toured the great white north. Although he was the only original member of the band they played all the hits and satisfied a crowd that for so long were anxious to see Jimi and The Children perform. In 2005 the band was back on the road again promoting Jimi's most recent project, a new double cd set titled "Abraham's Children 30", that captures the last thirty years of pop music with his band. In 2009 Jimi released a collection of poetry that has been well received in the literary world. Also in the works is his involvement as writer and producer with his daughter Juli. His plans remain to be committed to his art, including touring and recording, and doing what he does best, exploring music to its fullest, writing poetry, cooking, and enjoyin life. Jimi is also the co-founder of the Italian Walk Of Fame in Toronto, Canada. Marisa Lang Management -- Photo by Deborah Samuel
Italian Walk Of Fame - As a young boy in the new world, my dreams were heightened by endless possibilities. Growing up on Grace Street, the melting pot of a pulsing environment made me street smart, with a passion to explore the newness of my surroundings. My hood had it all, musicians, athletes, politicians, actors, novelists …this eclectic gathering of determined ethnic opportunists would eventually roar to recognition. Our struggles were those typical of newcomers to a culture that was complacent in many ways. My roots and traditions of human nature can be attributed to a community that made me feel secure and safe. The Italian Walk Of Fame will be a reminder of all those that dream and never stop dreaming n   
THE GUITAR MAN - TORONTO - What have we here mon ami?....why, it's our pop rocker friend Jimi Bertucci, the incredible Doug Riley and the rebel of soul David Clayton Thomas. The three caught up at the 2ND Annual Domenic Troiano Tribute "We All Need Love". It was a who's who of musica Canadiana moguls and entertainers. From the aging artists, ex-record executives, engineers, roadies, radio personalities and some others that just wanted to be there to honor one of the most talented musicians ever to emerge from the great white north. Held at the prestigious Palais Royale on Toronto's picturesque lakefront, the night could not have been more perfect. The venue has recently undergone an impressive face lift that even further enhanced the classic deco look it was once known for. The big moon reflected its almost full light off the calm dark lake. The music echoed for miles in celebration and the memories of a great artist danced on the glistening waters. The gala was emceed by seventies radio personality John Donabie. Guests and performers included Brenda Russell, John Finlay & The Checkmates, Doug Riley, Bernie LaBarge, Wayne St. John, Howard Ayee, Sam Consiglio, Shawne Jackson, Prakash John, Jay Jackson, Bob Seagarini, Seb Agnello, George Semkiew, Tom Wilson, Roy Kenner, Mike Sloski and many many others. We drank, sang to familiar songs and conversed about our friend. We all had stories or accolades to spread around...speaking of which, Jimi had a bone to pick with DCT. He walked up to David and insisted that he apologize for his rude behavior when Jimi was a mere 13 year old curious young boy. During that time, Jimi could often be found at the top of the stairs of The Concord Tavern where DCT and The Shays would rehearse. One day while Jimi was soaking in the sounds ears afull, Mr. Clayton walked up behind him, grabbed him by his shirt collar and told him "if you don't leave I'm going to throw you down the f***in stairs".....wow was that not so cool.... David pondered for a minute and said "Jimi, I can't remember, I threw so many people down the stairs". The celebratory festivities also included a silent auction where one-of-a-kind signed photographs the likes of Sylvester Stallone, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Justin Timberlake, etc. etc. were up for bid. Proceeds benefited the Toronto East General Hospital where Domenic was treated and eventually lost his battle with prostate cancer in 2005. It was truly a magical setting to honor a Canadian musical icon. JB 

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 DAVID MARSDEN - ONE ON ONE ON RADIO - My fascination with pop culture has always been entertained by the very special individuals I had the pleasure of meeting over the years. Of course, it helps if you, yourself, have some of these qualities as well. Growing up in the 60's in Toronto, Canada, I found that the choices for convincing entertainment were still an import product. Then one day I turned on the TV to see this lanky, good-looking, young man with an Everly Bro's haircut. The show was called Mickey A Go Go, and for the first time, I was watching a local show that appeared as American as apple pie.

MORE 80's - After the demise of The Police...let's back up. The Police were beginning to attract a lot of industry attention. Early on, they would pack every club where they performed. Jimi Bertucci, Danny Smith, Laurie DelGrande and Ron Bartley were rockers...(more)
 Hey Jim ... I just YOU TUBE'D the song GYPSY ... wow ... I was 20 years old in 1973 and did that song ever give me goose bumps today ... I remember definitely seeing Abraham's Children in all of those festivals...(more)

Being Italian:

Italos are proud of their cuisine contributions and culinary skills. They are masters of the untamed flame. The traditional aromas are like a time machine. No sooner do you walk through the door when you are taken back in time - the dinner table typically set with breaded veal cutlets placed next to those perfectly round meatballs glazed with tomato sauce filled our nostrils with yummy nostalgia. My father's award-winning wine (not) from "la cantina" was like a religious figure in the middle of the table. He would hold up his glass to the penetrating light and comment on the beauty of its bouque. I was never a fan of his wine, unlike my sister who joined in on the grape revelation whenever the moment allowed. Yes Italians are, in many ways, designers of eccentricities and sculptors of guilt. My mother's words still echo in my head of how she struggled during my birth…like it was my fault. Time has a way of influencing the traditional fabric of our heritage. My kids were born with a silver computer in their mouths and became fashionistas at a very early age. Guess and Gap were as popular as Nutella at our house. Now don't get me wrong, I recognize that I have, in many ways, spoiled their thirst for tradition, but with growth comes wisdom, I hope. Upon reaching the age of understanding I began to realize how hip it was to be Italian. Oozing with culture, the vision to implement, scouting the road less traveled, whispering with a humble heart. Being Italian is being a good person and following a positive direction.

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(cont'd from u-tubio) ...to stop Graham Electronics from developing and selling the "backplane" a printed-circuit board that allows electronic signals to pass from one part of a computer system to another with minimal signal degradation. Rod Bolton, president of Electronics Solutions, said his former director of engineering, Leonid Besprozvanny, who has a doctorate in electrical engineering, left his company in July and joined Graham Electronics, taking the technology for the backplane with him. But Graham officials say their backplane design is completely different, and an injunction is merely an attempt by a larger company - Electronics Solutions - to eliminate legitimate competition. "What we have developed here is totally different. This is a case of them trying to stifle us, said Vincenzo Bertucci, president of Graham Electronics. The flap started last July when Besprozvanny left Mira Mesa based Electronics Solutions, which is a subsidiary of Zero Corp., a multi-million dollar electronics firm. Before he left Electronics Solutions, Besprozvanny was involved in the development of the backplane. The company hired an outside consulting firm to assist in the design, and it spent $170,000 on the project, Bolton said.
The backplane took six months to develop and it hit the market last August, Bolton said. Upon leaving Electronics Solutions, Besprozvanny rehired the same outside consulting firm, Electro-CADD of San Diego, to design an identical piece of equipment, alleges Bolton. "It's like coping a test," Bolton said. "They copied our test and they didn't have to study." Bolton said his company wants Graham Electronics to cease development work on its own backplane because it "pirated" Electronics Solutions' "trade secret." Bertucci at Graham Electronics said the premise of the injunction is "ridiculous." A product no longer retains "trade secret" protection once it is released to the market, for more than six months, he said. Also, the backplane being developed by Graham Electronics is completely different from the one being sold by Electronics Solutions, Bertucci said. Graham's backplane uses three signal layers, while Electonic Solutions ' uses four signal layers, he said. The Graham backplane would have a special signal-routing system that does not exist on the Electronic Solutions back plane. Also, Graham's backplane would probably use six pin power plug. Electronic Solutions' power plug has ten pins, Bertucci said. "We have built a better mouse trap and they're angry," Bertucci said. " They simply don't want the competition." Besprozvanny, a Russian native, said he has many years of experience in the backplane technology, and designing another backplane from scratch was easy. And although the same consulting firm was used by Graham to design the new backplane, Besprozvanny said Electro-CADD strictly guarded the plans it developed for Electronic Solutions. "They promised us that they would generate the database completely from scratch," Besprozvanny said. Bertucci said he believes the petition was filed solely to keep Graham Electronics from debuting its design at a national trade show Feb. 14 - 17 in Long Beach. The case is scheduled to be heard at 9:00 am Feb 13 in San Diego. Bolton said competition has nothing to do with the injunction petition. " Frankly, we wouldn't be wasting our time or money if we didn't feel we had a case. We have reason to believe they have used our technology and we're going to do something about it.
 San Diego Business Journal
A RITUAL OF SORTS. The day could not have been more perfect. The sun bathed against the warm blue skies while the sounds of the city added a rhythmic groove to the morning streets. Watching the setup for this yearly occasion, which has grown to be an important punctuation in the international circle of who's who, makes one believe the enormous validity of this event. Emmy-winning actor Joe Pantoliano put it honestly when he said, "I had no idea of the size and scope that the Italian Walk of Fame was." The three creative forces behind this cultural choo-choo train steam rolled over the negative asphalt of patronization of its early days and delivered an important piece of culture to a city that is known for its originality and global respect.
This cosmopolitan playground waves many flags, so it's no surprise that this diverse cornucopia of a metropolis is an attraction in itself. Jimi Bertucci, Marisa Lang and Sam Ciccolini have put the glitter and brass in an area of the city that was beginning to show signs of complacency. The Italian Walk Of Fame is now a legitimate tourist attraction…I kid you not folks. During the last four years since its inception the community, and the globe, have watched this annual event blossom into a mega-cocktail of entertainment. There is an incredible aura in the air when neighboring countries unite to celebrate, no matter the cause.
The unveiling of stars has become a ritual of sorts. The crowd shows enthused appreciation during the red carpet ceremony as people cheer and wave their autographical memorabilia, desperately trying to get a signature. Beverly D'Angelo, upon receiving here Common Spirit Award, exclaimed "this is the best day of my life." Yes, it is indeed a bit Hollywood as the white and black stretch limos open their fantasy doors bringing us larger than life characters. Ingeniously these three amigos have not only engraved the names of poignant individuals on the golden glitter granite, but have managed to add a bit of history to what would otherwise be a blasé piece of aging cement. The organizers of the Italian Walk Of Fame have a vision and within that continuum the pursuit of cultural awareness and education will remain in the forefront of their endeavors. JB
BRAMPTON, ON I was somewhat out of the Burgess loop. His voice resonated broadway or stage with a mature and seasoned delivery. Serenading our senses with familiar songs and melodies, the focused crowd appreciated his rendition of You Lift Me Up a song that Josh Grogan made popular recently. The 100th anniversary of the O.P.P. brought in the heavyweight. Michael Burgess is an icon. How do I know that? Because I googled him. The more I read about this talented man the more his story has been adapted by other artists with a passion that for their craft is more grandeur than life. Michael has done it all theatre, film, tv and occassionally stands on the ice. Mr. Burgess continues to penetrate the inquisitive newbie ears such as myself and remind us that we must grow.  When A&M records released the Jimi B album, the company recommended that Jimi embark on a promotional tour. He put together an awesome band that included Steve Webster on bass (who would later play with Billy Idol), Gary Breit on keys (who would end up with Brian Adams), Asher Horowitz on guitars and Shawn Eisenberg on drums and percussions. Sadly this incredible line up would never see a live gig. The budget that A&M proposed for the tour was sorely lacking and Jimi refused to go on the road. Although touring was out of the question, he did agree to doing some radio interviews and TV appearances across Canada. After a few months, A&M Records once again approached Jimi to do some live dates. It was during this time, at one of A&M's regular promo meetings, that Jimi walked into their office and informed them that he was moving to California and wanted nothing more to do with them...Ok we left out the part about cocaine. 



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DYK that Jimi was born in Serra San Bruno Calabria and arrived in Canada on a ship called La Roma. He managed to bring along his favorite toy. 

TORONTO SUN Seventies-era Toronto bubble-gum pop band Abraham's Children are reuniting tonight for a show at the George Weston Recital Hall at the Toronto Centre for the Arts. The performance...(more)  

VDB . Enough! I sometimes get angry with myself for allowing temptation to provoke and encircle my conventional attributes. With age comes wisdom. With wisdom comes the serious contemplation of one's moral contribution to the growth of humanity. As an artist I look within the soul to gain perspective. If I am misguided by the embodiment....(order the book)  

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THE MALIBU SERIES. I remember landing in Los Angeles. It was around 1:30 in the morning and what seemed like an endless tiring flight. The only person I knew in LA was my agent David Levinecalled him and got his answering machine, telling me...(read more)  

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 DYK - that Jimi came over to America on a ship called La Roma.

















































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